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Huawei H12-322 Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

The following APs for indoor placement scenarios have (AB), APs with indoor distributionscenarios have (C), and APs with outdoor coverage/bridge backhaul scenarios have?

A. AP 6010DN
B. AP 7110DN
C. AP 6310SN
D. AP 6510DN

Question # 2

Xiao Zhang is the network administrator of a hotel. One day he found that the hotel'svisitors could not access the network normally. After checking, the visitor's equipment waswrong.Incorrect IP address, in order to prevent this kind of attack, which of the followingtechnologies should be used in the network?

A. DHCP Snooping
B. Dynamic ARP Detection (DAI)
C. IP Source Protection (IPSG)
D. MAC certification

Question # 3

Which of the following is the highest security strength of the encryption algorithm?


Question # 4

What is the optional AP model for WLAN deployment?

A. AP5010SN
B. AP6010SN
C. AP6310SN
D. AP6510DN

Question # 5

In the coverage area, only the area where the field strength is required is selected (B), andthe area with the specified number of bandwidth requirements is selected (A), and there isno concern whether there is a signal. Area selection?

A. Key coverage areas
B. Ordinary coverage area
C. Blind area

Question # 6

On the Huawei chassis switch S12708, the ACU2 board has a larger AP capacity than theX1E board.

A. True
B. False

Question # 7

The device selected for a WLAN project is AC6605. Which of the following networkingscenarios is applicable to this independent AC solution?

A. WLAN overlay networking
B. Independent management of wired and wireless services
C. Wired and wireless traffic convergence and forwarding
D. Unified management of wired and wireless users

Question # 8

In the WLAN Tester 2.0 heat map, the tip box displays the following information. Accordingto the information in the figure, the following statement is correct?

A. Tip shows the signal information around the point
B. Tip box must be placed on the heat map for 3S and above to display
C. The SINR and PHY Data Rate that are not displayed in the Tip box are 0.
D. Tip box only shows the SINR and PHY Data Rate of the maximum field strength value.

Question # 9

The following options are incorrect about the WLAN forwarding mode description?

A. The WLAN forwarding model includes two modes: local forwarding mode andcentralized forwarding mode.
B. The data forwarding mode of the datagram is also called the tunnel forwarding mode.The service data packets are uniformly encapsulated by the AP and then forwarded to theAC.Line-to-AP management, also acting as a forwarding hub for AP traffic
C. The datagram is forwarded in text, that is, the AP management flow is encapsulated inthe CAPWAP tunnel and reaches the AC termination; the AP service flow is notencapsulated by the CAPWAP.Directly sent by the AP to the switching device for direct forwarding
D. The data packet is forwarded in a centralized manner, that is, the AP management flowis encapsulated in the CAPWAP tunnel and the AC is terminated. The AP service flow isnot encapsulated by the CAPWAP.Directly sent by the AP to the switching device for direct forwarding

Question # 10

In a project, the two stations are 3km apart, but there is a tall building 18m high in themiddle of the two points. There are no higher obstacles in other locations, and 5G return isused.When is the installation height of the equipment at the two sites required at least how manymeters?

A. 20
B. 25
C. 30
D. 35

Question # 11

Which of the following technologies can be used in a WLAN high-density deploymentscenario?

A. Turn on 2.4G and 5G dual frequency
B. Increase AP transmit power
C. Turn on pure N mode
D. Turn on the signal threshold access
E. Using room divider antenna

Question # 12

A park needs to achieve full coverage of WLAN. The length and width of the park is100m×100m. There are clamps that can be installed in the middle. The capacityrequirements are lower. Which of the following?Which antenna is best for the above scenario?

A. H20_7dBi_V20
B. H360_3dBi_V22
C. H15_18dBi_V15
D. H360_11dBi_V9

Question # 13

Which of the following networking methods are recommended for outdoor WDS planning?

A. Root against four leaves
B. One-hop relay between root and leaf
C. Two-hop relay between root and leaf
D. Roots against eight leaves

Question # 14

On the AC dual-link cold standby network, when the priorities of the active and standbyACs are the same, the AP first compares the conditions to select the primary AC.

A. Compare the AP load on the AC, and prefer the AC with a small load as the primary AC.
B. Compare the source IP size of the AC, and prefer the AC with a small IP as the primaryAC.
C. Compare the traffic on the AC and select the AC with a small flow rate as the primaryAC.
D. Compare the STA load on the AC, and prefer the AC with a small load as the primaryAC.

