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Juniper JN0-335 Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

Which two features are configurable on Juniper Secure Analytics (JSA) to ensure thatalerts are triggered when matching certain criteria? (Choose two.)

A. building blocks
B. assets
C. events
D. tests

Question # 2

Which two statements are correct about chassis clustering? (Choose two.)

A. The node ID value ranges from 1 to 255.
B. The node ID is used to identify each device in the chassis cluster.
C. A system reboot is required to activate changes to the cluster.
D. The cluster ID is used to identify each device in the chassis cluster.

Question # 3

Which two statements are true about the fab interface in a chassis cluster? (Choose two.)

A. The fab link does not support fragmentation.
B. The physical interface for the fab link must be specified in the configuration.
C. The fab link supports traditional interface features.
D. The Junos OS supports only one fab link.

Question # 4

You are asked to determine how much traffic a popular gaming application is generating on your network.Which action will you perform to accomplish this task?

A. Enable AppQoS on the proper security zones
B. Enable APBR on the proper security zones
C. Enable screen options on the proper security zones
D. Enable AppTrack on the proper security zones.

Question # 5

Which two statements are correct about the cSRX? (Choose two.)

A. The cSRX supports firewall, NAT, IPS, and UTM services.
B. The cSRX only supports Layer 2 "bump-in-the-wire" deployments.
C. The cSRX supports BGP, OSPF. and IS-IS routing services.
D. The cSRX has three default zones: trust, untrust, and management

Question # 6

You are asked to find systems running applications that increase the risks on your network.You must ensure these systems are processed through IPS and Juniper ATP Cloud formalware and virus protection.Which Juniper Networks solution will accomplish this task?

B. Encrypted Traffic Insights
D. Adaptive Threat Profiling

Question # 7

Exhibit When trying to set up a server protection SSL proxy, you receive the error shown. What aretwo reasons for this error? (Choose two.)

A. The SSL proxy certificate ID is part of a blocklist.
B. The SSL proxy certificate ID does not have the correct renegotiation option set.
C. The SSL proxy certificate ID is for a forwarding proxy.
D. The SSL proxy certificate ID does not exist.

Question # 8

Which two statements are correct when considering IPS rule base evaluation? (Choosetwo.)

A. IPS evaluates rules concurrently.
B. IPS applies the most severe action to traffic matching multiple rules,
C. IPS evaluates rules sequentially
D. IPS applies the least severe action to traffic matching multiple rules.

Question # 9

Which solution enables you to create security policies that include user and groupinformation?

B. ATP Appliance
C. Network Director

Question # 10

Which two statements about unified security policies are correct? (Choose two.)

A. Unified security policies require an advanced feature license.
B. Unified security policies are evaluated after global security policies.
C. Traffic can initially match multiple unified security policies.
D. APPID results are used to determine the final security policy

Question # 11

Which two statements about SRX chassis clustering are correct? (Choose two.)

A. SRX chassis clustering supports active/passive and active/active for the data plane.
B. SRX chassis clustering only supports active/passive for the data plane.
C. SRX chassis clustering supports active/passive for the control plane.
D. SRX chassis clustering supports active/active for the control plane.

Question # 12

When a security policy is deleted, which statement is correct about the default behavior ofactive sessions allowed by that policy?

A. The active sessions allowed by the policy will be dropped.
B. The active sessions allowed by the policy will be marked as a legacy flow and willcontinue to be forwarded.
C. The active sessions allowed by the policy will be reevaluated by the cached
D. The active sessions allowed by the policy will continue

Question # 13

You want to use IPS signatures to monitor traffic.Which module in the AppSecure suite will help in this task?

A. AppTrack
B. AppQoS
C. AppFW

Question # 14

Exhibit Referring to the SRX Series flow module diagram shown in the exhibit, where is applicationsecurity processed?

A. Forwarding Lookup
B. Services ALGs
C. Security Policy
D. Screens

Question # 15

Which two devices would you use for DDoS protection with Policy Enforcer? (Choose two.)

C. vMX

Question # 16

Regarding static attack object groups, which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

A. Matching attack objects are automatically added to a custom group.
B. Group membership automatically changes when Juniper updates the IPS signaturedatabase.
C. Group membership does not automatically change when Juniper updates the IPSsignature database.
D. You must manually add matching attack objects to a custom group.

Question # 17

You are asked to implement IPS on your SRX Series device.In this scenario, which two tasks must be completed before a configuration will work?(Choose two.)

A. Download the IPS signature database.
B. Enroll the SRX Series device with Juniper ATP Cloud.
C. Install the IPS signature database.
D. Reboot the SRX Series device.

Question # 18

Which two statements are true about mixing traditional and unified security policies?(Choose two.)

A. When a packet matches a unified security policy, the evaluation process terminates
B. Traditional security policies must come before unified security policies
C. Unified security policies must come before traditional security policies
D. When a packet matches a traditional security policy, the evaluation process terminates

Question # 19

Exhibit You are trying to create a security policy on your SRX Series device that permits HTTPtraffic from your private 172 25.11.0/24 subnet to the Internet You create a policy namedpermit-http between the trust and untrust zones that permits HTTP traffic. When you issuea commit command to apply the configuration changes, the commit fails with the errorshown in the exhibit.Which two actions would correct the error? (Choose two.)

A. Issue the rollback 1 command from the top of the configuration hierarchy and attemptthe commit again.
B. Execute the Junos commit full command to override the error and apply theconfiguration.
C. Create a custom application named http at the [edit applications] hierarchy.
D. Modify the security policy to use the built-in Junos-http applications.

Question # 20

What information does encrypted traffic insights (ETI) use to notify SRX Series devicesabout known malware sites?

A. certificates
B. dynamic address groups
C. MAC addresses
D. domain names