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Huawei H13-311_V3.0 Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

Which of the following statements about supervised learning is correct

A. Decision tree is a supervised learning 
B. Supervised learning cannot use cross-validation for training 
C. Supervised learning is a rule-based algorithm 
D. Supervised learning can be trained without labels 

Question # 2

HUAWEI HiAI Which module does the face detection in the platform belong to?

A. HiAI Engine 
B. HiAI Framework 
C. HiAI Foundation 
D. HiAI Service 

Question # 3

Deep learning is different from machine learning and there are no unsupervised algorithms

A. True 
B. False 

Question # 4

Which of the following is not a face recognition technology?

A. Face search 
B. Face comparison 
C. Face Detection 
D. Remake recognition 

Question # 5

In deep learning tasks, when encountering data imbalance problems, which of the followingmethods can we use to solve the problem?

A. batch deletion 
B. Random oversampling 
C. Synthetic sampling 
D. Random undersampling

Question # 6

Huawei AI The whole scenario includes public cloud, private cloud, various edgecomputing, IoT industry terminals and consumer. The deployment environment of terminal,edge, and cloud for fee-based terminals.


Question # 7

What people say about neural networks is wrong?

A. As the number of hidden layers of the neural network increases, the classification abilityof the model gradually weakens 
B. The limitation of a single-layer perceptron is that it cannot solve the XOR problem 
C. The feedforward neural network can be represented by a directed acyclic graph 
D. There is no connection between neurons in the same layer of the feedforward neuralnetwork 

Question # 8

The loss function of logistic regression is the cross-entropy loss function.


Question # 9

Which of the following descriptions about Python program are correct? (Multiple choice)

A. The program consists of modules
B. 8 Module contains statements
C.  statement contains an expression
D.  Expressions create and process objects

Question # 10

Which of the following options belong to Tensorflow concept? (Multiple Choice)

A. Tensor 
B. Variables 
C. Placeholder 
D. Operation 
E. Conversation 

Question # 11

Which of the following options are <Artificial Intelligence Comprehensive Experiment> Maybe used in calling Huawei cloud services?

A. ak 
B. region 
C. project_id 
D. sk 

Question # 12

Generating a confrontation network is like a game system. The generator generates fakesamples, and the discriminator judges whether it is true or false. Our ideal result is?

A. The generator produces roughly the same samples 
B. The discriminator efficiently distinguishes the true and false samples generated by thegenerator 
C. The discriminator cannot distinguish the true and false samples generated by thegenerator 
D. The generator produces different samples 

Question # 13

What model is not a cyclic neural network?


Question # 14

Pytorch Which company launched it first?

A. Baidu 
B. Google 
C. Facebook 
D. Huawei 

Question # 15

Which method is not supported in TensorFlow to define variables?

A. Random number 
B. Constant 
C. Calculated from the initial values of other variables 
D. null 

Question # 16

The Python list can be identified by ‘[]”, and the default index of the first element from left toright is 1.

A. True 
B. False 

Question # 17

What of the following does belong to convolutional neural network (CNN)? (MultipleChoice)

A. VGGNet 
B. ResNet 
C. AlexNet 
D. GoogleNet 

Question # 18

In the process of deep learning model training, what are the common optimizers?

A. Adam 
B. Adagrad 
D. Momentum 

Question # 19

Which of the following schools does the neural network study belong to?

A. Symbolism 
B. Connectionism 
C. Behaviorism 
D. None of the above 

Question # 20

Which of the following features does Python support? (Multiple choice)

A. Inheritance 
B. Heavy load 
C. Derived 
D. Multiple inheritance 

Question # 21

What does not belong to supervised learning?

A. Logistic regression 
B. Support vector machine 
C. Decision tree 
D. Princi1pal component analysis 

Question # 22

In the classic convolutional neural network model,Softmax What hidden layer does thefunction follow?

A. Convolutional layer 
B. Pooling layer 
C. Fully connected layer 
D. All of the above 

Question # 23

The model composed of machine learning algorithms cannot represent the true datadistribution function on a theoretical level. Just approach it.


Question # 24

Which of the following about the dictionary in Python is correct? (Multiple Choice)

A. Each key and its corresponding value need to be separated by ": 
B. Separate the different key-value with 
C. The entire dictionary is included in the 
D. The keys of the d1cl1onary are unique and the data type 1s uniform 

Question # 25

Grid search is a method of parameter adjustment.


Question # 26

It is known that the total parameter of a certain layer of the fully connected neural networkis 330,The number of neurons in the previous layer and this layer May be?

A. 32 with 10 
B. 10 with 33 
C. 33 with 10 
D. 9 with 33 

Question # 27

What is the English abbreviation for AI?

A. Automatic Intelligence 
B. Artifical Intelligence 
C. Automatic Information 
D. Artifical Information 

Question # 28

There are many types of neural networks in deep learning. The following neural networkinformation is one-way propagation:

B. Convolutional Neural Network 
C. Recurrent neural network 

Question # 29

Which of the following is not an artificial intelligence school?

