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HP HPE0-V25 Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

You need a tool on a SAN Fabric that Will deliver protocol diagnostic, fabric configurationvalidation With SPOCK, and assess thehealth of physical ports with self-healing and fabric monitoring. It must perform end-to-end diagnostics while using predefined templates to reduceconfiguration errors.Which diagnostic tool should be used?

A. HPE InfoSight
B. On-Line Diagnostics
C. Off-Line Diagnostics
D. Network Orchestrator

Question # 2

What is a feature Of the MSA 2060 storage array?

A. Gains Al and machine learning operational through InfoSight
B. Encryption can be enabled by adding 2 self-encrypted drives through Full Disk Encryptbn
C. Supports a mixture Of both SSD and HDDs within the same system
D. Deduplication and compression are non-intrusive and in-line

Question # 3

Your customer needs a server a maximum Of two processors thatwillprovidehighperformance, manageability, expansion,and security.Which server should you recommend?

A. DL560
B. DL380
C. DL110
D. DL20

Question # 4

Over the next two years, your customer Plans to expand from 25 to 75 employees. Theycurrentlyhave limited space in theserver rack and will need to purchase additional serversas the business grows.Which server type Should you recommend?

A. Synergy12000
B. ML 350
C. DL360
D. Apollo 4200

Question # 5

your customer requires a server that can support a database Of 5TB to run in memory.Which HPE server family should you recommend?

A. DL385 Gen10 plus v2
B. APollo 4510 Gen10 Plus V2
C. DL560 Gen10
D. DL345 Gen10 Plus

Question # 6

your customer has an existing MSA 2060 with 20 SAS drives. They want to enhance theperformance by adding SSD drives in the four remaining slots What mandatory option must be sold with the four SSD drives?

A. HPE Advanced Data services suite license
B. HPE PointNext Advisory & professional services
C. HPE MSA Health Check Tool
D. HPE Data Services Cloud Console subscription

Question # 7

your customer runs a small datacenter ana their storage requirements change on a monthto-month basis. They want to easily monitor their Cloud costs/usage and grow theirresources.Which self-service platform will fill their requirements?

A. HPE InfoSight
B. HPE GreenLake central
C. HPE GreenLake Data Services Cloud Console
D. HPE Compute Ops Management

Question # 8

What benefitdoes using HPE GreenLake central providefor customers?

A. It provides aggregated usage across on-premises and cloud deployments in AWS andMicrosoft Azure.
B. It provides One-Click provisioning through a pre-packaged application store withcurated, prebuilt images for a wide range of applications.
C. It can run real-time assessments andoffer insights about potential exposure tofailuresand external attacks.
D. It can analyze different workloadsthe customer is running and provide guidance on thebest serverfor the workload.

Question # 9

Which licenseisneeded in an HPESimpliVity environment where automata disasterrecovery capabilities are required?

A. Veeam Backup & Replication
B. VMware Site Recovery Manager
C. HPE Peer Persistence
D. HPE RapidDR

Question # 10

When designing new server environments, you need to determine the maximum equipmentwattage andthermal requirements atthe unit (chassis) and rack level.Which HPE tool should be used?

A. HPE Infosight
B. HPE Smart Storage Administrator
C. HPE Power Advisor
D. HPEOneView

Question # 11

An RFP states that the database server requires two processors out must De available toscale tofour inside a 2Uchassis.Whichserver would satisfy the customer requirements?

A. DL560 Gen10 server
B. TWO DL380 Gen 10 servers
C. TwoDL360 Gen10 servers
D. DL580 Gen10 server

Question # 12

A customer with a new HPE MSA 2060Gen6array wants to ensure thatbest practiceswerefollowedwhen they installedandset it up.Which HPE product will meet the customer requirements?

A. HPE SMUv4 Healthcheck
B. HPE InfoSight
C. HPE OneView Standard
D. HPEMSA Health Check Tool