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Frequently Asked Questions

Ohio Department of Insurance OH-Life-Agent-Series-11-44 Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

Which activity does NOT require an Insurance agent's license?

A. negotiating
B. selling
C. soliciting
D. underwriting

Question # 2

After the hearing, if the insurance superintendent has determined a licensee has committeda violation of Ohio Insurance Laws, what can the insurance superintendent do?

A. impose an administrative penalty
B. suspend the licensee s premium accounts
C. immediately terminate insurer appointments
D. sentence the licensee up to 30 days in jail

Question # 3

What is an Insurer's liability when it Is discovered after an Insured dies that the Insured'sage on the policy was misstated?

A. The insurer is not liable to pay any amount due to the insured's misstatement of age.
B. The insurer must pay the full amount of the policy, minus any additional premiums theInsurance company would have paid based on the Insured's actual age.
C. The insurer must pay a prorated amount of the policy based on the amount of insurancethe insured's premiums would have been if purchased at the correct age.
D. The insurer must pay the full amount as stated in the policy, as age is not considered arelevant factor.

Question # 4

When a beneficiary Inherits a traditional IRA, which of the following Is TRUE about taxationwhen the money is withdrawn? The beneficiary pays

A. no tax.
B. an estate tax.
C. capital gains tax.
D. income tax.

Question # 5

What is the approach to assessing the consumer's need for life insurance that focuses onan individual's future stream of income?

A. Needs approach
B. Affordability approach
C. Human Life Value approach
D. Return of Investment approach

Question # 6

Rob, Joe, and Mike are brothers who have a $60,000 "first-to-die" Joint life policy coveringall three of their lives. If Joe dies first, the policy proceeds

A. will not provide further insurance protection.
B. must be shared equally by Rob and Joe's wife.
C. will accumulate with interest until another brother dies and then be awarded to thesurviving brother.
D. must be awarded to Joe's estate.

Question # 7

Making a statement that is false and maliciously critical of the financial condition of aninsurer is known as

A. coercion.
B. defamation.
C. intimidation.
D. misrepresentation.

Question # 8

What does a limited payment whole life policy provide?

A. Protection to age 65.
B. Life time protection.
C. A lower premium.
D. Pure protection.

Question # 9

It is unlawful for a person to provide an advertisement which

A. uses a testimonial.
B. refers to the insurer's financial rating.
C. points out coverage advantages of a policy.
D. uses a policy title to inaccurately describe a coverage.

Question # 10

Which rider would allow additional insurance to be purchased at specified dates or events,without additional underwriting?

A. Guaranteed renewability.
B. Guaranteed insurability.
C. Cost of living.
D. Disability income.

Question # 11

An exposure Is a condition or situation that presents the possibility of

A. hazard.
B. peril.
C. indemnity.
D. loss.

Question # 12

An accelerated death benefit

A. pays an additional benefit if the policyholder dies as a result of an accident.
B. allows the policyowner to sell their policy to a third party.
C. pays a portion of the face amount when a policyowner Is determined to be terminally ill.
D. pays only in the event of an accident resulting in death.

Question # 13

All the following riders can Increase the death benefit amount EXCEPT

A. Cost of Living.
B. Waiver of Premium.
C. Accidental Death Rider.
D. Guaranteed Insurability.

Question # 14

An Insurer would consider which of the following In determining whether to accept a grouplife plan?

A. Grace period
B. Beneficiary
C. Average age
D. Dependents

Question # 15

Risks are generally NOT Insurable if

A. there are many individuals who may also experience a similar loss.
B. the policyholder has a policy from another insurer.
C. deductibles would be required.
D. the loss is expected.

Question # 16

Competency of an Individual to enter into an Insurance contract is determined based on

A. legal age.
B. legal purpose.
C. ownership.
D. payment of premium.

Question # 17

The proposed insured's statements on a life insurance application are considered to be

A. absolute statements.
B. misrepresentations.
C. representations.
D. warranties.

Question # 18

What type of insurance is the cheapest option to pay off a 30-year mortgage balance?

A. Increasing term insurance.
B. Decreasing term insurance.
C. Level term insurance.
D. Variable life insurance.

Question # 19

Deliberate withholding of material facts that would affect the validity of an Insurance policyor a claim under the policy Is known as

A. slanting.
B. concealment.
C. misrepresentation.
D. aleatory contract.

Question # 20

Interest earned on a Traditional IRA is taxed

A. prior to contribution.
B. during the accumulation period.
C. at distribution.
D. only if there is a premature distribution.

Question # 21

In which of the following dividend options would an Insurer invest the policyowners moneyand add interest earnings to the Initial amount of the dividends as such earnings accrue?

A. Accumulation at Interest Option.
B. Paid-up Additions Option.
C. Cash Dividend Option.
D. Reduced Premium Dividend Option.