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IAAP CPACC Exam Overview:

Aspect Details
Exam Name IAAP CPACC (Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies)
Exam Cost $550 USD
Total Time 2.5 hours
Available Languages English, Spanish, Portuguese
Passing Marks 70%
Exam Format Multiple-choice questions
Certification Validity 3 years
Exam Prerequisites None
Eligibility Criteria At least 2 years of professional experience in accessibility or a related field

Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies Exam Topics Breakdown

Domain Percentage Description
Domain 1: Disability Types 15% Understanding different types of disabilities and their impact on accessibility
Domain 2: Accessible Design 25% Implementing accessible design principles and guidelines
Domain 3: Assistive Technology 20% Knowledge of various assistive technologies and their use in accessibility
Domain 4: Standards and Guidelines 20% Familiarity with accessibility standards and guidelines (WCAG, Section 508, etc.)
Domain 5: Testing and Evaluation 20% Ability to test and evaluate the accessibility of digital content and technologies
IAAP CPACC Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

Which is the name of a principle from the Principles of Universal Design Version 2.0?

A. Keyboard Accessible
B. Perceivable
C. Perceptible Information
D. Timing Adjustable

Question # 2

A person with which condition benefits MOST from these input methods and tools:Braille keyboardSpeech recognitionStandard keyboardGestures

A. Autism
B. Blindness
C. Deafness
D. Photosensitive epilepsy

Question # 3

Visual alerts (e.g., flashing lights in railway stations) and notifications (e.g., text messagealerts in airports) are MOST HELPFUL to people with which condition?

A. Autism
B. Deafness
C. Epilepsy
D. Low Vision

Question # 4

Which syndrome is now widely recognized as being a specific learning disability ofneurological origin?

A. Anxiety
B. Autism Spectrum
C. Dementia
D. Dyslexia

Question # 5

According to the Principles of Universal Design Version 2.0, an example of principle two:Flexibility in Use is

A. accommodating a wide range of literacy and language skills.
B. accommodating left- and right-handed access.
C. providing compatibility with a variety of devices used by people with sensory limitations.
D. using different modes (pictorial, verbal, tactile) for redundant presentation of essentialinformation.

Question # 6

Which is a systemic benefit of sharing accessibility successes within an organization?

A. Ensuring management budgets for additional resources
B. Ensuring practical knowledge can be used for the next project
C. Leveraging the successes in annual performance reviews
D. Publicizing accessibility in public relations campaigns and activities

Question # 7

When purchasing third-party software, a business will BEST mitigate the risk of buyinginaccessible software by

A. including a contractual penalty for inaccessibility.
B. requesting an accessibility conformance claim in writing.
C. requiring accessible outcomes in contractual agreements.
D. verifying product accessibility.

Question # 8

A new employee who is blind asks where there is a bathroom. Which initial response isMOST APPROPRIATE to the employee?

A. Tell them to follow the signs.
B. Offer your arm to assist them.
C. Grab the person and lead them.
D. Put your hand on their cane and help guide them.

Question # 9

Eye tracking technology is MOST HELPFUL to persons with

A. Cognitive disabilities.
B. Deafblindness.
C. Mobility disabilities.
D. Seizures.

Question # 10

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 principle Operable includesrequirements related to

A. consistent navigation.
B. error prevention.
C. keyboard functionality.
D. resizable text.

Question # 11

Which is an example of providing multiple means of engagement in a classroom situation?

A. Assigning one group multiple projects
B. Posting lectures online
C. Providing feedback online twice a semester
D. Using a different crossword puzzle for each vocabulary unit

Question # 12

Which principle in the Principles of Universal Design Version 2.0 considers a widespectrum of a user’s abilities in addition to personal preference?

A. Flexibility in Use
B. Low Physical Effort
C. Simple and Intuitive Use
D. Tolerance for Error

Question # 13

As the average lifespan increases worldwide, so does the number of older, disabledpersons. This impacts society MOST SIGNIFICANTLY in

A. healthcare costs.
B. low-cost housing.
C. population growth.
D. voter turnout.

Question # 14

Assuming that people have access to the Internet, which is a social factor in building abusiness case for web accessibility?

A. Direct cost savings
B. Reduction in legal risk
C. Reduction of digital divide
D. Search engine optimization

Question # 15

Civil rights laws take their cue from which disability model?

A. Charity
B. Economic
C. Medical
D. Social

Question # 16

What aspect of learning is addressed when an instructor utilizes multiple means of actionand expression in the learning experience?

A. The "how" of learning
B. The "what" of learning
C. The "when" of learning
D. The "why" of teaming

Question # 17

What is an example of Perceivable from the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)2.0?

A. Make all functionality available from a keyboard.
B. Make web pages appear and operate in predictable ways.
C. Provide text alternatives for any non-text content.
D. Provide users with enough time to read and use content.

Question # 18

When making accessible pre-recorded video content with audio for people with hearingimpairments, the video needs to include

A. audio description.
B. captions and transcript.
C. high contrast mode.
D. keyboard accessible controls.

Question # 19

Persons with a disability are MOST LIKELY to experience what major factor that could leadto poverty?

A. Fewer skills
B. Lower employment rates
C. Lower marriage prospects
D. Lower participation in social activities

Question # 20

To minimize the cost to a business, accessibility should be first brought into the software development process at which stage?

A. Design
B. Development
C. Planning
D. Testing