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Frequently Asked Questions

Oracle 1z0-1110-22 Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

You want to evaluate the relationship between feature values and model predictions. You sus-pect that some of the features are correlated. Which model explanation technique would you recommend?

 A. Accumulated Local Effects. 
B. Local Interpretable Model-Agnostic Explanations. 
C. Feature Dependence Explanations. 
D. Feature Permutation Importance Explanations. 

Question # 2

You trained a model to predict housing prices for your city. Which two metrics from the Accelerated Data Science (ADS) Evaluation class can be used to evaluate the regression model you just trained?

 A. Mean Absolute Error 
B. Explained Variance Score 
C. Weighted Recall
 D. Weighted Precision 
E. F-1 Score 

Question # 3

You have a data set with fewer than 1000 observations, and you are using Oracle AutoML to build a classifier. While visualizing the results of each stage of the Oracle AutoML pipeline, you notice that no visualization has been generated for one of the stages. Which stage is not visualized? 

A. Feature selection 
B. Algorithm selection 
C. Adaptive sampling 
D. Hyperparameter tuning 

Question # 4

The feature type TechJob has the following registered validators: TechJob.validator.register(name=’is_tech_job’, handler=is_tech_job_default_handler) TechJob.validator.register(name=’is_tech_job’, handler= is_tech_job_open_handler, condition=(‘job_family’,)) TechJob.validator.register(name=’is_tech_job’, handler= is_tech_job_closed_handler, condition=(‘job_family’: ‘IT’)) When you run is_tech_job(job_family=’Engineering’), what does the feature type validator system do? 

A. Execute the is_tech_job_default_handler sales handler. 
B. Throw an error because the system cannot determine which handler to run. 
C. Execute the is_tech_job_closed_handler handler. 
D. Execute the is_tech_job_open_handler handler. 

Question # 5

You have created a conda environment in your notebook session. This is the first time you are working with published conda environments. You have also created an Object Storage bucket with permission to manage the bucket Which TWO commands are required to publish the conda environment? 

A. odsc conda publish --slug 
B. odsc conda create --file manifest.yaml 
C. odsc conda init -b -a 
D. odsc conda list --override 

Question # 6

You are using a third-party Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) tool to create a pipeline for preparing and training models. How would you integrate a third-party tool outside Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to access Data Science Jobs?

A. Third-party software can access Data Science Jobs by using any of the OCI Software Development Kits (SDKs). 
B. Data Science Jobs does not accept code from third-party tools, therefore you need to run the pipeline externally. 
C. Third-party tools use authentication keys to create and run. 
D. Data Science Jobs Data Science Jobs is not accessible from outside OCI. 

Question # 7

Which TWO statements are true about published conda environments? 

A. The odsc conda init command is used to configure the location of published conda environments. 
B. They can be used in Data Science Jobs and model deployments. 
C. Your notebook session acts as the source to share published conda environment with team members. 
D. You can only create published conda environment by modifying a Data Science conde 
E. They are curated by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Data Science. 

Question # 8

You are a data scientist with a set of text and image files that need annotation, and you want to use Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Data Labeling. Which of the following THREE an-notation classes are supported by the tool.? 

A. Object Detection 
B. Named Entity Extraction C. Classification (single/multi label) 
D. Key-Point and Landmark 
E. Polygonal Segmentation 
F. Semantic Segmentation 

Question # 9

You have a complex Python code project that could benefit from using Data Science Jobs as it is a repeatable machine learning model training task. The project contains many subfolder and classes. What is the best way to run this project as a job? 

A. ZIP the entire code project folder, upload it as a Job artifact on job creation and set JOB_RUN_ENTRYPOINT to point to the main executable file. 
B. ZIP the entire code project folder and upload it as a Job artifact on job creation, Jobs identities the main executable file automatically. 
C. Rewrite your code so that a single executable Python or Bash/Shell script file.
D. ZIP the entire code project folder and upload it as a Job artifact Jobs automatically identifies That main top level where the code is run. 

Question # 10

When preparing your model artifact to save it to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Data Science model catalog, you create a score.py file. What is the purpose of the score.py fie? 

A. Define the compute scaling strategy. 
B. Configure the deployment infrastructure. 
C. Define the inference server dependencies. 
D. Execute the inference logic code 

Question # 11

Which of the following TWO non-open source JupyterLab extensions has Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Data Science developed and added to the notebook session experience? 

A. Environment Explorer
 B. Table of Contents 
C. Command Palette 
D. Notebook Examples
 E. Terminal 

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