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Cisco 300-425 Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

A network administrator of a global organization is collapsing all controllers to a single cluster located in central Europe. Which concern must addressed? 

A. Some channels may not be available consistently across the organization.
B. Different RF policies per office are not available in this configuration.
C. Syslog must be configured to the time-zone of the NMS platform.
D. Centralized controllers cannot uniformly authenticate global users. 

Question # 2

A company has 10 access point licenses available on their backup Cisco WLC and their primary Cisco WLC is at full capacity, 5 access points are set to high failover priority and 7 access points are set to critical failover priority. During a failure, not all critical access points failed over to the backup Cisco WLC. Which configuration is the cause of this issue? 

A. The high priority access point is oversubscribed.
B. network ap-priority is set to enable.
C. The critical priority access point count is oversubscribed.
D. network ap-priority is set to disable. 

Question # 3

An engineer must create data-link redundancy for the company’s Cisco Wireless LAN Controller. The engineer has decided to configure LAG-based redundancy instead of portbased redundancy. Which three features of LAG-based redundancy influenced this decision? (Choose three.) 

A. Packets are always sent out on the same port they are received on.
B. All interface traffic passes as long as one port is up.
C. The same port has multiple untagged dynamics interfaces.
D. Interface connection to two separate nonstacked switches is available.
E. Full bandwidth of all links is available.
F. Ports are grouped into multiple LAGs. 

Question # 4

An enterprise is using the wireless network as the mam network connection for corporate users and guests To ensure wireless network availability, two standalone controllers are installed in the head office APs are connected to the controllers using a round-robin approach lo load balance the traffic After a power cut, the wireless clients disconnect while roaming An engineer tried eping from the controller but fails Which protocol needs to be allowed between the networks that the controllers are Installed?

A. IP Protocol 67
B. IP Protocol 77
C. IP Protocol 87
D. IP Protocol 97

Question # 5

A company wants to replace its existing PBX system with a new VoIP System that will include wireless IP phones. The CIO has concerns about whether the company’s existing wireless network can support the new system. Which tool in Cisco Prime can help ensure that the current network will support the new phone system? 

A. Location Readiness
B. Site Calibration
C. Map Editor
D. Voice Readiness

Question # 6

Multiple WLCs are implemented in a high-availability configuration in a mobility group. APs are deployed with only a primary controller assigned. By default, which mobility group member controller do the orphaned APs join in the event of a failed controller?

A. controller with the most available AP free license capacity
B. controller with the lowest percent of associated APs per license capacity
C. controller with the least CPU utilization over the last reporting period
D. controller with the least number of associated APs 

Question # 7

An engineer is performing a predictive wireless design for a medical treatment environment, which requires data and voice services. What is the minimum requirement for the design?

A. overlapping -72 dBm coverage from two access points
B. continuous -67 dBm coverage from one access point
C. continuous -72 dBm coverage from one access point
D. overlapping -67 dBm coverage from two access points

Question # 8

What is the attenuation value of a human body on a wireless signal? 

A. 3 dB
B. 4 dB
C. 6 dB
D. 12 dB 

Question # 9

Refer to the exhibit.Which two statements about Cisco Prime Infrastructure are true? (Choose two.) 

A. It presents the recommended number of APs for the selected coverage area based on the selections made. 
B. Planning mode requires a special license in Cisco Prime Infrastructure.  
C. It shows the map editor feature in Cisco Prime Infrastructure.  
D. Controllers must be synchronized with Cisco Prime Infrastructure for planning mode to work. 
E. It shows the planning mode feature in Cisco Prime Infrastructure.  

Question # 10

Which CLI command does an engineer use to validate that the redundancy peer of a Stateful Switchover pair of controllers is up and connected?

A. rping
B. ping
C. eping
D. mping

Question # 11

An engineer must ensure that the new wireless LAN deployment can support seamless roaming between access points using a standard based on an amendment to the 802.11 protocol. Which protocol must the engineer selects?