A. Symbolism 
B. StatJst1caltsm 
C. Behaviorism 
D. Connectionism 

Question # 30

X, Y are random variables, C is a constant, the nature of the difference in the followingoptions which is wrong? (Multiple choice)

A. D(C)=O 
B. D(X+ Y)=D(X)+D(Y) 
C. D(CX)=C'C'D()() 
D. D(XY)=D(X)D{Y) 

Question # 31

In order for a machine to be intelligent, it must be knowledgeable. Therefore, there is aresearch field in artificial intelligence. which mainly studies how computers automaticallyacquire knowledgeand skills to achieve self-impr011emenL What is the branch of this research called?

A. Expert system 
B. Machine learning 
C. Neural Network 
D. Natural language processing 

Question # 32

Recurrent neural network is different from convolutional neural network, it is better atsolving the following problems?

A. Sequence related issues 
B. Image classification
C. Image detection 
D. Recommended question 

Question # 33

TensorFlow The data type used is?

A. Scalar 
B. Vector 
C. Tensor 
D. Matrix 

Question # 34

According to the development process of the robot, it is usually divided into threegenerations, respectively are: (Multiple Choice)

A. Teaching Reproduction Robot 
B. Robot with sensation 
C. Robots that will think 
D. Intelligent robot 

Question # 35

Which of the following does not belong to long-term memory LSTM (long Short·TermMemory) network architecture?

A. Memory door 
B. Forget the door 
C. Input door 
D. Output door 

Question # 36

Artificial intelligence is the research and development of theories, methods and applicationsystems used to simulate, extend and expand human intelligence Of a new technologicalscience.


Question # 37

What are the results returned by the if conditional statements in the Python language?(Multiple choice)

A. True 
B. 0 
D. null 

Question # 38

Numerical calculation refers to the method and process of effectively using the digitalcomputer to solve the approximate problem of mathematical problems, and the disciplineconsisting of related theories.Which of the following processes are involved in solving actual problems with a computer?(Multiple Choice)

A. Know the actual problem 
B. Mathematical model 
C. Numerical calculation method 
D. Programm1ng 
E. Computer calculation results 

Question # 39

In a neural network based on connectionism, each node can express a specific meaning.


Question # 40

What are the characteristics of Python code? (Multiple Choice)

A. leg1bil1ty 
B. Simpl1c1ty 
C. Rapidity 
D. Scalab1hty 

Question # 41

TensorFlow It is one of the most popular deep learning frameworks.


Question # 42

The following are the description of the distribution function. distribution law. and densityfunction of random variables.which is incorrect?

A. Distribution law can only describe the value rule of discrete random variables 
B. The density function can only describe the value rule of continuous random variables 
C. Discrete random variables have no d1slribulion function 
D. Distribution function describes the value rule of random variables 

Question # 43

Huawei Machine learning Service MLS MLS is a one-stop platform that supports the entireprocess of data analysis. Which of the following is not a feature of MLS?

A. A rich library of machine learning algorithms. 
B. machine learning program is intuitive and easy to use. 
C. Distributed and scalable big data computing engine. 
D. Support for the R language but does not support the Python language 

Question # 44

Bagging In integrated learning, the relationship between each base learner is?

A. Additive relationship 
B. relationship 
C. The latter model must be built on top of the previous model 
D. Independent 

Question # 45

In Huawei Cloud El Enterprise Intelligence, which basic platform services are included? (Multiple Choice)

A. Machine learning 
B. Deep learning 
C. Graph engine 
D. Batch processing 

Question # 46

What are the scenarios or industries that are suitable for using Python? (Multiple Choice)

A. Artlfic1al intelligence 
B. web development 
C. Game development 
D Hardware development 

Question # 47

The commonly used functions for mathematical operations in Python are basically in lhemath module and the cmath module.

A. True 
B. False 

Question # 48

The following evaluation indicators belonging to the regression algorithm are?

A. Recall rate 
B. Confusion matrix 
C. Mean square error 
D. Accuracy 

Question # 49

Training error will reduce the accuracy of the model and produce under-fitting. How toimprove the model fit? (Multiple choice)

A. Increase the amount of data 
B. Feature Engineering 
C. Reduce regularization parameters 
D. Add features 

Question # 50

Which of the following statements about passport recognition services are correct?

A. country_code Country code representing the country where the passport was issued 
B. nationality Nationality of representative holder 
C. passport_number Representative passport number 
D. confidence Confidence information of related fields. The greater the confidence, thehigher the reliability of the corresponding field identified this time. In a statistical sense, thegreater the confidence, the higher the accuracy 

Question # 51

Which is not a deep learning algorithm?

