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Frequently Asked Questions

Confluent CCDAK Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

If you enable an SSL endpoint in Kafka, what feature of Kafka will be lost?

A. Cross-cluster mirroring
B. Support for Avro format
C. Zero copy
D. Exactly-once delivery

Question # 2

What are the requirements for a Kafka broker to connect to a Zookeeper ensemble? (select two)

A. Unique value for each broker's zookeeper.connect parameter
B. Unique values for each broker's broker.id parameter
C. All the brokers must share the same broker.id
D. All the brokers must share the same zookeeper.connect parameter

Question # 3

If a topic has a replication factor of 3...

A. 3 replicas of the same data will live on 1 broker
B. Each partition will live on 4 different brokers
C. Each partition will live on 2 different brokers
D. Each partition will live on 3 different brokers

Question # 4

To allow consumers in a group to resume at the previously committed offset, I need to setthe proper value for...

A. value.deserializer
B. auto.offset.resets
C. group.id
D. enable.auto.commit

Question # 5

There are 3 producers writing to a topic with 5 partitions. There are 10 consumersconsuming from the topic as part of the same group. How many consumers will remainidle?

A. 10
B. 3
C. None
D. 5

Question # 6

A topic has three replicas and you set min.insync.replicas to 2. If two out of three replicasare not available, what happens when a consume request is sent to broker?

A. Data will be returned from the remaining in-sync replica
B. An empty message will be returned
C. NotEnoughReplicasException will be returned
D. A new leader for the partition will be elected

Question # 7

To get acknowledgement of writes to only the leader partition, we need to use the config...

A. acks=1
B. acks=0
C. acks=all

Question # 8

What is returned by a producer.send() call in the Java API?

A. Future<ProducerRecord> object
B. A Boolean indicating if the call succeeded
C. Future<RecordMetadata> object
D. Unit

Question # 9

What isn't an internal Kafka Connect topic?

A. connect-status
B. connect-offsets
C. connect-configs
D. connect-jars

Question # 10

To produce data to a topic, a producer must provide the Kafka client with...

A. the list of brokers that have the data, the topic name and the partitions list
B. any broker from the cluster and the topic name and the partitions list
C. all the brokers from the cluster and the topic name
D. any broker from the cluster and the topic name

Question # 11

How much should be the heap size of a broker in a production setup on a machine with256 GB of RAM, in PLAINTEXT mode?

A. 4 GB
B. 128 GB
C. 16 GB
D. 512 MB

Question # 12

What is not a valid authentication mechanism in Kafka?


Question # 13

Partition leader election is done by

A. The consumers
B. The Kafka Broker that is the Controller
C. Zookeeper
D. Vote amongst the brokers

Question # 14

Which KSQL queries write to Kafka?

B. SHOW STREAMS and EXPLAIN <query> statements

Question # 15

What is the default port that the KSQL server listens on?

A. 9092
B. 8088
C. 8083
D. 2181

Question # 16

A topic has three replicas and you set min.insync.replicas to 2. If two out of three replicasare not available, what happens when a produce request with acks=all is sent to broker?

A. NotEnoughReplicasException will be returned
B. Produce request is honored with single in-sync replica
C. Produce request will block till one of the two unavailable partition is available again.

Question # 17

A consumer is configured with enable.auto.commit=false. What happens when close() iscalled on the consumer object?

A. The uncommitted offsets are committed
B. A rebalance in the consumer group will happen immediately
C. The group coordinator will discover that the consumer stopped sending heartbeats. Itwill cause rebalance after session.timeout.ms

Question # 18

What exceptions may be caught by the following producer? (select two)ProducerRecord<String, String> record =new ProducerRecord<>("topic1", "key1", "value1");try {producer.send(record);} catch (Exception e) { e.printStackTrace();}

A. BrokerNotAvailableException
B. SerializationException
C. InvalidPartitionsException
D. BufferExhaustedException

Question # 19

To read data from a topic, the following configuration is needed for the consumers

A. all brokers of the cluster, and the topic name
B. any broker to connect to, and the topic name
C. the list of brokers that have the data, the topic name and the partitions list
D. any broker, and the list of topic partitions

Question # 20

Producing with a key allows to...

A. Ensure per-record level security
B. Influence partitioning of the producer messages
C. Add more information to my message
D. Allow a Kafka Consumer to subscribe to a (topic,key) pair and only receive that data

Question # 21

When auto.create.topics.enable is set to true in Kafka configuration, what are thecircumstances under which a Kafka broker automatically creates a topic? (select three)

A. Client requests metadata for a topic
B. Consumer reads message from a topic
C. Client alters number of partitions of a topic
D. Producer sends message to a topic

Question # 22

In Avro, adding an element to an enum without a default is a __ schema evolution

A. breaking
B. full
C. backward
D. forward

Question # 23

If I want to have an extremely high confidence that leaders and replicas have my data, Ishould use

A. acks=all, replication factor=2, min.insync.replicas=1
B. acks=1, replication factor=3, min.insync.replicas=2
C. acks=all, replication factor=3, min.insync.replicas=2
D. acks=all, replication factor=3, min.insync.replicas=1

Question # 24

A consumer sends a request to commit offset 2000. There is a temporary communicationproblem, so the broker never gets the request and therefore never responds. Meanwhile,the consumer processed another batch and successfully committed offset 3000. Whatshould you do?

A. Add a new consumer to the group
B. Use the kafka-consumer-group command to manually commit the offsets 2000 for theconsumer group
C. Restart the consumer
D. Nothing

Question # 25

What's a Kafka partition made of?

A. One file and one index
B. One file
C. One file and two indexes per segment
D. One file and two indexes

Question # 26

Which of the following Kafka Streams operators are stateful? (select all that apply)

A. flatmap
B. reduce
C. joining
D. count
E. peek
F. aggregate

Question # 27

A producer application was sending messages to a partition with a replication factor of 2 byconnecting to Broker 1 that was hosting partition leader. If the Broker 1 goes down, whatwill happen?

A. The producer will automatically produce to the broker that has been elected leader
B. The topic will be unavailable
C. The producer will stop working

Question # 28

There are two consumers C1 and C2 belonging to the same group G subscribed to topicsT1 and T2. Each of the topics has 3 partitions. How will the partitions be assigned toconsumers with Partition Assigner being Round Robin Assigner?

A. C1 will be assigned partitions 0 and 2 from T1 and partition 1 from T2. C2 will havepartition 1 from T1 and partitions 0 and 2 from T2.
B. Two consumers cannot read from two topics at the same time
C. C1 will be assigned partitions 0 and 1 from T1 and T2, C2 will be assigned partition 2from T1 and T2.
D. All consumers will read from all partitions

Question # 29

You want to send a message of size 3 MB to a topic with default message sizeconfiguration. How does KafkaProducer handle large messages?

A. KafkaProducer divides messages into sizes of max.request.size and sends them inorder
B. KafkaProducer divides messages into sizes of message.max.bytes and sends them inorder
C. MessageSizeTooLarge exception will be thrown, KafkaProducer will not retry and returnexception immediately
D. MessageSizeTooLarge exception will be thrown, KafkaProducer retries until the numberof retries are exhausted

Question # 30

Select all the way for one consumer to subscribe simultaneously to the following topics -topic.history, topic.sports, topic.politics? (select two)

A. consumer.subscribe(Pattern.compile("topic\..*"));
B. consumer.subscribe("topic.history"); consumer.subscribe("topic.sports");consumer.subscribe("topic.politics");
C. consumer.subscribePrefix("topic.");
D. consumer.subscribe(Arrays.asList("topic.history", "topic.sports", "topic.politics"));

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