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Frequently Asked Questions

Huawei H12-891_V1.0 Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

If you need to configure routing policies on one router. Which of the following parameters does an administrator use to route when deploying a routing policy?( Multiple select). 

A. Protocol 
B. Application
 C. Size of the packet 
D. Throughput 
E. Identification of a specific terminal system 

Question # 2

Regarding BGP4+, the following statement is correct? 

A. BGP4+ carries the next hop address of the route through the Network Address of Next Hop in the NLRI properties MP_REACH 
B. BGP4+ carries the next hop address of the IPv6 route through the NEXT_HOP attribute 
C. The NEXT_HOP attribute does not exist in BGP4+ 
D. BGP4+ carries the prefix and mask length of the IPv6 route through the NLRI attribute 

Question # 3

A. R3 duplicates the System ID of R1 
B. R3 does not match the IS-Level of R1 
C. R3 and R1 interconnection ports circuit-type do not match the lH authentication of 
D. R3 and R1 

Question # 4

In an IPv6 network, two nodes A and B are neighbors to each other if Node A sends NS messages to Node B if node B is B After receiving the message, reply to the NA message, then view it on node A, what will the neighbor status be marked? (Single Choice Questions). 

A. Reachable 
B. Incomplete 
C. Stale 
D. Probe 

Question # 5

What is wrong with the following statement about digital certificates? 

A. Digital signatures guarantee the integrity of digital certificates. 
B. Digital certificates contain public key information.
 C. Authentication fails when the peer certificate is received within the validity period, but the device itself is in the wrong time if it is not within the validity period of the certificate.
 D. Even if two PRI entities are not in the same CA system, authentication can be completed as long as both parties can recognize each other's CA. 

Question # 6

VrRP priority is not configured as O, devices that issue VRRP priority of 0 stop participating in the VRRP backup group, notifying the backup device to become a laster device as soon as possible without having to wait until the Master_Down_Interval timer times out 

A. True
 B. False 

Question # 7

Router HW enables OSPF and router HW has the role of ABR and is configured with abrsummary, so which class LSA Will it be aggregated?( Multi-select) (confirmed). 

A. 1 ?LSA 
B. 2 ?LSA 
C. 3 ?LSA 
D. 4 ?LSA 
E. 5 ?LSA 

Question # 8

Which levels are common in the OSI reference model and the ICP/IP model? ( Multiple choice question) 

A. Session layer 
B. Data link layer 
C. Transmission layer 
D. Presentation Layer 
E. Physical Layer 
F. Application Layer 

Question # 9

Is the following description of the differences between IGMP name versions correct? 

A. IGMPv1/v2 cannot elect the queryer itself, while IGMPv3 can 
B. IGMPv1 does not support specific group queries, while IGMPv2 does
 C. IGMPv1/2/v3 cannot support the SSM model 
D. For members to leave, IGMPv2/v3 can actively leave, while IGMPvl cannot 

Question # 10

In an MPLS domain, depending on how the LSR handles the data, the LSR can be divided into Ingress LSR, Transit LSR, and Transit LSR Egress LSR? For the same FEC An LSR can be an Iningress LSR for that EC or a Transit for that FEC LSR. 


Question # 11

The following statement about the OSPFv3 message format is correct?( Multiple select).

 A. There is no change in the option field of the Hello message
B. Remove the Authentication, Auth Type fields 
C. Hello messages no longer contain address information, carrying Interface lD 
D. The OSPF version number changed from 2 to 3 

Question # 12

BGP4+ is running between two routers, and the neighbor relationship is normal, but the BGP routing table of the router on this side does not have a neighbor route entry. 

A. The route entry in the peer BGP route table is non-optimal. 
B. The next hop address of the 
C. BGP route entry is unreachable 
D. Peer ignore is configured on the peer 
E. The peer is configured with active-route-advertise 

Question # 13

What type of prefix does a router running BGP advertise to its IBGP neighbor (assuming the router is not configured as a route reflector)? (radio). 

A. Prefixes are learned through other IBGP neighbors, or prefixes are learned from EBGP neighbors, or prefixes are learned through routing introduction 
B. A prefix that exists in the routing table 
C. Prefixes are learned through other BGP neighbors, or prefixes are learned locally through network or routing introduction
 D. Prefixes are learned through EBGP neighbors, or prefixes are learned locally through network or routing introduction 
E. The prefix is learned through an EBGP neighbor, or the prefix is learned from an from RR 

Question # 14

A. When a route is passed, it carries a recognized mandatory attribute such as AS_Path 
B. BGP4+ passes routing information between peers via Update packet C. When routing is passed, the Next_Hop attribute must be an IPv6 global unicast address 
C. If the Update message carries the MP_REACH_NLRI attribute, it means that the advertisement is reachable route 

Question # 15

An existing router running OSPF is connected to zone 0 and zone l. You configured zone l as the Stub domain. What classes does an LSA that operates only inside zone l contain? 

A. 1LSA,2 3LSA 
B. 3LSA 4LSA1 2 
C. 1 ?LSA ? 2 ?LSA 
D. 1 ??LSA,2 ??LSA 5 ??LSA 
E. 7 ?LSA 

Question # 16

NSF (Non-StoppingForwarding) and non-stop circuits are transmitted NSR (Non-Stopping Routing) are two highly reliable solutions, and the following statement is correct 

A. After NSR enablement, if the business batch backup has not yet ended, a master board failure occurs, the NSR cannot be completed 
B. NSR backers require the ability to support NSR through specific message negotiation 
C. After NSF is enabled, the router is switched back, and the routing table and forwarding table remain unchanged, so traffic is not lost during grf time 
D. NSF routers do not need to negotiate the ability to support NSF through specific messages 

Question # 17

Which of the following descriptions of MPLS header TTL are correct? 