A. Setr-encoder 
B. Convolutional neural networks 
C. Recurrent neural networks 
D. Support vector machine 

Question # 52

The optimizer is an important part of training neural networks. The purpose of using theoptimizer does not include which of the following:

A. Speed up algorithm convergence 
B. Reduce the difficulty of manual parameter setting
C. Avoid overfitting 
D. Avoid local extremes 

Question # 53

Code model.fit(mnist.train.inmage,mnist.train.labels.epochs=5)in of epochs Parameterrepresentative?

A. The entire training set will be trained 5 Times 
B. The entire test set will be tested 5 Times 
C. The entire training set will be divided into 6 Share 
D. The entire training set will be divided into 5 Share 

Question # 54

AI Chips are divided into business applications and can be divided into?

A. training 
C. Model building 
D. reasoning 

Question # 55

The TensorFlow framework does not support Windows systems.

A. True 
B. False 

Question # 56

TensorFlow only supports Python and R language

A. True 
B. False 

Question # 57

ModelArts Service and (). The combination of services can easily deploy the model to"end"?

D. HiLens 

Question # 58

What is the incorrect relationship between neural networks and deep learning?

A. The concept of deep learning sterns from the study or artificial neural networks. 
B. A neural network algorithm with multiple hidden layers is a deep learning algorithm 
C. Single layer neural networks are also a type of deep learning 
D. Convolutional neural networks are a type of deep learning. 

Question # 59

Which of the following is true about unsupervised learning?

A. Unsupervised algorithm only processes “features” and does not process ·tags· 
B. Dimensionality reduction algorithm is not unsupervised learning 
C. K-means algorithm and SVM algorithm belong lo unsupervised learning 
D. None of the above 

Question # 60

Which of the following neural network structures will share weights? (Multiple choice)

A. Convolutional neural network 
B. Recurrent neural network 
C. Fully connected neural network 
D. All of the above 

Question # 61

Which of the following description of the number of rows and columns of the matrix iscorrect?

A. The number of rows 1s greater than the number of columns 
B. The number of rows 1s equal to the number of columns 
C. The number of rows is less than the number of columns 
D. The number of rows has no relationship with the number of columns. 

Question # 62

Which of the following statement about the matrix is incorrect?

A. The arbitrary matrix is multiplied by the unit matrix and will not change. 
B. The transpose of the symmetric matrix A 1s also A itself. 
C. The transpose of the orthogonal matrix A is equal to the inverse of A . 
D. There is no inverse matrix for the diagonal matrix. 

Question # 63

What is wrong description of the normal distribution?

A. In natural phenomena and social phenomena, many random variables obey orapproximate a normal distribution. 
B. The normal distribution lakes the maximum value at the mean 
C. The larger the standard deviation the steeper the normal d1stribuhon curve 
D. The larger the standard deviation, the slower the normal distribution curve. 

Question # 64

On Huawei Cloud EI Which of the following can be AI Technology is integrated into theapplication scenarios of all walks of life AI The advantages of technology to improveefficiency and improve experience.

A. EI Agent 
B. OBS Object storage service 
C. Cloud database 
D. EI Big data service 

Question # 65

Global gradient descent algorithm, stochastic gradient descent algorithm and batchgradient descent algorithm are all gradient descent algorithms. The following is wrongabout its advantages and disadvantages.

A. The global gradient algorithm can find the minimum value of the loss function 
B. Batch gradient algorithm can solve the local minimum problem 
C. Stochastic gradient algorithm can find the minimum value of the loss function 
D. The convergence process of the global gradient algorithm is time-consuming 

Question # 66

The face detection service will report an error when there is no face in the test image.


Question # 67

Which of the following are the activation functions of deep learning algorithms?

A. Sigmoid 
B. ReLU 
C. Tanh 
D. Sin 

Question # 68

Tensorflow is the second generation of artificial intelligence learning system developed byGoogle based on ( ).

A. DistBelief 
B. PaleyFunction 
C. ConvexOne 
D. Infinity 

Question # 69

Which of the following descriptions about the Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) is correct?

A. Can be used to process sequence data. 
B. Cannot process variable length sequence data. 
C. Unlike convolutional neural networks. parameters of RNN cannot be shared 
D. The units above the hidden layer are not associated With each other. 

Question # 70

Which of the following are the characteristics of the Python language? {Multiple choice)

A. Explanatory 
B. Process oriented 
C. Object-oriented 
D. Dynamic data type 

Question # 71

Deep learning algorithms can be divided into supervised learning and unsupervisedlearning.

A. True 
B. False 

Question # 72

What does factors that promote the development of artificial intelligence not include?

A. Big data 
B. Computing ability 
C. Algorithm theory 
D. Block chain 

Question # 73

Use with Atlas300 (3000) What conditions need to be checked when the accelerator cardserver compiles and runs the program?

A. carry out Atlas Driver Installation 
B. It has been installed CUDA Software package
C. It has been installed Cmake Compilation tool 
D. Complete environment configuration 

Question # 74

Gyclic neural networks are more suitable for dealing with image recognition problems.

A. True 
B. False