Question # 15

Which AP is shown in the figure below?

A. AP2010DN indoor panel AP
B. AP6010DN indoor placement AP
C. AP6310DN indoor distributed AP
D. AP6510DN outdoor AP

Question # 16

In a school dormitory scenario, WLAN needs to be deployed. The customer proposes tomaximize the bandwidth. Which of the following methods can best meet the needs ofcustomers?

A. AP6310SN power division scheme
B. AP6310SN coupled solution
C. AP9330DN room division program
D. AD9430DN agile distributed solution

Question # 17

Which of the following is the best security method?

A. WEP certification
B. WPA2-PSK certification
C. WPA2-EAP certification
D. MAC certification

Question # 18

In which of the following cases must the DHCP relay function be enabled?

A. When the DHCP server and the terminal are not in the same VLAN
B. When the DHCP server is to be secured
C. When the terminal is using dot1x authentication
D. When the terminal is a guest's web portal authentication

Question # 19

Monitor AP planning and design that needs to consider enhanced security in the WLANnetwork rules of the financial industry

A. True
B. False

Question # 20

A WLAN engineer uses the WLAN Tester 2.0 tool for surveying. In order to quicklyunderstand the coverage of the live signal, the following operations are correct.

A. When viewing the survey, directly view the Wi-Fi signal scan box.
B. Reduce the current drawing scale
C. Before the survey, first add the AP group to speed up the simulation.
D. Modify the global configuration parameters to simulate the data processing granularity tothe maximum value, speed up the simulation speed

Question # 21

The following is true about deploying the AP6310SN in the warehouse coverage (the AP isplaced at one end of the warehouse, and the antenna feeders are not equal in length).

A. Recommended coupling
B. The last hop is generally connected to the 5dB coupler.
C. Need to ensure that the output power of each antenna is almost the same
D. Can provide dual frequency coverage

Question # 22

What is the correct WLAN network planning process?

A. Demand Collection -> Pre-sales Net Gauge -> Customer Exchange Quotation ->Detailed Survey -> After-sales Net Gauge
B. Demand Collection -> Pre-sales network rules -> Detailed engineering survey -> Aftersalesnetwork rules
C. Demand Collection -> Customer Exchange Quote -> Detailed Survey -> After-sales NetGauge
D. Demand collection -> Pre-sales network rules -> Customer exchange quotes

Question # 23

In the WDS and Mesh networks, in order to avoid interference of other signals on the backbone link, the 2.4 GHz band is generally used as the frequency band of the networkbackhaul.

A. True
B. False

Question # 24

Which of the following is the function of the WLAN Survey Pad?

A. AP photo and antenna pre-installation location photo
B. Wi-Fi interference source search and annotation information function
C. Obstacle attenuation test and report generation
D. RF signal collection and mapping of obstacles and obstacles
E. Addition of switches and drawing of room components
F. Scale setting and floor property settings

Question # 25

What is the default priority of VRRP?

A. 1
B. 0
C. 100
D. 255

Question # 26

If you use a layered network design method in enterprise network design, what are thethree levels of network?

A. Access layer
B. Convergence layer
C. Transport layer
D. Core layer

Question # 27

The following description of the steps for Layer 2 roaming is wrong?

A. The STA listens to each channel beacon and finds that AP2 satisfies the roamingcondition and sends a probe request to AP2.
B. AP2 responds by sending a response on channel 6 after receiving the request inchannel 6 (the channel used by AP2)
C. The STA sends the 802.11 disassociation information to the AP1 through the channel 6(the channel used by the AP2), and the association between the user and the AP1 isreleased.
D. The STA sends an association request to AP2 through channel 6, and AP2 respondswith the association response to establish an association between the user and AP2.

Question # 28

The following is the correct statement about the requirements for confirming the on-siteenvironmental information during the WLAN site survey process?