A. Copy IPTIL value is handled in such a way that the LSR of the MPLS domain is hidden, which plays a certain security role 
B. Can prevent wireless circular forwarding of messages 
C. MPLS has two ways of handling TTL, one is that the IP packet copies the PTTL of the MPLS header hen it enters the MPLS network Value; Another is to set the TTL of the MPLS header to 255 at the entrance LER
 D. When copying TTL is disabled, tracert can see the LSR of the passing MPLS domain 

Question # 18

Based on the configuration shown in the figure below, it can be known that R4 has () interfaces advertised into IS-IS?

A. 2 
B. 3 
C. 1 
D. 0 

Question # 19

A medium-sized campus network manages the network through the SNMP protocol, and the campus is highly network-safe, so which version of SNMP is recommended for management? 

C. All versions are available to implement

Question # 20

A. A. 30M 
B. 15M 
C. 90M 
D. 25M 

Question # 21

The router connects two EBGP neighbors through two parallel Serial cables, what do you do to achieve bidirectional negative sharing between two EBGP neighbors connected by these two parallel Serial cables? ( Single choice questions). 

A. Without any method, BGP automatically implements load sharing of traffic across different autonomous systems on the available links 
B. Use the Loopback interface to establish an EBGP neighbor relationship, configure EBGP Muti-hop, configure the Loopback interface as the update source, and then use IGP to implement Equivalent path load sharing between Loopback addresses 
C. Configure the EBGP neighbor relationship with the Loopback interface as the update source, and the IGP in each AS needs to introduce two equivalent paths to the loopback address of the EBGP neighbor; And you need to use the command "next-hop?local" 
D. Use the command "ebgp-load-balance" at both ends 
E. To configure an EBGP neighbor relationship with the Loopback interface as the update source, the IGP in each AS needs to introduce two equivalent paths to the EBGP neighbor loopback address ; And the commands "ebgp maxhop" and "next-hop-local" are used 

Question # 22

When the load is an ICMPv6 message, what is the numeric value of the Next Header field in the IPv6 header if the presence of an extended header is not taken into account? 

A. 58 
B. 78 
C. 55 
D. 68 

Question # 23

There can be multiple nodes under a route -policy, different node numbers are identified by nodes, and each node can have multiple if-match and apply clauses, which of the following descriptions are wrong ? 

A. The relationship between the if-match clauses under each node is "and" 
B. The relationship between different nodes is an "and" relationship 
C. There is an "or" relationship between different nodes 
D. The relationship between the if-match clauses under each node is "or" 

Question # 24

When you deploy BGP/MPLSIPVPN, when two VPNs have a common site, the common site must not use overlapping address spaces with the other sites of the two VPNs. 

B. FALSE ?:B 499The series description for configuring static lSPs in MPLS networks is correct? 
C. When an LSR is Ingress LSR, only configure Out Label, which ranges from 16-1048575 
D. When an LSR is a Transit LSR, you need to configure both In Label and Out label, both in the range of 16-1023 
E. When an LSR is TransitLSR, you need to configure both ln Label and Out Label, both of which are 161023 The Out Label ranges from 16 to 1048575 
F. When an LSR is An Egyptian LSR, only in Label needs to be configured, ranging from 16-1023 

Question # 25

Regular expressions can be used for Community-filter and AS-path-filter definition attribute types for route filtering. 

A. True 
B. False 

Question # 26

Which IPV6 address would you ping to confirm that OSPFv3 is capable of pastoring unicast messages over the link? 

A. Site local Multicast 
B. Anycast Address 
C. Global Address of the link 
D. Unique Local Add 
E. Link Local Address 

Question # 27

In Huawei devices, when SIS introduces external routes and sets external route tags for route information, the Metric type of ISIS does not need to be modified and remains default. 

A. True 
B. False 

Question # 28

As shown in the figure, an engineer uses four routers to test the interoperability of branch networks, where R1, R2, and R3 in branch 1 deploy OSPF Network interoperability is implemented, and R, R3, R4 in Branch 2 is deployed is-IS to achieve network interoperability. Now that the engineer wants to implement R1 access to R4's loopback address, which of the following actions will meet this requirement?

A. No configuration is required 
B. Publish default routes only in the OSPF process for R2 
C. In the OSPF process of R2 and the IS-IS process, the default routes are published separately 
D. Publish the default route only in the IS-IS process of R2

Question # 29

If you want to advertise 19072270/27 to an EBGP neighbor, is the following command correct? 

A. network 19072270 mask 255255255224 
B. network 1907227000031 
C. network 19072270255255255224 
D. network 19072270 
E. network 19072270255255255240 

Question # 30

If an administrator wants to manage certain routes on the router during operations, the following tools are listed below. These routes can be flagged so that administrators can configure policies 

A. If the BGP protocol is running, the route is marked with the community attribute 
B. Use ACLs to tag routes on the router. 
C. Use the Tag value to mark the route on the router. 
D. Use ipprefix to tag routes on the router. 

Question # 31

Users within a typical VPN can only communicate with each other, not with Internet users, and with Internet. But VPN individual sites may have access to internet's needs. The correct description of the implementation of VPN interconnection with internet is ?( Multiple choice questions). 

