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Frequently Asked Questions

Nutanix NCP-5.15 Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

Which SSL Files required for Importing Key and certificate (Choose 2) 

A. Public Certificate
B. Private Certificate
C. CA Certificate
D. Private Key

Question # 2

An administrator has a 4-node Nutanix cluster running on Hyper-V. The administrator create a new storage container and makes that available to all hosts.Which storage protocol should be administrator use for the hosts to gain access to the storage container? 

D. Fiber Channel

Question # 3

An administrator wants to secure an application running on an AHV cluster by limiting incoming and outgoing traffic destinations. The administrator creates a security policy for the application. 

What is the next step?
A. Apply the Security Policy
B. Create an isolation policy
C. Add the Security policy to an existing isolation policy
D. Restart the VM hosting application

Question # 4

What command places a host in maintenance mode in AHV?

A. acli maintenance_mode.host host_id
B. acli host.enter_maintenance_mode host_id
C. ncli maintenance_mode host=host_id
D. ncli host maintenance host_id

Question # 5

Which bond mode is the default mode on an AHV Nutanix cluster?

A. Link Aggregation
B. Balanced SLB
C. Balance TCP
D. Active – Backup

Question # 6

Which Mechanism that works by data striping and parity calculation?

A. Compression
B. Deduplication
C. Erasure Coding

Question # 7

Clusters are configured with an http proxy server an administrator wants to deploy prism centralWhich scenario require to the administrator to configure the http proxy whitelist method?  

A. http port 8000 not open in proxy
B. ssl port 443 not pen in proxy
C. http port 80 not open in proxy
D. ssl port 9440 not open in proxy

Question # 8

Which options are available when a live migration is performed on a VM in an AOS 5.5 implementation?

A. The VM can be moved on a different host 
B. the VM can be moved to a different host and a different storage container
C. the VM can be moved to a different storage container
D. the VM can be moved to a different (remote) site

Question # 9

An administrator cables all interfaces on a newly added AHV host and starts migrating VM to 4. Users report that network connections are much slower to the VMs after the migration.What is a possible reason for this issue.?

A. The CVM on the node has not fully joined
B. The VMs do not use the same interfaces as the CVM.
C. The host still has the default bond configuration.
D. The network is slower because the host is further away.

Question # 10

An administrator has just executed a maintenance window for some applications running on their nutanix cluster. After completing the maintenance, they want to assess the health of the cluster and make sure that there is no impact during the maintenance.Which three dashboards in prism will assist the administrator in making this determination? (Choose Three) 

A. Data Protection
B. Cluster Health
C. Tasks
D. Alerts
E. Analysis

Question # 11

An administrator is creating a new windows VM in AHV after migrating its data from ESXiWhich two parameters should be set identically to the VM settings in ESXi? (Choose two)

A. Screen resolution
B. Host Affinity
C. vCPU core
D. memory

Question # 12

An administrator installs Nutanix-specific PowerShell cmdlets. The cmdlets fail to run.Which two requirements should the administrator verify first? (Choose two)

A. Windows 2016 r2 or later is installed
B. The cmdlets have the proper permissions
C. PowerShell 2.0 or later is installed
D. .Net Framework 4.0 is installed
E. Python 2.7 or greater is installed

Question # 13

An administrator is migrating workloads to a nutanix cluster. While the Nutanix cluster is ingesting data from the migration, the utilization of the SSDs increases, periodically drops to approximately 75% utilization, then continues to increase.Which Distributed Storage Fabric (DSF) concept is causing the behavior? 

A. Redundancy Factor 2 (RF2)
B. Information Lifecycle Management (ILM)
C. Virtual Machine Snapshotting and cloning
D. Data Path Resiliency

Question # 14

Which Prism Dashboard should be used to collect CPU/Memory and Disk I/O statistics over time?