A. Confirm whether the site is completely consistent with the architectural drawings, andhighlight the inconsistent areas, try to take photo records, and mark them in the drawings.Room number on site
B. Take photos of the scene as thoroughly as possible in the room, especially theinstallation location of the equipment, the overall coverage area, the internal buildingstructure, and new obstacles.Focus on the outdoor coverage, only need to focus on the obstacles between the AP andthe coverage area.
C. In the indoor survey, the obstacle type is distinguished from the drawings, and the actualposition and material of each type of obstacle are marked. Different obstacles are useddifferently.Color marking and testing its 2.4G and 5G attenuation values
D. During indoor survey, pay attention to other obstacles that are not drawn but affect thecovering effect, such as load-bearing columns and artificially added partitions duringdecoration.Large objects such as broken and suspended ceilings
E. Outdoors need to pay attention to the height and shielding range of obstacles on thesite. For irregular obstacles (such as trees), try to take photo records.

Question # 29

The following figure is a typical WLAN networking diagram. Which of the following is correctabout this figure?

A. In the network diagram, the AP uses the tunnel forwarding mode. In the tunnelforwarding mode, the wireless user service data is also encapsulated in the CAPWAPtunnel.The intermediate port is forwarded between the AP and the AC. The port number of thetunnel is UDP 5246.
B. There are two types of tunnels for tunnel forwarding: control tunnels and service tunnels.Signal packets are controlled by tunnels and data packets are taken from service tunnels.
C. The management data of the AP in the tunnel forwarding mode must be encapsulated inthe tunnel of the CAPWAP protocol, and the data traffic of the AP can be encapsulated inIn a CAPWAP tunnel, it may not be encapsulated in a CAPWAP tunnel.
D. The advantage of tunnel forwarding is that the data flow and the management flow allpass through the AC, which makes it easier to implement security control policies forwireless users.

Question # 30

400mW = () dBm?

A. 20dBm
B. 23dBm
C. 25dBm
D. 26dBm

Question # 31

The WLAN high-density venue business can achieve 100% concurrent users under a goodexperience.

A. True
B. False

Question # 32

What is wrong about the Fresnel region?

A. The Fresnel zone of the radio beam is an ellipsoidal region that surrounds the visibleline of sight directly.
B. The antenna installation position should ensure that the two nodes of the link are visible,and try to ensure that there is no obstruction in the Fresnel zone.
C. Two nodes of the site link are visible, and the Fresnel zone boundary is blocked, whichwill not affect the link transmission effect.
D. The distance between the stations is 2 kilometers, and the radius of the Fresnel area isabout 6 meters.

Question # 33

Under the following conditions, if you want to deploy WLAN without interrupting service,please choose () controller as the best strategy:Enterprise wireless terminals are 500, with notebooks, smart phones, wireless cameras,etc.; enterprise switching network access layer is 3700 series switchingThe core layer is the 5700 series switch. The company's export is the NE20 router.Enterprises need to implement user grouping and QOS policies.

A. Use the AR3260 to hang as AC
B. Use AC6605 to connect directly to AC
C. Use AC6605 to hang as AC
D. Use the ACU2+77 switch to do AC

Question # 34

In the wireless high-density access scenario, what are the main technical points used?

A. Using room divider antenna
B. Automatic packet-by-packet power control
C. Low speed users limit access
D. 5G frequency band priority access
E. Maximize AP transmit power

Question # 35

Which of the following is the highest security strength of the encryption algorithm?


Question # 36

Which of the following is the correct description of the steps for working with the WLANTester 2.0 tool?

A. New Project -> Import Drawing -> Set Scale -> Load NIC -> Start -> Dot -> End
B. New Project -> Import Drawing -> Load NIC -> Set Scale -> Start -> Dot -> End
C. New Project -> Import Drawing -> Set Scale -> Start -> Dot -> End
D. New Project -> Set Scale -> Import Drawing -> Load NIC -> Start -> End

Question # 37

The following is a preliminary description of the preliminary planning before the survey?

A. For indoor coverage scenarios, preliminary planning of the number and location of APscan be based on customer needs and drawings.
B. When planning the initial planning, pay attention to the unclear part of the information,mark it, and pay attention to the site survey.
C. Preliminary planning of the outdoor bridge, you can use Google Earth to mark thelocation and bridge path to initially evaluate the feasibility.
D. Preliminary planning of outdoor bridges, focusing on the distance between stations,altitude occlusion, etc.

Question # 38

Which of the following options are the principles for engineers to deploy APs?

A. Minimize the number of signals passing through obstacles
B. Ensure that the AP is facing the target area
C. Try to install in a shelter
D. AP is placed away from interference sources

Question # 39

Signal field strength calculation formula: (do not consider interference, line loss and otherfactors)?