A. is implemented on the user side, and the CE is directly connected to the Internet. Each user site can be connected to the Internet separately, that is, the CE of each site is configured with a default route to the Internet.
 B. Implementing a complex implementation on PE and having security implications, PE devices may be subject to Dos attacks on the Internet. 
C. Implemented on PE, the PE device issues a default route to the CE to the Internet and adds a default route to the VPN instance routing table pointing to the Internet Gateway o 
D. Implemented on the user side, the implementation method is simple, and the public network and private network routes are isolated, safe and reliable. 

Question # 32

The following description of LDP reliability is incorrectly ?( Radio). 

A. LGP GR takes advantage of the high difference between the LS forwarding plane and the control plane to realize that the device forwards without interruption when the protocol is restarted or the master-standby is reversed 
B. Manually configured LDP FRR policies default to 32-bit backup routes that trigger LDP to establish backup LSPs 
C. LLDPFRR also allows LSPs to be generated for tag mappings from non-optimal next hops, and as a live LSP backup, supervising forwarding table entries 
D. LDP and IGP linkage, the need for IGP has been routed to release, to ensure that LDP and LGP path consistent 

Question # 33

Which of the following parameters are not required when configuring BGP Peers? 

A. as-number 
B. password 
C. peer IP Address 
D. Description 

Question # 34

?? ipIp- prefoi p prefierame lndeindeoxrunmber)( pemit demy)ip+4adrssmasklengh gratrequa grater-cqual abel]lescqualesequl ole) for • Pprefofiier? If a pre-list of tooequal has been specified, but the greater-equal has not been specified, then how much of the prefix's range is sufficient?(). Radio neck). 

A. [0, less-equal-value] 
B. [mask-length, less-equal-value] 
C. [less-equal-value,32] 
D. No limit 

Question # 35

What is the field that the IPv6 header has similar to the IPv4 header "Type of Service" field? 

A. Version 
B. Flow Label 
C. Next Header 
D. Traffic Class 

Question # 36

MACsec provides users with secure MAC layer data sending and receiving services. Which of the following is not a service available by ACsec? 

A. User data encryption 
B. Data source authenticity verification 
C. Integrity check 
D. Controllability check 

Question # 37

Router HW1 exists in the carrier HW's network as an MPLSLSR router. The router receives a packet carrying a label, but the label entry does not exist in its LFIB. So how does the router handle that message? 

A. Router HW1 strips off the label and looks for the FIB using the P destination address 
B. Router HW1 uses LDP to create an LSP and creates a new path in LFIB for the label carried in the message 
C. Router HW1 drops the message 
D. Router HW1 will forward the message with the default label

Question # 38

DHCPv6 servers support additional configuration information such as DNS server addresses for hosts.


Question # 39

Which nationality meets the following two conditions: 1] BGP Router A can choose whether the Ulpdate message is based on the nationality. ( ) If Router B receives a Updae message containing a cross-hatch, run-by B does not have an identified solidity, but will also contain a multifaceted] Ulpdate retracts the advertisement to Router C. Router C may recognize and apply this attribute. (Multiple choice questions). 

A. Aggregator 
B. Local_Pref
 C. Multi_Exit_Disc 
D. Community 

Question # 40

A. Insufficient link bandwidth 
B. The IP addresses on both ends are not on the same network segment 
C. The link layer protocols on both ends are inconsistent 
D. Subnet mask does not match the

Question # 41

The following description of MED, correct: 

A. MED default value is 100 
B. MED can only be passed within this AS 
C. MED is an optional non-transitional attribute 
D. MED The default value is 0 

Question # 42

The message types of ISIS mainly include SNP, IIH, and LSP 

A. True 
B. False 

Question # 43

Two routers connected through a firewall cannot establish a BGP neighbor relationship. What causes it? 

A. EBGP Multi-hop is not configured 
B. The firewall did not release IP protocol number 89 
C. Firewalls that do not have an open UDP port number of 179 
D. BGP neighbors must form a Layer 2 adjacency 

Question # 44

Regarding the MPLS handling mode of TTL, the following description is correct? 

A. Pipe mode. When an IP message passes through an MPLS network, the IPTTL minus l at the entry point is mapped to the MPLS TTL field 
B. MPLS tags in the TTL, which mean the same as the TTL domain in the IP header. TTL prevents mpLS networks from creating routing loops 
C. In Unifor mode, when an IP message passes through an MPLS network, the inbound IPTTL is minus 1. The MPLSTTL field is a fixed value
 D. In MMLSVPI, if you need to hide the structure of the MPLS backbone network, you can use the Uniform mode on Ingress for private network messages 

Question # 45

Regarding the description of the security level of the configured firewall security zone, the error is ? 

A. Two security zones are not allowed to configure the same security level in the same system 
B. Once the security level is set, it is not allowed to change 
C. You can only set the security level for a custom security zone 
D. For newly created security zones, the system defaults to a security level of 1 

Question # 46

Traditional BGP-4 can only manage IP4 unicast routing information, and MP-BGP extends BGP-4 to provide support for multiple network layer protocols. Among them, MP-BGP's support feature for IPv6 unicast networks is called BGP4+, BGP4+ via NextHop The route next hop address information is carried by the attribute. 


Question # 47

There are routers as follows, according to which the compromise conclusion is wrong? 

