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Cisco 300-625 Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

A storage administrator is configuring inter-VSAN routing on a fabric that contains duplicatedomain IDs. Which feature must be configured to ensure continued operation?

A. auto topology
B. transit VSANs
D. virtual domains

Question # 2

Which result occurs if a device alias is renamed and then the original device alias name isused in an add command in the same session?

A. Both commands execute successfully.
B. The device alias is renamed and the add command is moved to the rejected list.
C. Both commands are moved to the rejected list.
D. The rename command is moved to the rejected list and the add command executes successfully.

Question # 3

Refer to the exhibit. A storage network engineer gets remote access to two Cisco MDS 9000 Series Switcheswith an ISL trunk and receives several log messages. Which set of actions resolve theproblem while least affecting service?

A. 1. Add :11:11:11:11:11:11:11:13 pwwn in zone Server11 and activate Zoneset10-A onMDS-A.2. shut/no shut interface fc1/11 on MDS-A.
B. 1. Deactivate zone set Zoneset10-A on MDS-A.2. shut/no shut interface fc1/11 on MDS-A.
C. 1. Add :11:11:11:11:11:11:11:13 pwwn in zone Server11 and activate Zoneset10-A onMDS-A.2. Remove VSAN 10 from the allowed VSAN range of interface fc1/11 on MDS-A and addit back in the range.
D. 1. Explicitly import zone set Zoneset10-A on MDS-B using the zoneset import interfaceimport fc1/11 vsan 10 command.2. Activate the zone set Zoneset10-A.

Question # 4

Which benefit of upgrading to the Cisco DCNM server-based advanced feature license fora Cisco MDS switch is correct?

A. The license can be reassigned when a switch is replaced with a newer version within thesame product family.
B. The license can be assigned to either server MAC address or switch serial number.
C. An unlimited number of devices can be added to the list of licensed devices.
D. The license can be reassigned when the switch is replaced with a Cisco Nexus switch.

Question # 5

A network engineer must run a core Cisco Nexus 9500 Series Switch as a POAP server forall top-of-rack Cisco Nexus switches. Which two network functions must run to provide thePOAP service? (Choose two.)


Question # 6

A storage administrator is upgrading Cisco NX-OS on a Cisco MDS switch. Theadministrator performs an ISSU upgrade following the configuration guide. While the installis proceeding, the administrator connects a new server to the switch, which cannot accessstorage. The existing servers continue to operate properly through the switch. Why is thenew server failing to connect?

A. The fabric data plane resets as part of the upgrade process.
B. The new server is unable to log in to the fabric to receive an FC-ID.
C. The upgrade process disables any currently unused ports.
D. The zoning database is locked during the upgrade process.

Question # 7

A storage network engineer is upgrading a Cisco MDS Director with dual supervisormodules. The install command is executed on the standby supervisor module but fails.Which action would have prevented this failure?

A. All FCoE interfaces configured on the MDS must be shut down before starting theupgrade.
B. The upgrade must be done on the active supervisor module only.
C. Cisco Fabric Services must be disabled before starting the upgrade.
D. Fabric Controller Service must be stopped before starting the upgrade.

Question # 8

Refer to the exhibit. What is the result of merging the fabric?

A. The merged fabric IVR VSAN topology is set to activate.
B. The merged fabric has NAT enabled.
C. The merge is invalid.
D. The merged fabric contains only service group Group1.

Question # 9

Refer to the exhibit. Device alias information must be merged for two fabrics. Which setting must match on bothfabrics before the merge can be performed successfully?

A. device-alias mode
B. session
C. qos
D. smart-zoning

Question # 10

An engineer is configuring a SAN environment and attempts to activate a zoneset, but alock is held by another user. Which argument does the engineer use to clear the lock fromthe zoning database configuration?

A. commit
B. abort
C. clear
D. force

Question # 11

Refer to the exhibit. A user who is logged in as an operator cannot update the zoneset. What is the cause ofthis issue?

A. The fabric is locked by admin on switch-2.
B. Hard zoning is enabled.
C. Merge control is disabled.
D. The switch has a conflicting domain ID.
E. The fabric is locked by admin on another switch.

Question # 12

A storage network engineer must configure a 48-port Cisco MDS switch to reject any loginrequests to VSAN 10 from unauthorized Fibre Channel devices and switches. All thedevices that were already logged in to the switch from this VSAN must be allowed withoutany manual configuration. Which configuration must be applied?

A. switch(config)# feature port-securityswitch(config)# port-security activate vsan 10
B. switch(config)# feature port-securityswitch(config)# port-security activate vsan 10 no auto-learn
C. switch(config)# feature port-securityswitch(config)# port-security database vsan 10switch(config-port-security)# any-wwn interface fc1/1 – fc1/48
D. switch(config)# port-security activate vsan 10