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Juniper JN0-636 Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

You want to identify potential threats within SSL-encrypted sessions without requiring SSL proxy to decrypt the session contents. Which security feature achieves this objective?

A. infected host feeds
B. encrypted traffic insights
C. DNS security
D. Secure Web Proxy

Question # 2

Your company uses non-Juniper firewalls and you are asked to provide a Juniper solutionfor zero-day malware protection. Which solution would work in this scenario?

A. Juniper ATP Cloud
B. Juniper Secure Analytics
C. Juniper ATP Appliance
D. Juniper Security Director

Question # 3

You want to use selective stateless packet-based forwarding based on the source address.In this scenario, which command will allow traffic to bypass the SRX Series device flowdaemon?

A. set firewall family inet filter bypaa3_flowd term t1 then skip—services accept
B. set firewall family inet filter bypass_flowd term t1 then routing-instance stateless
C. set firewall family inet filter bypas3_flowd term t1 then virtual-channel stateless
D. set firewall family inet filter bypass__f lowd term t1 then packet—mode

Question # 4

You are configuring transparent mode on an SRX Series device. You must permit IP-basedtraffic only, and BPDUs must be restricted to the VLANs from which they originate.Which configuration accomplishes these objectives?  

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D

Question # 5

You are asked to deploy filter-based forwarding on your SRX Series device for incomingtraffic sourced from the 10.10 100 0/24 network in this scenario, which three statementsare correct? (Choose three.)

A. You must create a forwarding-type routing instance.
B. You must create and apply a firewall filter that matches on the source address and then sends this traffic to your routing
C. You must create and apply a firewall filter that matches on the destination address 1010.100.0/24 and then sends this traffic to your routing instance.
D. You must create a RIB group that adds interface routes to your routing instance.
E. You must create a VRF-type routing instance.

Question # 6

Which two log format types are supported by the JATP appliance? (Choose two.)


Question # 7

Which two additional configuration actions are necessary for the third-party feed shown inthe exhibit to work properly? (Choose two.)

A. You must create a dynamic address entry with the IP filter category and theipfilter_office365 value.
B. You must create a dynamic address entry with the C&C category and the cc_offic365value.
C. You must apply the dynamic address entry in a security policy.
D. You must apply the dynamic address entry in a security intelligence policy.

Question # 8

Exhibit Referring to the exhibit, which three statements are true? (Choose three.)

A. The packet's destination is to an interface on the SRX Series device.
B. The packet's destination is to a server in the DMZ zone.
C. The packet originated within the Trust zone.
D. The packet is dropped before making an SSH connection.
E. The packet is allowed to make an SSH connection.

Question # 9

Your company wants to use the Juniper Seclntel feeds to block access to known commandand control servers, but they do not want to use Security Director to manage the feeds.Which two Juniper devices work in this situation? (Choose two)

A. EX Series devices
B. MX Series devices
C. SRX Series devices
D. QFX Series devices

Question # 10

Click the Exhibit button. Referring to the exhibit, which three topologies are supported by Policy Enforcer? (Choosethree.)

A. Topology 3
B. Topology 5
C. Topology 2
D. Topology 4
E. Topology 1

Question # 11

Which three type of peer devices are supported for Cos-Based IPsec VPN?

A. High-end SRX Series device
D. Branch-end SRX Series devics

Question # 12

You configured a chassis cluster for high availability on an SRX Series device and enrolledthis HA cluster with the Juniper ATP Cloud. Which two statements are correct in thisscenario? (Choose two.)

A. You must use different license keys on both cluster nodes.
B. When enrolling your devices, you only need to enroll one node.
C. You must set up your HA cluster after enrolling your devices with Juniper ATP Cloud
D. You must use the same license key on both cluster nodes.

Question # 13

Exhibit Referring to the exhibit, which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

A. The SRX-1 device can use the Proxy__Nodes feed in another security policy.
B. You can use the Proxy_Nodes feed as the source-address and destination-addressmatch criteria of another security policy on a different SRX Series device.
C. The SRX-1 device creates the Proxy_wodes feed, so it cannot use it in another securitypolicy.
D. You can only use the Proxy_Node3 feed as the destination-address match criteria ofanother security policy on a different SRX Series device.

Question # 14

According to the log shown in the exhibit, you notice the IPsec session is not establishing.What is the reason for this behavior?

A. Mismatched proxy ID
B. Mismatched peer ID
C. Mismatched preshared key
D. Incorrect peer address.

Question # 15

Exhibit The show network-access aaa radius-servers command has been issued to solveauthentication issues.Referring to the exhibit, to which two authentication servers will the SRX Series devicecontinue to send requests? (Choose TWO)

A. 200l:DB8:0:f101;:2

Question # 16

Your organization has multiple Active Directory domain to control user access. You mustensure that security polices are passing traffic based upon the user’s access rights.What would you use to assist your SRX series devices to accomplish this task?

B. Junos Space
D. JATP Appliance

Question # 17

You are requested to enroll an SRX Series device with Juniper ATP Cloud.Which statement is correct in this scenario?

A. If a device is already enrolled in a realm and you enroll it in a new realm, the device dataor configuration information is propagated to the new realm.
B. The only way to enroll an SRX Series device is to interact with the Juniper ATP CloudWeb portal.
C. When the license expires, the SRX Series device is disenrolled from Juniper ATP Cloudwithout a grace period
D. Juniper ATP Cloud uses a Junos OS op script to help you configure your SRX Seriesdevice to connect to the Juniper ATP Cloud service.

Question # 18

Exhibit Referring to the exhibit, which three protocols will be allowed on the ge-0/0/5.0 interface?(Choose three.)

C. IPsec

Question # 19


A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D

Question # 20

Which method does an SRX Series device in transparent mode use to learn aboutunknown devices in a network?

B. IGMP snooping
D. packet flooding

Question # 21

You are connecting two remote sites to your corporate headquarters site. You must ensurethat all traffic is secured and sent directly between sites In this scenario, which VPN shouldbe used?

B. hub-and-spoke IPsec VPN
C. Layer 2 VPN
D. full mesh Layer 3 VPN with EBGP

Question # 22

You issue the command shown in the exhibit.Which policy will be active for the identified traffic?

A. Policy p4
B. Policy p7
C. Policy p1
D. Policy p12

Question # 23

Which two statements are correct regarding tenant systems on SRX Series devices?(Choose two.)

A. A maximum of 32 tenant systems can be configured on a physical SRX device.
B. All tenant systems share a single routing protocol process.
C. Each tenant system runs its own instance of the routing protocol process
D. A maximum of 500 tenant systems can be configured on a physical SRX device.