A. R3 must be the DIS of some Level-1 link 
B. The R3 router is a Level-1-2 router 
C. R3 must be the DIS of some Level-2 link 
D. The system ID of the R3 router is 000300000000 

Question # 48

The following is a description of how BFD sessions are established, which is the wrong one 

A. The system distinguishes between static BFD sessions and dynamic BPD sessions by dividing the identifier area Dynamically assign this landmark identifier 
B. BFD sessions can only be established dynamically 
C. Static configuration of BFD session refers to manual configuration of BFD session parameters through the command line, including local identifiers and remote identifiers 

Question # 49

Man-in-the-middle attacks or IP/MAC spoofing attacks can lead to information leakage and other hazards, and are more common in the intranet, in order to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks or IP/MAC spoofing attacks, you can take the configuration method 

A. Enable DHCP snooping to check the chaddr field in a DHCP request message 
B. Configure the trusted/untrusted interface 
C. Configure DHCP snooping on the switch to interbolde with DAI or IPSG 
D. Limit the maximum number of MAC addresses allowed to be learned on the switch interface 

Question # 50

About multi-instance CE (Multi-VPN-Instance CE, MCE). What is the error described below? 

A. Users who connect to the same MCE but are not part of a VPN instance cannot access each other 
B. The MCE vs. PE direction must have multiple physical links to achieve isolation between different VPN instances 
C. MCE-enabled devices can access multiple VPI instances in BGP/RPLS IPVPN applications, reducing user network equipment investment 
D. On the MCE device, you need to create their own routing tables for different VPNs and bind to the corresponding interface 

Question # 51

As shown in the figure, in the context of IPv4 and IPv6, the SEL field in the NET address of isis always takes a value of 00 ?

A. Right 
B. Wrong 

Question # 52

A bookstore provides a wired network for customers to learn online. However, one day, it was found that some users could not access the network, and after inspection, it was found that the IP resources of the DHCP address pool had been exhausted. Which of the following is the best way to solve the problem of the moment? ( Single choice questions). 

A. Configure the static ARP binding table 
B. Configure the IPSG 
C. Limits the maximum number of DHCP Snooping binding table entries that the interface allows to learn 
D. Configuration DAI 

Question # 53

Deploying the ISIS protocol in an IPv6 environment is true in the following statement (radio). 

A. By default, the DIS priority of broadcast network interfaces at Level-1 and Level-2 is 1 B In broadcast networks, the DIS priority for IPV4 and IPV6 can be set separately 
B. In the same broadcast network. If each router supports both IPV4 and Pv6, the DISC of JPV4 and Pv6 must be the same device 
C. IS-IS sient is configured under the finger port, this interface will not send ISIS packets, but will receive ISIS packet 

Question # 54

There are three port roles defined in RSTP, with alternative ports and backup ports flags in STP messages The port role values within the fields are consistent, all of which are 01


Question # 55

Why is BGP an enhanced distance vector routing protocol? 

A. According to the routing rules of BGP routing, the route with lower MED is preferred 
B. BGP uses the ASPATH attribute to record all autonomous system numbers that a route passes through into an AS list, and based on that attribute, routes with shorter AS-PATH are preferred 
C. NEXT_HOP is a recognized mandatory attribute 
D. BGP cannot accept routes that carry a local AS number in the AS_PATH 

Question # 56

A routing tool can define multiple entries. Which tool will automatically add a deni-any entry at the end of the configuration? 

A. Route policy 
B. Community-tilter 
C. IP-prefix 
D. AS-path-filter 

Question # 57

When the BFD detection intervals on both ends are 30ms and 40ms, are the following options described correctly? An 

A. BFD session can be established, which takes 40ms after negotiation A 
B. BFD session can be established, which takes 30ms after negotiation
 C. BFD sessions can be established, each occurring at its own interval l 
D. BFD sessions cannot be established 

Question # 58

What about the description of IGMP Snooping, is it correct? 

A. IGMP Snooping solves the problem of multicast messages broadcasting in layer 3 
B. IGMP Snooping does not consume the CPU of the switch 
C. IGMP Snooping establishes a MAC multicast address table by listening for IGMP packets sent by the host
 D. IGMP Snooping runs at the link layer and is a multicast constraint mechanism on Layer 2 Ethernet switches that manages and controls multicast groups 

Question # 59

The following about BGP routing, what is the wrong description? 

A. Non-aggregate routes take precedence over aggregate routes.
 B. In the case of PrefVal, Local_Preference equality, if the BGP preference of the locally generated route, IBGP route, EBGP route is equal, the valid reference of this generation is preceded by priority. 
C. See the following entry in the BGP routing table: • *172 16 1. 11/32 0 00010 0? Indicates that the route is available non-optimal. 
D. For next_hop unreachable routes are invalid cat by and do not participate in the preference. Flogging case 

Question # 60

Huawei's two switches SWA and SWB are connected together by 7 Ethernet cables, and static link clustering is configured, and the corresponding port on the switch SWA is Ethernet 1/0/1 ?Ethernet1/0/2?Ethernet 1/0/3?Ethernet 1/0/4?Ethernet 1/0/5, Ethernet1/0/6, Ethernet 1/0/7, configured in order of port if the switch SWA, SWB supports only 6 ports per aggregation group 

A. In the case of consistent configuration of each port, Ethernet 1/0/6 port is an aggregate group Unselected port 
B. In the case of consistent configuration of each port, the Ethernet1/0/1 port is an aggregate group Unselected port 
C. With the same configuration of each port, the Ethernet 1/0/7 port is the aggregate group Unselecte port 
D. With the same configuration of each port, SWA randomly selects one of the 7 ports as the aggregate group Unselecte port 

Question # 61

Vxlan is based on UDP encapsulation, which encapsulates Ethernet data frames on top of UDP in IP packets, so it is called MAC in UDP encapsulation 

A. True 
B. False 

Question # 62

When the IPv6 address of a host is configured with a stateless address configuration, and other parameters other than the address are obtained through DHCPv6, how to set the M and 0 bits in the RA message ? 

