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Google LookML-Developer Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

A user needs to create a report that shows a count of all orders and of orders over $100.Which solution should the developer implement to meet these requirements?

A. An always_filter parameter
B. A front-end filter in the Explore
C. A sql_always_where parameter
D. A filtered measure

Question # 2

A user reports an errormessage on an Explore: “Non-unique value/primary key (orsql_distinct_key), value overflow or collision when computing sum”.What should the LookML developer check for in the joined views of the Explore?

A. The sum measure used is defined correctly.
B. A unique primary key is defined in each view.
C. Symmetric_aggregates: no is not present in the Explore definition.
D. No concatenated primary keys are used.

Question # 3

A LookML developer has created a model with many Explores in it. Business users are having a difficult time locating the Explore they want in the long list displayed.Which two actions can the LookML developer take to improve the user interface? (Choosetwo.)

A. Apply the hidden parameter with a value of yes to Explores that only exist to powerspecific Looks, dashboards, or suggestion menus.
B. Modify the business users’ roles so they do nothave this model in their model set.
C. Combine the Explores into just a few Explores that each join to many views.
D. Apply the group_label parameter to organize the Explores under different headings.
E. Apply the fields parameter so that each Explore hasfewer fields in it.

Question # 4

A developer is building an e-commerce Explore with the following datasets: orders andusers. The business user needs to be able to answer questions about sellers and buyerswithin the same Explore. Each order in the orders table reports a buyer and seller ID. Theusers table has the detailed information about the individual buyer and seller.How should the Explore be defined to meet this requirement?

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D

Question # 5

A. Remove “<<<<<< HEAD”, “======”, and “>>>>>> branch ‘master’”
B. Remove “<<<<<< HEAD”, “======”, and everything following “======”
C. Remove everything between “<<<<<< HEAD” and “======”, and “>>>>>> branch‘master’”
D. Remove everything between “<<<<<< HEAD” and “>>>>>> branch ‘master’”

Question # 6

working on adding a new view to a project. Once both developers havefinished their work in the view, the changes will be pushed to production.Where should the developers write the LookML for this view?

A. In the master branch, with both users writing to the branch
B. In one user’s personal branch, with both users writing to the branch
C. In a new shared branch created from the master branch
D. In each of their personal branches, with each user writing code separately

Question # 7

Only users with department attributes of Finance and Executive should be able to accessthe revenue view. Only users with the value ofExecutive for the department user attributeshould be able to view the total_revenue field.Given the code snippet below:  How should the required access grants be structured to set up this system of access?

A. required_access_grants: [grant_b] in the revenue view, required_access_grants:[grant_a] in the total_revenue field
B. required_access_grants: [grant_a] in the revenue view, required_access_grants:[grant_a, grant_b] in the total_revenue field
C. required_access_grants: [grant_b] in the financial_data Explore,required_access_grants: [grant_a] in the total_revenue field
D. required_access_grants: [grant_a, grant_b] in the revenue view,required_access_grants: [grant_a] in the total_revenue field

Question # 8

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D

Question # 9

After running the Content Validator, a developer can seethe error “Unknown field”.Which two changes could cause this issue? (Choose two.)

A. View name was changed from users to customers.
B. Field type was changed from number to string.
C. Model name was changed from e_commerce to reporting.
D. Explore label was changed from users to customers.
E. Field name was changed from id to user_id.

Question # 10

A user reports the following SQL error when selecting the discounted sale price field:ERROR: column “order_items.sale_price”; must appear in the GROUP BY clause or beused in an aggregate function.The developer checks the field definition and finds it to be:measure: discounted_sale_price {type: numbersql: ${sale_price} * 0.8 ;;}The developer also finds the LookML definition of the sale_price field to be:dimension: sale_price {type: numbersql: ${TABLE}.sale_price ;;}What isthe likely cause of the SQL error?

A. The discounted_sale_price field should have a group_by: yes parameter.
B. The sale_price field should be defined as a measure of type: number, not as adimension.
C. The underlying database table does not have a fieldcalled sale_price.
D. The discounted_sale_price field should be defined as a dimension of type: number, notas a measure.