A. Final signal field strength = antenna gain - transmission distance attenuation value -obstacle signal attenuation
B. Final signal field strength = AP transmit power + antenna gain - transmission distanceattenuation value - obstacle signal attenuation
C. Final signal field strength = AP transmit power - Transmission distance attenuation value- Obstacle signal attenuation
D. Final signal field strength = AP transmit power + antenna gain + transmission distanceattenuation value - obstacle signal attenuation

Question # 40

Regarding the installation and deployment of the room AP, what is wrong with the followingstatement?

A. The remote access unit of the AD9430DN can be panel mounted
B. The room divider antenna needs to be separated from the operator's antenna
C. AP installation location should pay attention to normal heat dissipation, no dripping, raturine, etc.
D. Since multiple remote access units of the AD9430DN work on the same channel, thissolution can effectively improve the terminal roaming effect.

Question # 41

During the WLAN survey, the engineer needs to determine the coverage target requestedby the customer. The coverage currently includes: the main coverage target and thesecondary coverage target.And special targets, the field strength within the main coverage target needs to reachbetween -65dBm ~ -85dBm.

A. True
B. False

Question # 42

What is the correct statement about the site survey of the indoor coverage scene coveragearea?

A. Identify the bandwidth requirements for each area, bandwidth requirements = total users× bandwidth per user bandwidth
B. Identify coverage field strength and edge field strength requirements for each area
C. Identify the type of access terminal and the frequency band used in the area
D. Focus on the area information to be covered during the survey, other areas can beignored

Question # 43

In the ACU2 solution of an independent AC board of a WLAN campus network project, theswitch where the board is located and the ACU2 board are logically two independentnetworks.Yuan, that is, an independent management device.

A. True
B. False

Question # 44

The indoor panel AP layout design must be configured with 86 boxes for installation.

A. True
B. Falses

Question # 45

Which of the following are the items that need to be concerned about surveying indoorcoverage scenarios?

A. Bandwidth requirements of the coverage area
B. The transmission path of the bridge link has no occlusion
C. Location of weak electricity room
D. Whether to add a relay between the leaf site and the aggregation site

Question # 46

Which of the following addresses can be used as an internet address?


Question # 47

In the WLAN coverage, the accuracy of wireless positioning is closely related to AP signalcoverage.

A. True
B. False

Question # 48

Regarding WLAN mobility capabilities, the following statement is wrong?

A. When forwarding across a Layer 3 IP network, it is recommended to use centralizedforwarding mode.
B. Only the centralized forwarding mode can be used to support roaming between differentVLANs under the same aggregation gateway.
C. AC6005 does not support fast roaming with key caching
D. Roaming in the same VLAN belongs to Layer 2 roaming

Question # 49

The following is not the design of the rail transit redundancy business?

A. Car wireless link redundancy
B. CBTC deployment dual wireless network
C. PIS car communication double network
D. Using the 802.11n protocol

Question # 50

The fixed length feeder used by AP9330DN has 5m/10m/15m/20m specifications. If itexceeds 20m, it needs to be cut according to the actual situation.The right length.

A. True
B. False

Question # 51

Which of the following three formats can be planned with the WLAN planning tool?

A. Google Earth
B. Bitmap (jpg, gif, bmp, etc.)
C. PDF drawings
D. Vector graphics ( ai, odr, etc.)

Question # 52

In the WLAN outdoor coverage scenario, in order to ensure uplink and downlink balance,what is the most effective way?

A. Use a larger gain antenna
B. Reduce the AP reflected power
C. Use a smaller gain antenna
D. Increase AP transmit power

Question # 53

In the active/standby dual-link scenario, the default CAPWAP heartbeat is set to?

A. 15s * 6
B. 25s * 3
C. 20s * 3
D. 25s * 6

Question # 54

In an outdoor WLAN deployment scenario, the channel design must consider theinterference of the radar channel.

A. True
B. False

Question # 55

Which of the following channels and adjacent channels have adjacent channelinterference?

A. 1
B. 4
C. 6
D. 8

Question # 56

When using the WLAN planning tool, which type of area should be used for areas withcoverage field strength requirements but no access and bandwidth requirements?

A. Key coverage areas
B. Ordinary coverage area
C. Blind area
D. AP deployment area