A. M=10=1 
B. M=10=0 
C. M=1 0=0 
D. M=00=1 

Question # 63

You are now troubleshooting a LAN, and you suspect that the error is due to a mismatch in the work mode. Which switch interface error indicates that the 10/100/100O IEE gigabit interface operating mode does not match?( Multiple choice questions). 

A. Alignment error 
B. FCS error 
C. Super Small Frame 
D. Excess Conflict 
E. Lag conflicts 

Question # 64

The command to adjust the LINK cost value for the IS-IS interface is ?( Radio) 

A. ISIS cost 
B. ISIS timer hello 
C. lSIS circuit type 
D. ISIS circuit level 

Question # 65

Which of the following are used in Ethernet? 

A. A MAC address in a non-canonical format 
B. CSMA/CD in multiplexed interviews 
C. Mac address in canonical format 
D. D. 8025 encapsulated frames 
E. 8023 Encapsulated Frame 

Question # 66

The following statement about VXLAN gateways is incorrect 

A. Layer 2 gateway: Used to solve the problem of tenant access to the VXLAN virtual network, it can also be used for subnet communication of the same VXLAN virtual network. 
B. Layer 3 gateway: Used for cross-subnet communication of VXLAN virtual networks and access to external networks. 
C. VXLAN Layer 3 gateways can be divided into centralized gateways and distributed gateways. 
D. Layer 2 gateway and VPN instance binding. 

Question # 67

What are the wrong statements about OSTPF's Router LSA and Network LSA? 

A. There must be both Router LSA and Network LSA in the OSPF network 
B. Network LSA carries both topology and routing information 
C. A router running OSPF must produce a Network LSA 
D. A router running OSPF must produce a Router LSA 

Question # 68

If a Huawei S series switch needs to designate a member switch as the primary switch of the stack, it can power on this switch first, and then power on other member switches after 20s. 

A. True 
B. False 

Question # 69

Which of the following configurations is the correct OSPFv3 route aggregation configuration:

A. [Huawei]ospfv3 1 [Huawei-ospfv3-1J]area 1 [Huawel-ospfv3-1-area-0001]abr-summary fc00:0-0:48 cost 400 
B. [Huawei] interface gigabitethernet 1/0/0 [Huawei-GigabitEthernet1/0/0]asbr-surmary fcO0-0:0:48 cost 20 
C. [Huawei]ospfv3 1 [Huawei-ospfv3-1]asbr-surmary fcO0-0:0::48 3 cost 20 tag 100 
D. [Huawei]ospfv3 1 [Huawei-ospfv3-1]abr-surmary fcO0:0:0:48 cost 400 
E. (Huaweijospf3 1 Huawei-ospfv3-1Jarea 1 Huawei-ospfv3-1-area-0001]asbr-sumary fcO0:0:0: 48 cost 20 tag 100 

Question # 70

What are the three ways to send IPv4 messages? 

A. broadcast 
B. Unicast 
C. Multicast 
D. Any broadcast 

Question # 71

Router A has an IP route entry with a purposeful CIDR block of 10001/32 and an outgoing interface of GigabitEthernetO/0/1. Now add the following configuration: acd number 2000 rule 10 permit source1001.10#traffic classifier test if-match acl 2000 # traffic behavior test remarkdscp cs3#traffic policy test classifier test behavior test# interfaceGigabitftherneto/0/1 ip address 1001212552552550 traffic-policy test outbound#assuming router A received a destination IP of 10001 Of packets, the following statements are correct: 

A. If the data packet source lIP address is 1001.2, it can be forwarded with the DSCP field marked CS3 
B. If the packet source IP address is 1001.1, it can be forwarded while the DSCP field is marked as CS3 
C. If the packet source IP address is 1001.2, it cannot be forwarded 
D. If the packet source IP address is 1001.2, it can be forwarded while the DSCP field remains unchanged 

Question # 72

Regarding BGP route filtering, the following description is wrong? e. 

A. The filtering relationship between Route-Policy's noodes is "or." ", that is, as long as a node filter is passed, it can pass through the Route-policyo 
B. For routes published locally, configure a routing policy that takes effect before the route is added to the BGP route table. 
C. In the same node of Route-Policy, multiple if-match clauses for different attributes are "or" relationships. 
D. When a route to a BGP peer is received, a routing policy is enforced to filter unwanted BGP routes that are not added to the local BGP routing tabl

Question # 73

Comparisons for primary switch elections in the stack include ? 

A. MAC address 
B. Health status 
C. Stack priority 
D. Stack ID 

Question # 74

The following description of the LDPLSP establishment process is correct? 

A. By default, LSRs are for the same FEC, and the received tag mappings can only come from the optimal next hop, not from the non-optimal next hop. 
B. When a network topology change causes the next hop neighbor to change, the free label keep method is used. LSR can quickly rebuild the LSP by directly using the labels sent by the original non-optimal next-hop neighbor. Liberal needs more memory and tag space. 
C. In the DoD mode of label publishing, for a specific FEC, the LSR does not need to obtain a label request message from upstream to distribute the label. 
D. The process of establishing a D. LSP is actually to bind the FEC to the tag and advertise this binding to the LSP upstream LSR process. 

