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Frequently Asked Questions

Oracle 1z0-533 Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

What differentiates a user-defined custom dimension from the Entity and Accountdimensions?

A. You can only add custom attributes to user-defined custom dimensions. 
B. You assign valid plan types for the user-defined custom dimension at the dimensionlevel. 
C. You assign data types for the user-defined custom dimension at the dimension level. 
D. You cannot: assign security for user-defined custom dimensions. 
E. You can easily delete a user-defined custom dimension in Planning but you cannotdelete an Entity dimension. 

Question # 2

You have the following design requirement: You need to track customer status for a salesplanning application. Valid options for customer status include: Active, Inactive, Out ofBusiness. Customer status can change on a month-by-month basis.What is the best way to build Customer Status into the Planning application?

A. Attribute dimension 
B. Varying attribute dimension 
C. Smart List 
D. Free Form Text 
E. Alternate hierarchy 

Question # 3

What are two user interfaces to Planning data forms?

A. EPM Workspace 
B. Excel Add-in 
C. Smart View Essbase Provider 
D. Smart View Planning Provider 
E. Planning ADM Driver for FR 

Question # 4

The budget office analyst needs to enter and plan data, use the Planning spreading featurethat allow users to spread budget data based on last year's actuals, and modify data forms.What two roles should be provisioned for this user?

A. Grid Spread 
B. Planner 
C. Interactive User 
D. Mass Allocate 
E. Offline User 

Question # 5

Why is the Create Blocks function in calc scripts and Business Rules important inPlanning?

A. Data may not exist for the combination of dense members so you have to create theblock before calculating the data value for the block. 
B. Data may not exist for the combination of sparse members so you have to create theblock before calculating the data value for the block. 
C. Data may not exist for the combination of dense members so you have to create theblock before block loading data to the block. 
D. Data may not exist for the combination of sparse members so you have to create theblock before loading data value to the block. 

Question # 6

You are designing a new Planning application. Which two requirements dictate multipleplan types in a single Planning application?

A. Multiple currencies are required. 
B. Currency rates must be kept in a separate database. 
C. Sales are planned by product and channel, and salary expenses are planned byposition. 
D. Security is applied to the Entity dimension but can differ for users for accounts "sales"and "expenses". 
E. You have decided to implement the Capital Expense planning module in addition to PSLbudgeting. 
F. Data cannot be shared across the Organization dimension. 

Question # 7

What four functions can Administrators use the Copy Data feature In Planning to do?

A. Copy data values from one dimensional intersection to another dimensional intersection. 
B. Copy planning unit annotations. 
C. Copy supporting detail. 
D. Copy cell text. 
E. Copy account annotations. 

Question # 8

You need to build the Entity into your Classic Planning application. You can dynamicallybuild the Entity dimension in the Planning application via: (Select all that apply)

A. Essbase load rules 
B. Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) 
C. Data Integration Management (DIM) 
D. Data Relationship Management (DPM) 
E. Outline Load Utility 

Question # 9

What are valid data types for the Accounts dimension? Select all that apply.

A. Currency 
B. Non-currency 
C. Percentage 
D. Saved Assumption 
E. Text 
F. Smart List 
G. Date 

Question # 10

What four prebuilt actions are available In EAS Business Rules?

A. Aggregate 
B. Copy Data 
C. Clear Block 
D. Clear Data 
E. Create Block 
F. Allocate 

Question # 11

Identify the two true statements about shared members.

A. You can assign a custom attribute value to a shared member. 
B. You can define a member formula for a shared member. 
C. You can assign security rights to a shared member. 
D. There is no limit to the number of shared members that you can create for the basemember. 
E. Shared members may be defined for Accounts and Entity dimensions only. 

Question # 12

A Planning Unit has a status of First Pass; what two user types can input data?

A. Anyone with write access to the planning unit 
B. Anyone with write access to the planning application 
C. Anyone with read or write access to the planning unit 
D. The owner of the planning unit 
E. The administrator 

Question # 13

Planning utilizes which type of database to store data (for example, "the numbers")?

A. Block Storage Option Essbase database 
B. Aggregate Storage Option Essbase database 
C. Relational database 
D. XOLAP database 
E. Proprietary database 

Question # 14

Identify two ways that Essbase data load rules cannot manipulate source data files.

A. Select or reject records based on certain criteria. 
B. Flip the sign for records with a certain member tagged with a comment. 
C. Split or join columns in a source. 
D. Find and replace manipulations on source records. 
E. Map data based on an external table.