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Citrix 1Y0-312 Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

A Citrix Engineer configured two Sites: Production and Disaster Recovery. During an outage in the Production Site, the Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) registration in the Disaster Recovery Site has failed. What are two possible causes for this issue? (Choose two.)

A. TCP port 443 is NOT open between the VDA and Delivery Controllers on the Disaster Recovery Site
B. The VDA is configured with a GPO to register with the Delivery Controllers from the Production Site
C. The Delivery Controllers were set manually during VDA configuration and point to the Production Site
D. The Delivery Controllers in the Disaster Recovery Site were NOT able to contact the Delivery Controllers in the Production Site to complete the registration process

Question # 2

How can a Citrix Engineer setup synchronization of subscription data between server groups using a replication schedule?

A. Execute a Windows PowerShell command on the StoreFront server
B. Make changes in the subscription file on the StoreFront server
C. Make changes in the web.config file on the StoreFront server
D. Use the StoreFront console

Question # 3

A Citrix Engineer has two data centers: Site A, the main datacenter and Site B, the secondary datacenter. Both data centers have Citrix App Layering 4.3 installed. How can the engineer ensure that all layers are available in Site A and Site B?

A. Reconfigure ELM Site A and ELM Site B to use DFSR for all layers
B. Configure layer synchronization directly between ELM Site A and ELM Site B using the Citrix App Layering console 
C. Export all the Standard Layers directly from ELM Site A to ELM Site B and export all other layers to a Windows Share, then import them to Site B
D. Export all layers from ELM Site A to a Windows Share, then import them to Site B

Question # 4

What is the first step that the Enterprise Layer Manager (ELM) server takes when creating application layers?

A. Once the engineer manually creates the packaging machine, the ELM server initiates a connection to the packaging machine
B. Once a packaging machine is created, the next step is to finalize the targeted installation, using the application layering finalization software
C. Once the process to create a layer is initiated from the Layering Management Console, the ELM server then uses a connector to build a packaging machine
D. Once the packaging machine is finalized, any application installation or configuration should be performed and completed 

Question # 5

Which three components will be available during a SQL Server outage? (Choose three.)

A. Hosted Windows and Browser Applications
B. Personal Desktops
C. Hosted Shared Desktops
D. Remote PC Desktop (for Automatic enrollment)
E. Citrix Studio

Question # 6

A Citrix Engineer recently took over a multi-zone environment with one Primary zone in New York and two Secondary zones in San Francisco and Orlando respectively. The New York zone has two Delivery Controllers, San Francisco has one Delivery Controller, and the Orlando zone has two Delivery Controllers. The engineer received alerts that the Orlando zone Delivery Controllers were down. Where will the Orlando zone Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) machines register?

A. San Francisco Delivery Controllers
B. New York Delivery Controllers 
C. New York and Orlando Delivery Controllers
D. New York and San Francisco Delivery Controller

Question # 7

Which two considerations are accurate regarding the Process Management feature of Workspace Environment Management (WEM)? (Choose two.)

A. When WhiteList is enabled, any process NOT added to the BlackList will be automatically whitelisted
B. When using exclusions for either Local Administrators or Specified Groups, it is available for Process Blacklist, but NOT for Process WhiteList
C. When WhiteList is enabled, any process NOT added to the WhiteList will be automatically blacklisted 
D. When adding application processes to either the BlackList or the WhiteList, they need to be designated by the full executable name

Question # 8

A Citrix Engineer who manages a Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops environment is implementing Workspace Environment Management (WEM) in the environment. Which Active Directory console should the engineer review while configuring WEM settings to ensure no conflicts are encountered in the environment?

A. Domains and Trusts
B. Users and Computers
C. Sites and Services
D. Group Policy Management

Question # 9

A Citrix Engineer is looking for ways to secure the Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) in the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops environment. Which three steps should the engineer follow to secure the VDA? (Choose three.)

A. Add the certificate on Citrix Gateway
B. Enable TLS on the Delivery Controllers
C. Add the certificate to the VDA
D. Enable TLS on the VDA
E. Add the certificate on the StoreFront server

Question # 10

A Citrix Engineer is taking over the management of an environment in which non-persistent machines were deployed with Workspace Environment Management (WEM) Agent. Which two statements are true for this environment? (Choose two.)

A. The Agent would need to contact the Infrastructure Service after restart to gather cache data again
B. The cache is lost at each restart without a persistent disk
C. The environment is NOT supported because the usage of a persistent disk is mandatory when using WEM
D. The WEM Agent applies real-time updates only when the persistent disk is used 

Question # 11

A Citrix Engineer manages a Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops on-premises environment, which includes the following Citrix infrastructure servers running in the datacenter: Two Citrix Gateway servers Two StoreFront servers Two Delivery Controllers One Citrix Director server One Citrix License Server Two SQL servers The engineer needs to move the Control Layer to Citrix Cloud as part of the business goals for this year. Which statement is true regarding Citrix Gateway for this environment?

A. The Citrix Cloud Connector acts as a Secure Ticket Authority (STA) server on the Citrix Gateway
B. Citrix Gateway must be moved to Citrix Cloud
C. Citrix StoreFront must be moved to Citrix Cloud
D. The Delivery Controllers act as Secure Ticket Authority (STA) servers on the Citrix Gateway

Question # 12

Which delegated administrator permission does a Citrix Engineer need to select to allow an administrator the ability to allocate resources to users and groups? 

A. Transformer Manager
B. Action Manager
C. System Utilities Manager
D. Assignment Manager

Question # 13

How can a Citrix Engineer restrict end user access to an ICA file?