Question # 75

If you have a Huawei switch running the STP protocol, and now connect the GO/O/17 interface and the GO/O/18 interface of the switch through a cable, then the scenario described below is correct ?( Single choice questions). 

A. Both the G0/0/17 interface and the GO/0/18 interface enter the Forwarding state 
B. Both the Go/0/17 interface and the G0/0/18 interface enter the Disccarding state 
C. The Go/0/17 interface enters the Blocking state 
D. The GO/0/18 interface will continuously change back and forth between the Listening state and the Learning state 
E. GO/0/18 interface will enter the Disking state 

Question # 76

In an HWIP multicast network, where multiple sources exist and each source has several receivers, which protocol allows source-to-RP traffic and RP-to-receiver traffic to share the same tree 2? 

D. 56768GZliuji 

Question # 77

The existing router HWl running BGP is configured with both IBGP neighbors and EBGP tenants. The following descriptions about IBGP Neighbors and EBGP Neighbors are correct? 

A. The router will have an EBGP BGP neighbor from it must be connected directly otherwise, IBGP-Multi-hop must be configured 
B. The router sends BGP updates learned from its EBGP neighbors to its other IBGP neighbors and EBGP neighbors 
C. IBGP neighbors can establish neighbor relationships through the Loopback interface 
D. The router sends BGP updates learned from its IBGP neighbors to its other IBGP neighbors and EPGP neighbors 
E. EBGP neighbors must be directly connected, otherwise, EBGP-Multi-hop must be configured with 

Question # 78

A. root protection 
B. Anti-TC-BPDU attack 
C. BPD protection 
D. Loop protection 

Question # 79

The Option field in OSPFv3 appears in all LSAs 

A. True 
B. False 

Question # 80

B. 10 
C. 20 
D. 1 

Question # 81

You expect to deploy multicast video applications on your private, on-premises network. To achieve this, you need to have a private multicast IP address in your network . So which range of IP addresses can be used?( Single choice questions). 

A. 239000-239255255255 
B. 241.000-241.255255255 
C. 224000-224255255255 
D. 240000-254255255255 
E. 226000-226255255255

Question # 82

Regarding the description of the permanent multicast address, the error is ? 

A. All routers running the PIM protocol listen on 22400100 
B. All routers listen on 224002 
C. All hosts and routers in the network segment listen on 224001 
D. All routers running the OSPF protocol listen to 224005 

Question # 83

The multicast protocol that can generate multicast distribution trees is ? 

A. IGMPv2 

Question # 84

When there are multiple redundant links in an IS-IS network, multiple equivalent routes may occur. Regarding equivalent routing within an IS-IS network, which of the following descriptions is wrong? 

A. When the number of equivalent routes present in the networking is greater than the number configured by the command, and these routes have the same priority, the next hop device System IlD large routes are preferred for load sharing 
B. After you configure the equivalent routing priority, when the IS-S device forwards traffic to the destination segment, it will not use load sharing, but forward the traffic to the next hop with the highest priority
C. For each of the equivalent routes, you can assign a priority, with the highest priority routes preferred and the rest as backup routes 
D. If load sharing is configured, traffic is evenly distributed across each link 

Question # 85

The following description is correct regarding route control 

A. IBGP routes can be introduced using the impot-route BGP command
 B. AS-path-fiter is for AS-path, which affects the routing of paths. 
C. OSPF, ISIS, and BGP can issue default routes. 
D. In Node 10, if-match community-fiter1 and f-match as-pah-fiter1 are "and the relationship 

Question # 86

Which of the following does the digital certificate not contain? 

A. Digital envelopes 
B. Issued by 
C. Digital signature 
D. Public key information 

Question # 87

WRED is configured on the newly deployed router HW The following description of the WRED feature is correct as ?( Multiple select). 

A. WRED can set different drop thresholds and packet loss rates for packets of different priority 
B. When traffic exceeds the minimum threshold, WRED starts dropping all ingress traffic (tail drops).
 C. Avoid global synchronization by selectively dropping multiple TCP streams Lowbandwidth traffic is easier to drop than high-bandwidth traffic 

Question # 88

In a multicast network running PIM-SM mode, how does the router choose the upstream interface?

 A. looks up the outgoing interface corresponding to the RP address in the unicast routing table 
B. Interfaces to which multicast group members are directly connected 
C. Find the outbound interface corresponding to the mapping proxy in the unicast routing table 
D. The interface that is fast to the PIlM Join message 
E. Interface for sending PIM Heilo messages. 

Question # 89

A router receives a BGP route with the community attribute NO-Export , how will the router handle the BGP route? 

A. Drop the route directly. 
B. No more advertising to other BGP routers. 
C. Advertise only to IBGP neighbors. 
D. The route is advertised normally, but the route is not used to forward data. 

Question # 90

What messages does an NMS (Network Management Station) running SNMPv1 send to the agent? 

A. Trap,Get ? Set 
B. Get,Set ? Getnext 
C. Get,Set,Getnext ? GetBulk 
D. Get,Set ? GetBulk 
E. Get Trap

Question # 91

In a multicast network, what causes multicast traffic to not forward properly? 

