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LPI 010-160 Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

What is the UID of the user root?

A. 1
B. -1
C. 255
D. 65536
E. 0

Question # 2

Which of the following commands sets the variable USERNAME to the value bob?

A. set USERNAME bob
C. var USERNAME=bob

Question # 3

A directory contains the following three files:texts 1.txttexts 2.txttexts 3.csvWhich command copies the two files ending in .txt to the /tmp/ directory?

A. cp ??.txt /tmp/
B. cp *.txt /tmp/
C. cp. \.txt /tmp/
D. cp ?.txt /tmp/
E. cp $?.txt /tmp/

Question # 4

Which package management tool is used in Red Hat-based Linux Systems?

A. portage
B. rpm
C. apt-get
D. dpkg
E. packagectl

Question # 5

Which of the following outputs could stem from the command last?

A. 1 ls2 cat text.txt3 logout
B. Password for user last changed at Sat Mar 31 16:38:57 EST 2018
C. Last login: Fri Mar 23 10:56:39 2018 from server.example.com
D. EXT4-fs (dm-7): mounted filesystem with ordered data mode. Opts: (null)
E. root tty2 Wed May 17 21:11 - 21:11 (00:00)

Question # 6

Which of the following commands sorts the output of the command export-logs?

A. export-logs < sort
B. export-logs > sort
C. export-logs & sort
D. export-logs | sort
E. export-logs <> sort

Question # 7

Members of a team already have experience using Red Hat Enterprise Linux. For a small hobby project, the team wants to set up a Linux server without paying for a subscription. Which of the following Linux distributions allows the team members to apply as much of their Red Hat Enterprise Linux knowledge as possible?

A. Ubuntu Linux LTS
B. Raspbian
C. Debian GNU/Linux
D. CentOS
E. openSUSE

Question # 8

Which of the following permissions are set on the /tmp/ directory?

A. rwxrwxrwt
B. ------rwX
C. rwSrw-rw
D. rwxrwS---
E. r-xr-X--t

Question # 9

Which of the following examples shows the general structure of a for loop in a shell script?

A. for *.txt as file => echo $file
B. for *.txt ( echo $i )
C. for file in *.txt doecho $i done
D. for ls *.txt exec {} \;
E. foreach @{file} { echo $i }

Question # 10

Which of the following statements is true about Free Software?

A. It is developed by volunteers only
B. It may be modified by anyone using it.
C. It must always be available free of charge.
D. It only runs on Linux.
E. It is only distributed as a compiled binary.

Question # 11

Which command displays file names only and no additional information?

A. ls -a
B. ls -lh
C. ls -l
D. ls -alh
E. ls -nl

Question # 12

What information is stored in /etc/passwd? (Choose three correct answers.) 

A. The user’s storage space limit
B. The numerical user ID
C. The username
D. The encrypted password
E. The user\s default shell

Question # 13

Which statements about the directory /etc/skel are correct? (Choose two.)

A. The personal user settings of root are stored in this directory.
B. The files from the directory are copied to the home directory of the new user when starting the system.
C. The files from the directory are copied to the home directory of a new user when the account is created.
D. The directory contains a default set of configuration files used by the useradd command.
E. The directory contains the global settings for the Linux system.

Question # 14

Which of the following directories contains information, documentation and example configuration files for installed software packages?

A. /usr/share/doc/
B. /etc/defaults/
C. /var/info/
D. /doc/
E. /usr/examples/

Question # 15

A new server needs to be installed to host services for a period of several years. Throughout this time, the server should receive important security updates from its Linux distribution.Which of the following Linux distributions meet these requirements? (Choose two.)

A. Ubuntu Linux LTS
B. Fedora Linux
C. Debian GNU/Linux Unstable
D. Ubuntu Linux non-LTS
E. Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Question # 16

Reverse DNS assigns hostnames to IP addresses. How is the name of the IP address stored on a DNS server? 

A. In the A record for
B. In the PTR record for
C. In the RNAME record for 198-51-100-165.rev.arpA.
D. In the ARPA record for
E. In the REV record for arpA.in-addr.