A. Health
B. Alerts
C. Hardware
D. Analysis

Question # 15

A Nutanix administrator receives a request from the networking team to start SNMP Traps to their central reporting solution. The administrator creates the transport. The central monitoring tool is not able to clearly read the SNMP traps that are being sent.What does the administrator need to provide to read SNMP traps correctly?

A. Cluster Virtual IP address
B. SNMP Trap Port
C. TCP/IP address
D. Nutanix MIB file.

Question # 16

Which Nutanix Product combines the Distributed Storage Fabric & App Mobility Fabric?

A. Xtract
B. Prism
C. Acropolis
D. Calm

Question # 17

An administrator wants to be able to manage their application from prism central.Which feature must the administrator enable to allow for application management?

A. Capacity runaway
B. self-service portal
C. entity explorer
D. Image management

Question # 18

An administrator needs to replace the default self-signed certificate in Prism with a certificate signed by a trusted Certificate Authority (CA).Which option on the task menu should the administrator select to change this configuration?

A. SSL Certificate
B. Lifecycle Management
C. UI Options
D. Cluster Lockdown

Question # 19

Which prism dashboard should an administrator use to set the frequency of NCC?

A. data protection
B. cluster health
C. Alerts
D. Tasks

Question # 20

what additional features are available with prism pro(prism central with pro license)? (Choose two)

A. centralized upgrades
B. VM right-sizing
C. vm tagging

Question # 21

A Nutanix administrator needs to replace a self-signed SSL certificate with a CA generated certificate in Prism.Which three files are required to install the CA generated certificate in Prism? (Choose three) 

A. CA Certificate or Chain (ca_chain_certs.cer)
B. Public Certificate (PublicCert.ker)
C. Certificate Signing Request (server.csr)
D. Private Server Key (private_server.key)
E. Public Server Key (public_server.key)

Question # 22

Write I/O that is deemed sequential will enter which component of the Distributed Storage Fabric first?

A. Oplog
B. Extent store
C. Cache
D. Metadata Ring

Question # 23

Which three settings are required for network switch discovery in Prism? (Choose Three)

A. Switch Management IP Address
B. AHV Host IP address
C. Cluster CVM IP address
D. SMTP Server IP address
E. SNMP Community Name

Question # 24

to build the vm on the ahv cluster, after amigration, what “Add Disk” operation(s) can be used? (Choose two)

A. clone from ADSF file
B. clone from storagepool
C. clone from image service
D. clone from vm list

Question # 25

An administrator needs to view and compare IOPs for VMs across multiple clusters.Which two dashboards can the administrator use to find this information? (Choose two)

A. Planning
B. Apps
C. Explore
D. Analysis
E. Home

Question # 26

Which type of data is distributed by Zookeeper to ensure availability in the case of node or block failure?

A. User Data
B. Metadata
C. Configuration Data
D. Snapshot Data

Question # 27

A VM user permanently deletes a directory on a guest VM. The Nutanix administrator has enabled Self-Services for this VM.Which three steps must the administrator perform to restore the directory? (Choose Three)

A. Create a clone of the VM from a previous snapshot and replace the original VM
B. Connect to the cloned VM and copy the directory to the source VM
C. Copy the directory from the snapshot disk to the original VM disk
D. Launch the Nutanix SSR utility on the VM
E. Select and mount the snapshot that contains the deleted directory

Question # 28

An administrator wants to view the IOPs statistics for each host simultaneously on the same graph.Which type of chart on the analysis page meets this requirement?

A. Performance chart
B. Entity Chart
C. Measurement chart
D. Metric chart

Question # 29

An administrator needs to provide iSCSI storage to a VM on the nutanix cluster running ESXiWhich native nutanix feature should be leveraged to meet this requirement

A. Acropolis file servic
B. Acropolis Block servic
C. NFS whitelis
D. Storage Containe

Question # 30

When does Nutanix recommend performing an AHV upgrade?