A. The router does not have an RPF route
 B. PIM is not enabled on the RPF interface 
C. The upstream router will receive the PIM Join message dropped 
D. Multi-router egress network, this router is not DR 

Question # 92

In an MPLS BGPVPN networking that does not enable MPLS penultimate hop pop-up technology. When the message reaches the last hop PE, the message has two layers of labels, and the two layers of label values can be the same. 


Question # 93

Regarding the site in the BGP/MPLSIP VPN network architecture, the following description is correct? 

A. Under no circumstances can different sites that belong to the same VPN use overlapping address spaces 
B. Two geographically separated networks must belong to different sites 
C. Terminals connected to the carrier network through the same CE may belong to different sites 
D. A site is a set of IP systems, and a network of hosts cannot be called site 

Question # 94

A. 50 
B. 150 
C. 200 
D. 100 

Question # 95

Regarding the OSPFv3 protocol, the following description is incorrect? 

A. In the case of sharing a single router, each OSPFV3 process runs independently
B. In the same OSPFv3 process under the same interface, you can run multiple instances of 
C. You can support running multiple instances on a single link 
D. OSPFv3 message header will contain the Instance ID field 

Question # 96

What are the reasons why the BGP connection is down after it is successfully established ? ( Single choice questions) Single choice 

A. The wrong BGP packet was received. 
B. The mandatory attribute in the route update packet is missing. 
C. Open message negotiation failed. 
D. After the BGP connection is established, the keepalive message is not received within the negotiated holdtime time. 

Question # 97

When deploying BGP/MPLS IPVPN, OSPF's VPN route tag is not present The extended properties of MP-BGP are passed only locally, only locally, and only meaningful on routers that receive MP-BGP routes and generate OSPF LSAs. 


Question # 98

What mechanisms or techniques can VRRP combine with to monitor uplink connectivity? 

A. IP-link 
D. Interface trace 

Question # 99

In the evolution from IPv4 networks to IPv6, some transition technologies have emerged, which of the following are common types of transition technologies? 

A. Dual-stack technology 
B. Tunneling Technology 
C. Compatible with Technology 
D. Conversion Technology 

Question # 100

IS-IS is a link-state routing protocol that uses the SPF algorithm for route calculations. As shown in the figure, at the same time, a certain area has IPV4 and IPV6 and runs IS-IS to achieve network interconnection, of which R2 only supports IPV4 Regarding the topology calculation of the network, which of the following statements is correct?

A. By default, IPv6 is not supported because R2 Therefore, in the shortest path tree formed by the JPv6 network computation, the path where R1 accesses R4 is: R1-R3-R4 
B. If you want the IPv4 and IPv6 networks to compute the same shortest path tree. The IPv6-enable topology lpv6 command is required to enable the Russian force of IPv6 under the IS-IS process 
C. By default, in the shortest path tree formed by the IPv6 network calculation, R1 accesses R4 as R1-R2-R4, since R2 does not support IPv6 Therefore, R2 will directly drop the IPv6 packet after receiving it, and select the traffic loss 
D. By default, IPv4 and IIPV6 networks are computed separately to form different shortest path trees 

Question # 101

The fields that represent priority in the VLAN (8021Q) data encapsulation are a total of 6 bits. 

A. True 
B. False 

Question # 102

To build a loopless Layer 2 network, which of the following schemes is optimal?( Single Choice)

 A. Stacking + Link Aggregation 
C. ??+MSTP 
D. Link Collection + MSTP 

Question # 103

Which of the following is incorrect about HTTPS?( Multiple Choice)

 A. HTTPS secures access to data by using SSLVPN. 
B. If the HTTPS traffic contains a virus, the router cannot detect the virus directly using IPS technology
C. When using HTTPS to access a website, the website cannot be accessed if the user's browser does not recognize the website's digital certificate. 
D. HTTPS protocol uses TCP port 443 by default 

Question # 104

What are the problems with manually creating static VXLAN tunnels in campus networks? Multi-select

 A. Although the static VXLAN tunnel mode can support distributed gateway application scenarios, the configuration workload is large and the configuration adjustment is complex 
B. N devices to establish static VXLAN tunnels, you need to manually configure up to N(N1)/2 tunnels, the amount of configuration is large 
C. VTEP can only learn remote MAC addresses in a way that relies on data flooding 
D. Static VLAN tunnel also uses related protocols on the control plane, which will cause equipment resource loss 

Question # 105

There is an existing switch running the RSTP protocol. If the network topology changes, what happens to the Layer 2 forwarding table that is automatically learned by the switch? 

A. All table entries are dropped 
B. Except for the table entry related to the edge port that is not deleted, all other table entries are deleted 
C. Only table entries related to the port that received the TC message are dropped 
D. If the aging time is set to 15 seconds, entries that exceed the aging time are deleted 
E. Table entries are dropped except for table entries related to edge ports and table entries related to ports that receive TC messages 

Question # 106

0SPFV2 is running on the IPV4 network IGP: OSPF3 is running in the IPV6 network, OSPF35 OSPFV2 has the same message type. Includes hello messages, DOD messages, LSR messages, LAU messages, and SAX messages about OSPP The following statement is correct? 

A. The hello packet of OSPFv3 carries the IPV6 address prefix of the router interface 
B. OSPFv3 uses the authentication field of the packet header to complete the packet authentication 
C. OSPFv3 uses the link-local address as the source address for sending packets, which can be forwarded outside the range of the originating link 
D. OSPFv3 sends OSPFv3 packet using the IPV6 multicast addresses FF02::5 and FF02 

Question # 107

The following statement about the IS-IS protocol is incorrect? 

