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IMA CMA-Strategic-Financial-Management Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

Discuss whether the demand for OLI’s new business English course is elastic and explainhow OLI can use this information in determining the product price.EssayOnline Learning Inc. lOLI) is a privately-held company based in the IUC that specializes inproviding online courses in English as a Second Language (ESL). OLI is trying to set up anew sales office in a foreign country. It needs a business license to operate in that country.The license normally lakes six months to obtain. An official of that country said that hecould expedite the process for a fee of €300.OLI estimates the new sales office can bring €300,000 incremental profit annually OLI hasjust launched a new online 40-houi course to help adult ESL learners master basicbusiness English. The price of the new course is €500 per student, the variable cost is€300 per student, and the total fixed cost of the new course is €300.000 per year OLI spent€200.000 to develop the new course before launching it. There are many online course providers in the marketplace, and each has its own feature However, OLI's highly qualifiedstaff and good reputation have enabled it to charge a premium price compared to its majorcompetitors. Recent market research indicates that if OLI raises the price of its newbusiness English course by 10V the student enrollment would decrease by 5V A regionalairlines company in Asia has approached OLI and offered to enroll 1.000 of its employeesin the new course if OLI would agree to a special price of €350 per employee If OLI acceptsthis offer, an additional €10,000 onetime cost would be required to temporally expand itscapacity to accommodate the new students.

Question # 2

Below is the income statement and balance sheet for a retail corporation. What is the corporation’s return on equity in Year 2?

A. 23%
B. 26%
C. 39%
D. 48%

Question # 3

A capital budgeting analysis involves an initial investment of $500. The expected cashinflow in Year 1 is $300, and the expected cash inflow in Year 2 is $350. Which one of thefollowing equations can get the correct internal rate of return (IRR) of this project?

A. $500 = $300/(1 + IRR) + $350/(1 + IRR)
B. $500 = $300/(1 + IRR) + $350/(1 + IRR)2
C. -$500 = $300'(1 + IRR) + 5350/(1 + IRR)2
D. $0 = $300/(1 + IRR) + $350/11 + IRR)2

Question # 4

Using the dividend discount model, an analyst determines mat Beverly Company's equity isworth $80 per share. Beverly Company’s required rate of return is 15% and the currentrisk-free rate is 5% assuming a 0% long-term growth rate, what is Beverly's estimatedfuture annual dividend?

A. $16.00
B. $12.00
C. $8.00
D. $1.20

Question # 5

IF a company does not have a code of conduct, the company most likely

A. is missing important guidance on ethical decision making
B. will lack an expressed statement of values regarding ethical behavior
C. can use its statement of values instead to implement ethics in daily decision making
D. must find another way to express its ethical principles

Question # 6

Marlow Company s partial balance sheet indicated the following.

A. 2.08
B. 1.96
C. 1.58
D. 0.51

Question # 7

An accounting manage' is deciding which performance measurement tool would be mostappropriate to compare firms within their company s industry given that the firms vary insize significantly. Which one of the following analysis methods would be the mostappropriate?

A. Cash flow analysis
B. Horizontal analysis
C. Sensitivity analysis
D. Vertical analysis

Question # 8

A company is considering investing £1 million for a new machine. The new machine isexpected to generate £450,000 incremental before-tax operating cash inflows and£100.000 in additional depreciation expense for each of the next ten years. The companyuses the same depreciation assumptions tor book and tax purposes. If the company'sincome tax rate is 30%, what is the change in the yearly after-tax cash flow from operationsif the company invests in the new machine?

A. £245,000
B. £295, 000
C. £315,000
D. £345, 000

Question # 9

Management is responsible for identifying potential events mat could representopportunities or threats. Which one of the following is not a viable event identificationtechnique?

A. Facilitated workshops and interviews
B. Loss event data methodologies
C. Review of control categories
D. Process flow analysis

Question # 10

Willcox Company plans to sell 100 000 units of Us only product for $300 per unit to itsexisting customers It has received a new customer request for 10,000 units at a sellingprice of $2S0 per unit Willcox's cost structure is shown below. Capacity exists lo produce an additional 10 000 units and accepting the order would haveno long-term implications If the order is accepted however a specialized piece of equipmentcosting S25 000 would need to I purchased If Wilcox accepts the special order its incomewould increase by

A. $1400, 000.00
B. $1,375,000.00
C. $375,000.00
D. $75,000.00

Question # 11

A group of nations is considering me formation of a cartel associated with the manufactureand distribution of a product that they each export. Which one of the following outcomeswould not be consistent with me formation of a carter?

A. An increase in the output of the manufactured product
B. An increase in the selling price of the manufactured product
C. An increase m the net profits for each of the individual cartel members
D. A selling price where marginal revenue equals marginal cost

Question # 12

The Transformer Division of Keller Electrical Supply IS developing its Budget for next yearPreliminary estimates for the next year are as follows.• Sales of 10.000 units • Variable cost of $350 per unit• Fixed costs of $800,000. Net assets utilized on the Transformer Division are $7 million• Target rate of return on investment required by Keller is 15%If the Transformer Division utilizes cost-based pricing and uses a markup based on itstarget rate of return, what price per unit (rounded to the nearest dollar) should it use for thebudget?

A. $430
B. $495
C. $506
D. $535

Question # 13

FreeRide inc is considering replacing its existing shuttle bus win a new one. The new buscan offer considerable savings in operating costs Information about the existing bus andthe new bus is shown below.