A. As soon after upgrading AOS as possible
B. Only when required to fix a specific bug
C. As soon as a new version is posted to support portal
D. As soon as a new version is available for one-click in Prism Element

Question # 31

An Administrator wants to present storage to an external non-Nutanix host via iSCSI.Which construct should the administrator in configure to create the iSCSI volume?

A. Volume Group
B. Protection Domain
C. Storage container
D. Storage Pool

Question # 32

Which two targets are valid options when selecting a remote site to Prism? (Choose Two)

A. XI Cloud Services
B. Physical Cluster
C. Network attached storage
D. Cloud
E. Tape Library

Question # 33

An administrator wants to make sure that the health of a cluster is in a good state.Which command the utility will provide information related to the health of the cluster?

A. ncc
B. generic status
C. top
D. iostat

Question # 34

An administrator has observed that when an all- AHV host restarts unexpectedly one VM it hosts does not restart as expected.Which cluster on VM configuration explains this behavior?

A. No other all-flash nodes have capacity to host the VM
B. Nutanix Guest Tools are not installed on the VM
C. Affinity for the VM is set for only the host that rebooted
D. VM high availability is not enabled

Question # 35

Which command should an administrator run from the CLI to view the uplink state of all AHV nodes in the cluster? 

A. allssh show_uplinks
B. manage_ovs show_uplinks
C. allssh manage_ovs show_uplinks
D. manage ovs show uplinks

Question # 36

An administrator wants to configure Near Sync an AOS 5.15 implementations. The Cluster has the following characteristic1)2 nodes at both the primary and remote site2)60 TB of storage on each node3)1.9 TB SSD disks in each node4)8 VMs per protection domain5)A mix of ESXi and AHV hypervisorWhat three steps would need to be taken successfully enable Near Sync? (Choose Three)

A. Increase the number of nodes at both sites to a minimum of three
B. Reduce the amount of storage on each node to more than 40 TB
C. Reduce the SSD disks type 2 no more than 1 TB
D. Increase the amount of VMs in each protection domain to at least 10
E. Use all AHV or all ESXi hypervisor in the implementations

Question # 37

An administrator needs to move a Nutanix host from one cluster to another.Which step should the administrator take after evacuating VMs from the host to be moved?

A. From the Task menu in Prism, select Cluster details, then un-check the host from the list
B. In Prism, highlight the host in the Hardware pane and select Remove Host
C. In Prism, highlight the host in the Hardware pane and select Remove from Metadata Ring
D. From the Task menu in Prism, select Licensing hen delete the host license.

Question # 38

Where should an administrator go to check upgrade compatibility between different AOS versions?

A. The Upgrade Matrix Page in Life Cycle Management.
B. The Upgrade compatibility page in life Cycle Management.
C. The Upgrade Path page in Prism Central.
D. The Upgrade Paths page on the Support Portal

Question # 39

For security reason an administrator needs to logically separate management and data traffic on Nutanix cluster.Which feature should the administrator select for this configuration?

A. Prism Central
B. Network Virtualization
C. Network Segmentation
D. Microsegmentation

Question # 40

An administrator needs to manage VMs from Prism when the cluster is running on ESXi. The VM management options in Prism are grayed out and unavailable.Which procedure should the administrator complete to manage VMs from Prism when using the ESXi hypervisor?

A. VCenter must be registered in Prism.
B. Prism does not support managing VMs on ESXi.
C. Administrator must upgrade Prism license
D. Only Prism Central can manage VMs for ESXi Clusters. 

Question # 41

Which Nutanix feature allows for a Less than 60 minutes RPO and leverages light weight snapshots (LWS)?

A. Cloud Connect
B. Nutanix Guest tools
C. Near Sync
D. Volume Group

Question # 42

An administrator finds that guest VMs are offline and storage is unavailable. The administrator needs to know if any process within the CVMs on the nutanix cluster are experiencing crashes.Which log file should the administrator locate to determine if any processes have crashed?