A. The IS-IS protocol is a link-state protocol that runs between AS 
B. The IS-IS protocol supports CLNP networks 
C. Messages for the IS-IS protocol are encapsulated directly by the data link layer 
D. The IS-IS protocol supports IP network ad 

Question # 108

Mainstream Layer 2 technologies such as VXLAN, TRILL, NVGRE and MPLS 

A. True 
B. False 

Question # 109

Which of the following scenarios does not require RPF checking?( Single choice questions). 

A. When a router in PIM SM receives multicast traffic when a shared tree is established to an RP in PIM SM
B. When a pruning message is received in PIM SM 
C. When the RP in PIM SM establishes the source tree to the multicast source 

Question # 110

The following statement about the concept of multicast is wrong? 

A. Multicast Source: The sender of the message needs to join the multicast group to provide forwarding of multicast group messages 
B. Multicast router: A router or layer-three switch that supports layer-3 multicast functionality 
C. Multicast Group Members: Multicast group members can be widely distributed anywhere in the network 
D. Multicast Groups: A collection identified by ip multicast addresses 

Question # 111

As shown in the following topology, EBGP is running between AS100, AS200, AS300, AS400, and the neighbor relationship is established S400 When you receive a BGP route from ASI00 for a network segment, is the path order recorded in the ASPath properties correct? 

A. 10,200,3 
B. 400,300,200,100 
C. 100, 200,300, 400 
D. 300, 200,100 

Question # 112

QinQ technology is a technology that extends the VLAN space by adding a layer of 8021Q tag messages to the extended VLAN. The function of space, the following statement about QInQ is mispronounced? 

A. basic QinQ is implemented based on the interface orientation 
B. QinQ increases the number of VLANs to 4095*4095 
C. Flexible QinQ can be based on different inner layerS Tag and different outer layers of Tag, for user VL The division of AN is more granular 
D. QinQ technology enables private VLANs to pass through the public Network 

Question # 113

The following description of 8021S deployment characteristics is correct?( Multiple choice question)

 A. All VLANs share a spanning tree instance 
B. Multiple bridges share a spanning tree instance
 C. Each VLAN has one spanning tree instance 
D. Multiple VLANs share a spanning tree instance 

Question # 114

A campus deployed both IPv4 and IPv6 networks for service testing, and ran IS-S to interconnect the networks. (The S-S routing protocol has good scalability and is widely used in the live network.) Regarding IS-IS extensibility, which of the following statements is true?

A. In order to support IPv6, IS-IS needs to add TLV to carry IPv6 address information 
B. IS-IS uses the TLV structure to build messages, making lS-IS more flexible and extensible 
C. NLPID is a new type of TLV added by IS-IS to support IPv6 
D. For IS-IS, adding new features simply adds a new TLV to

Question # 115

The correct statement about the VRRP protocol version is ? 

A. VRRPv2 is only available for IPv4 
B. VRRPv3 does not support authentication 
C. VRRPv2 supports authentication 
D. VRRPv3 is only available for IPv6 

Question # 116

As shown in the topology diagram, all interfaces of the router in the figure are enabled with the ISIS protocol, and the following statement is correct.

A. If the RI's Ethernet0/0/0 interface goes down, R2 becomes the master device 
B. If the Ri's Ethernet0/0/1 interface goes down, R2 becomes the master device 
C. If R3's G E0/0/0 interface goes down, R2 becomes the master device 
D. If R3's Ethernet0/0/0 interface goes down, then R2 becomes the master device 

Question # 117

The following statement about RSTP root protection is correct? 

A. Turning on root protection on the root port takes effect 
B. The port that turns on the root protection receives the RST BDPU with a higher priority and will enter the error-down state 
C. It is recommended that you turn it on on a switch that is at the edge of the network 
D. After opening the root-protected port and receiving the RSTBPDU with a higher priority, if it does not continue to receive the RSTBPDU with a higher priority for a period of time, it will return to the normal forwarding state 

Question # 118

In which of the following cases, RSTP refreshes the MAC address table?( Multi-select) 

A. When the port state transitions from Forwarding to Disking 
B. Only when the port state transitions from Listening to Disccarding 
C. When a topology change notification is received 
D. When the status of a port changes 
E. CE when the port state transitions from Disking to Forwarding 

Question # 119

The authentication types of ISIS include interface authentication, zone authentication, and routed domain authentication 

A. True 
B. False 

Question # 120

For a non-directly connected EBGP neighbor to establish properly, what configurations must be included as follows? 

A. peer ebgp-max-hop 
B. peer ignore 
C. peer as-number 
D. peer connect-interface 

Question # 121

Dual-bucket, two-speed is used in traffic governance, where the number of tokens in a C bucket is TC and the number of tokens in a P bucket is TP. When a message of length B enters, which of the following sentences is correctly described? (Multiple choice questions). 

A. If TP-B~O and TC-B < 0, the message is marked green 
B. If TP-B<0 and TC-B-0, the message is marked in red 
C. If TP-B>0 and TC-B < 0, the message is marked yellow 
D. If TP-B >O and TC-B > 0, the message is marked as a green 

Question # 122

What are the benefits of using WRED?( Multi-select) 

A. Provides some low latency 
B. Avoid TCP global synchronization 
C. Avoid congestion completely
D. Provides a small bandwidth guarantee 
E. Can avoid UDP occupying most of the bandwidth when congested