A. accumulated depreciation of the existing bus
B. original cost of the new bus.
C. current salvage value of the existing bus
D. annual operating cost of the new bus

Question # 14

London Corporation has in the following cost structure for two of its product.Assume that me current sales level is 15,000 units of Product A and 5,000 units of ProductB Usingcost-volume-profit analysis which of the following courses of action would maximize profit inthe short term? Assume that fixed costs are sunk costs in the short term.

A. Continue to make and sell Product A only.
B. Continue to make and sell Product B only
C. Continue to make and sell both Product A and Product B
D. Discontinue making and selling Doth products

Question # 15

Ryan Fitzgerald the vice president of finance for Southwest Development Company isevaluating a proposed expansion plan currently. Southwest Development has $660 millionof total assets and the company's equity ratio Is 38% Southwest Development has neverissued preferred shares. The company's earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) are $836 million. The interest rate on their debt is 7 2% and the company's tax rate is 30%. Thecompany is planning to expand by investing $110 million. In assets. As result both salesand EBIT will increase by 20%. The expansion will be financed with 40% debt and 60%common equity If Southwest Development proceeds with the expansion what will happento the company's return on equally (ROE)?

A. ROE decreases from 19.78% to 18.48%.
B. ROB increases from 14.07% to 14.12%.
C. ROE decreases from 28.25% to 26.40%.
D. ROE increases from 19.78% to 20.17%.

Question # 16

A company with idle capacity has been contacted by a new customer to supply 10,000units of its products for a special batch order its costs are as follows. The company's normal soling price is SI00 per unit but the customer is wiling to pay onlyS70 pet unit Should the company accept the special order''

A. Yes, because the special order will increase operating profit by S100 000
B. Yes, because the special order will increase operating profit by S250 000
C. No, because the special order will reduce operating profit by S50 000
D. No, because the special order will reduce operating profit by $250 000

Question # 17

The internal audit division of a company is investigating a potential fraud in the AccountsPayable department Someone in the department has been writing checks to fictitiousvendors and collecting the cash The primary suspect Is an employee who has own with thecompany for twelve years and recently lost his Did for promotion to Director of AccountsPayable a position which would have given mm a 25% salary increase This employee hasbeen heard complaining to several other employees in the department that he was cheatedout of his raise. Which one of the following elements of the fraud triangle is this employeeexhibiting?

A. Pressure
B. Rationalization
C. Motive
D. Opportunity

Question # 18

Your organization is considering implementing an Enterprise Risk Management process.You expect to obtain many benefits from this process. Which of the following is not anexpected Benefit?

A. Aligning risk appetite and strategy
B. Eliminating risk response decisions
C. Reducing operational surprises and losses
D. Seizing opportunities.

Question # 19

A company currently offers all of its customers trade credit with terms of 1/15 net 45 of thefollowing alternatives which would not Increase the company's average collection periodfrom its current level?

A. I only.
B. I and II only
C. III only
D. Ill and Iv only.

Question # 20

K Malone is a successful entrepreneur, Currently she is considering investing in a capitalprotect, which would benefit tourism in North Caroina Because of tourism, the State ofNorth Carolina is willing to lent) her $150,000 at a rate of 5%. well below the market rateHer estimated net cash flows for the 3-year lifetime of the project are S15 000 $89,000 and$60,000 respectively Recommend whether or not Malone should undertake this project.

A. She should undertake this project because the present value (PV) of this project is$146,843
B. She should undertake this project because the net present value (NPV) is $31,022.
C. She should not undertake this project because the net present value NPV is ($14.051).
D. She should not undertake this protect because the net present value (NPV) is ($3.157)

Question # 21

Custom Ceramics produces two hand-painted items a large bowl and a large platter. Relevant information for each of these items is shown below

A. The company should produce only bowls because the contribution margin per bowl ishigher.
B. The company should produce only platters because the variable cost per platter is lower
C. The company should produce only bowls because the sales price per Bowl is higher
D. The company should produce only platters because the contribution margin per paintinghour is higher

Question # 22

FumiSelf is a global manufacturer of consumer-assembled furniture with a businesspresence in nearly every country. The Vice President of Production was presented with thefollowing information by the Vice President of Finance as of the end of the current quarter.

A. Asian division has the highest days' sales in inventory
B. North American division has the lowest days' sales in Inventory.
C. African division is the most efficient in manage its inventory
D. Europe division is the most inefficient in managing its inventory

Question # 23

Alliantz Company, a USA-based manufacturer needs to set up a hedge to protect againstdollar exchange rate devaluation. The protection is necessary (or an open balance of $2478.450 Payment is to be settled in a rare currency 40 days from today excludingtransaction fees which investment instrument would be used to provide the best hedge?

A. Stock options
B. Market-traded futures
C. Forward agreement
D. Currency warrant

Question # 24

Which one of the following statements with respect to ethics is correct?

A. Every organization that follows the law is ethical
B. Good ethics stems from formal education
C. Ethics and laws are not closely related
D. One may act legally and still be acting unethically

Question # 25

Slam-Dunk Shoes has 5,000 pairs or damaged shoes in inventory. The cost of these shoeswas $51,000. in their present condition, the shoes may be sold at clearance prices for$29,000 Slam-Dunk can have the shoes repaired at a cost of $77,000 after which they canbe sold for $100,000. What is the opportunity cost of selling the shoes in their presentdamaged condition?

A. $23.000
B. $71.000
C. $77, 000
D. $100, 000