A. ERROR logs
B. INFO logs
C. FATAL logs
D. WARN logs

Question # 43

An administrator needs to take a single node down for maintenance. Which two steps should the administrator take? (Choose two)

A. Make sure Auto Evacuation is enabled
B. Shut down or live migrate all VMs off of the node.
C. Verify the data resiliency status of the cluster. 
D. Reclaim the licenses to the Nutanix Support Portal.

Question # 44

An administrator's cluster experiences a CVM failure. However, VMs on the nodes continue to produce I/O.Which Distributed Storage Fabric can be attributed to this behavior?

A. Information Lifecycle Management
B. Data Path Redundancy
C. VM Snapshotting and Cloning
D. Scalable Cassandra Database

Question # 45

what ahv provides hot spot detection and invokes live migration?

A. acropolis dfs
B. acropolis dynamic scheduler
C. acropolis data replicator
D. acropolis management fabric

Question # 46

Which process should a cluster administrator follow to determine the uplink bond configuration node?

A. Log into the Nutanix CVM and execute the command manage_ovs_update_uplinks
B. Log into the Nutanix AHV host and execute the command ovs-appctl bond.show
C. Log into the Nutanix AHV host and execute the command ifconfig br0
D. Log into the Nutanix CVM and execute the command ovs-vsctl show

Question # 47

Which CVM service is primary responsible for handling all metadata operation with a Nutanix cluster?

A. Stargate
B. Zeus
C. Genesis
D. Cassandra

Question # 48

An administrator has a 3-node cluster and needs to enable Erasure Coding on a container.Which action must the administrator take before enabling this feature?

A. Add a 4th node to the cluster
B. Upgrade to Prism Pro Licenses
C. Stop workloads on the cluster
D. Convert the cluster to AHV

Question # 49

Which configuration can be used the data encryption on a nutanix cluster regardless of the hardware configuration?

A. Self-Encryption Drives
B. Software Encryption
C. In-line Compression
D. SSL Certificate

Question # 50

An administrator needs to configure Acropolis File Service (AFS). The administrator is setting up AFS for the first time on the Nutanix cluster.How many file services VMs are created by default?

A. 4
B. 3
C. 2
D. 1

Question # 51

Which two items are required to manually upload an AOS update to a Nutanix Cluster? (Choose two)

A. YML file
B. JSON file
C. AOS Binary
D. AOS zip file
E. AFS Binary file

Question # 52

An administrator manages a 4-block 16 node Nutanix cluster. One block experiences a Power Delivery Unit (PDU) failure. All nodes in that block power off. VMs on the affected nodes restart as expected. The cluster continues normal operation until power is restored.Which Nutanix feature is responsible for maintaining operations in this scenario?

A. IO Redirection
B. Block Awareness
C. Async Disaster Recovery
D. Nutanix App Mobility Fabric

Question # 53

An administrator receives an alert email that indicates that a health check has failed.Which action should the administrator take to collect more information on the failed check?

A. In the Prism Web Console, select the URL included in the check details
B. Re-run the check from the CVM CLI using the ncc command
C. Forward the alert email to Nutanix Support requesting more information
D. Use the ncli command on the CVM to view the details of the check

Question # 54

The feature that enables you to back up and restore copies of virtual machines and files to and from an on-prem cluster and a Nutanix Controller VM on the Amazon Web Service (AWS) or Microsoft Azure cloud.

A. XI-Leap
B. Cloud Connect
C. Acropolis Block Service 

Question # 55

What is the maximum RPO that can be configured for VMs using the Near Sync feature?

A. 1 min
B. 10
C. 15
D. 60 min

Question # 56

In the event of failed CVM, what happens to the physically attached storage for the node and the VMs running on it?

A. The drives for that node are inaccessible. The VMs reboot.
B. The drives for that node are inaccessible. The VMs continue to run.
C. The hypervisor regains control of the drives. VMs on that node reboot.
D. The hypervisor regain control of the drives. VMs on that node continue to run.