A. Disable unneeded HDX channels and redirections
B. Use HTML5 Receiver
C. Place the StoreFront URL in the Intranet zone
D. Restrict Control Panel access and functionality

Question # 14

Which two actions should a Citrix Engineer take when upgrading a Workspace Environment Management (WEM) environment? (Choose two.) 

A. Ensure that a valid database backup is created before launching the upgrade process
B. Leave the WEM database in the Always On availability group
C. Run the database upgrade utility under an identity that has sysadmin permissions
D. Specify the SQL Server SA credentials during the upgrade wizard
E. Run the WEM database management utility on all the WEM brokers 

Question # 15

A Citrix Engineer is in the process of updating application layers. Which three-layer integrity messages must the engineer address before finalizing the application layer? (Choose three.) 

A. User profile updates are in progress
B. A restart is pending to update drivers on the boot disk
C. Additional users are logged on to the machine
D. A post-installation restart is pending
E. An MSI install operation is in progress

Question # 16

A Citrix Engineer is working on a Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops deployment. The current setup has the following characteristics: Three data centers (A, B, and C), each with a large user base. Network latency between these datacenters is more than 300 ms RTT because they are located at geographically far distances. Which design should the engineer choose to ensure optimum performance?

A. A Multi-zone site with three zones (one primary and two secondary), with a site database in each of the three zones
B. A Multi-zone site with three zones (one primary and two secondary), with a site database in the Primary zone
C. One site for each data center with a common site database deployed at the largest site 
D. One site for each data center with a separate site database for each site

Question # 17

A Citrix Engineer wants to setup multi-site configurations, grouping Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops deployments that deliver the same desktop or application so that identical resources can be aggregated for users. What are two considerations regarding resources that the engineer needs to consider before setting up multisite configuration? (Choose two.)

A. They must have the same name. 
B. They should be delivered from the same site. 
C. They must have the same path on each server to be aggregated. 
D. They must be tagged. 

Question # 18

Which statement is true regarding Citrix Workspace Environment Management (WEM) Agent? 

A. WEM Agent synchronizes with the WEM Infrastructure Service on port TCP 8287. 
B. WEM Agent can be installed on the Citrix Workspace Environment Management Infrastructure Services server. 
C. WEM Agent can be installed on either a Windows Desktop OS or on a Windows Server OS. 
D. Norskale Agent Host Service manages WEM Agent and it runs under Network Service. 

Question # 19

A Citrix Engineer recently changed the XML port in the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops site. After the change, the engineer observed that there is an XML communication port mismatch. The engineer immediately identified that the port was only changed on the Delivery Controller and no change was performed on the StoreFront server. What are the two ways the engineer can change the port on the StoreFront server to match the changes made on the Delivery Controller? (Choose two.) 

A. run a PowerShell command on the Delivery Controller to change the port on the StoreFront server
B. Make changes in the web.config file on the StoreFront server
C. Run a PowerShell command on the StoreFront server
D. Make changes in the StoreFront settings using the StoreFront console

Question # 20

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer is deploying a Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops environment. The engineer noticed some Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) machines are having registration issues.Which three items should the engineer review within the company infrastructure to determine the root cause of the issue? (Choose three.)

A. Time synchronization (NTP) configuration of the VDA machines with the domain 
B. The SSL certificates on the VDA machines and the Delivery Controller servers 
C. The VDA machines registry setting for ListOfDDCs entries 
D. DNS configurations on either the VDA machines or the Delivery Controller servers E. A firewall with a blocked or failing inbound port 8080 

Question # 21

A Citrix Engineer is maintaining a Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops environment with both internal and external users and has deployed Workspace Environment Management (WEM) within the infrastructure to provide resources to users within their sessions. The engineer has recently added a network printer to WEM under the Actions node, using the New Network Printer dialog tab, and wants to limit this printer usage to internal Citrix users, as shown below: Internal users utilize Windows 10 only External users Windows 10 and Windows 2016 machines The server network IP address range is from to Citrix LAN users are all within IP address scope of to The external users are on a public domain The Everyone group has already been added to the Assignments node within the WEM console The engineer needs to create a Condition based on ______________ from within the Filters node and ______________ the Matching Result field within WEM to complete this task.

A. OS Platform type; select Windows 10 from
B. Client IP Address Match; add the IP address range to to 
C. IP Address Match; add the IP address range to to
D. Client OS; select Windows 10 from

Question # 22

Which two statements are valid when designing a Citrix Cloud Disaster Recovery plan? (Choose two.) 

A. Disaster Recovery for Citrix Cloud includes only the components that are NOT within Citrix Cloud. 
B. Citrix Cloud supports multiple zones. 
C. Citrix Cloud does NOT support multiple resource locations. 
D. Local Host Cache (LHC) would NOT be helpful in a Citrix Cloud setup during a Disaster Recovery scenario. 

Question # 23

Which component must a Citrix Engineer use to configure security settings on User Layer folders? 

A. Delivery Controller 
B. Site database 
C. File server 
D. Enterprise Layer Manager (ELM) Server Management console

Question # 24

QUESTION 45 What is the first step in the migration process of an on-premises Workspace Environment Management (WEM) environment that is currently in production to a WEM Citrix Cloud service? 

A. Reinstall the WEM service agent on managed machines. 
B. Export the data within the database to a SQL file. 
C. Download the migration tool from the WEM service Downloads tab. 
D. Modify permissions on the infrastructure service.