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Exin DEVOPSF Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

Why does Operations benefit most from improved configuration management?

A. It allows Development to take over Operations tasks if they have too much work
B. It allows Operations to automate configuration management using scripts
C. It allows Operations to be involved in earlier stages of the development
D. It allows Operations to respond to incidents more quickly than without

Question # 2

A commonly understood definition of the term ‘time-to-market’ is:The time between business idea and the possibility of a customer purchase.Which two DevOps practices may help reduce the time-to-market for a company? (Choose two.)

A. Continuous delivery and deployment
B. Continuous identification and reduction of losses
C. Extreme programming
D. Pair programming
E. Visualizing the Work-in-Progress (WiP)

Question # 3

A company decides to do canary releases for some new functionality.What is a description of a canary release?

A. Releasing to a limited number of users, before releasing it to all users
B. Switching users from interacting with one release to the next within seconds
C. Test business hypotheses by having half of the users switch to a new release

Question # 4

DevOps practices incorporate the value stream concept from Lean Production.What is a value stream?

A. The amount of products that are delivered within a timeframe
B. The sequence of releases that deliver a working product
C. The series of actions performed to fulfill any type of request

Question # 5

What should be taken into account most when prioritizing tasks according to DevOps practices?

A. How long the task has waited
B. How much the team likes the task
C. How much value the task adds
D. How much work the task takes

Question # 6

Which architecture is a cause of the problems with DevOps that a microservice architecture solves?

A. Intel x86 architecture
B. Mainframe architecture
C. Monolithic architecture
D. Serverless architecture

Question # 7

Is it true that when implementing the deployment pipeline, extensive automation is required to consider it a DevOps practice?

A. No, because a deployment pipeline is not the same as automation. Automation is the underlying ideology
B. No, because the deployment pipeline is just used to order work, automation does not apply
C. Yes, because if extensive automaton is not used, technical debt will start accumulating
D. Yes, because the deployment pipeline is needed for continuous automation activities
E. Yes, because the deployment pipeline is the technology that is used to automate work

Question # 8

Why is reducing the fragility of a business system difficult?

A. Because doing so will disrupt the current product and service timelines
B. Because doing so will increase the number of incidents that occur temporarily
C. Because it is difficult to deliberately introduce chaos into the Production environment
D. Because of the high risks of business disruption when integrating large numbers of systems