A. 802.11i
B. 802.11ac
C. 802.11r
D. 802.11e

Question # 12

A network engineer is preparing for an office site survey with a height of 2.5 meters. Which three components are recommended to complete the survey? (Choose three.)

A. Use a battery pack to power APs
B. Use a drawing of the office space to draw AP and client placements.
C. Use DoS attack on APs while measuring the throughput.
D. Use APs with directional antennas.
E. Use APs with external antennas.
F. Use APs with built-in antennas. 

Question # 13

An engineer has performed a predictive site survey for high-speed data and voice in an indoor office. What is the recommended data rate with -67 dBm signal level for optimal VoWLAN design?

A. 6 Mbps on 802.11 bgn
B. 24 Mbps on 802.11 bgn
C. 12 Mbps on 802.11 an
D. 24 Mbps on 802.11 an

Question # 14

An engineer must perform a pre deployment site survey For a new building in a highsecurity area The design must provide a primary signal RSSI of -65 dBM for the clients Which two requirements complete this design? (Choose two)

A. site access
B. AP model
C. WLC model
D. HVAC access
E. number of clients

Question # 15

When conducting a site survey for real-time traffic over wireless, which two design capabilities of smartphones and tablets must be considered? (Choose two.)

A. no support for 802.11ac
B. higher data rates than laptops
C. fewer antennas than laptops
D. no support for 802.11r
E. lower data rates than laptops

Question # 16

A customer called with a requirement that internal clients must be on different subnets depending on the building they are in All access points are operating in local mode and will not be modified, and this is a single controller solution Which design approach creates the desired result?

A. Create AP groups for each desired location, map the correct VLANs to the internal SSlD and add the access prints for that location 
B. Create an SSID. place it to the desired VLAN under WLANs. and configure 802.ix in ISE to assign the correct VLAN based on the SSlD from which the client is authenticating. 
C. Create FiexConnect groups, place the access points in. and set the correct VLAN to SSlD mapping based on location.
D. Create mobility anchors for the SSID. and on the controller under the internal SSID. create a foreign map to the desired VLAN based on location 

Question # 17

An engineer must ensure that the wireless network can accomplish fast secure roaming by way of caching keys on the access points. Which key caching mechanism is enabled by default on a Cisco AireOS WLC?

C. 802.11r

Question # 18

Refer to the exhibit. What is the main reason why the Wi-Fi design engineer took a different approach than installing the APs in the offices, even though that installation provides better coverage?

A. aesthetics
B. transmit power considerations
C. antenna gain
D. power supply considerations 

Question # 19

An engineer is designing a wireless network that will support many different types of wireless clients. When conducting the survey, which client must be used to ensure a consistent experience for all of the wireless clients?

A. the client that has the highest RF properties
B. the client that is used most by the company
C. the client that is used least by the company
D. the client with the worst RF characteristics

Question # 20

Why is 802.11a connectivity reduced in an X-ray room?

A. X-rays impact the 802.11a UNll-2 channels Vial cause access points to dynamically change channels. 
B. X-ray rooms exhibit increased signal attenuation
C. X-rays within these rooms cause multipath issues.
D. X-rays create significant non-Wi-Fi interference on the 802.11a band

Question # 21

Which three pieces of equipment are needed to conduct a fully measured wireless survey? (Choose three.)

A. PoE battery
B. spirit level
C. access point
D. tall tripod
E. goggles
F. ladder 

Question # 22

Which two criteria must be considered when conducting an outdoor bridge site survey? (Choose two.)

A. near-far effect
B. weather
C. traffic lights
D. power lines
E. Fresnel zone

Question # 23

Guest anchoring is configured for a newly created SSID for your company. It has been noticed that the mobility tunnels are not up, and that MPING fails from your foreign WLC to the anchor WLC. What is the reason that it is failing?

A. A rule is needed at the firewall to allow UDP port 16666 for communication to work
B. A rule is needed at the firewall to allow UDP port 97 for communication to work.
C. A rule is needed at the firewall to allow TCP port 97 for communication to work.
D. A rule is needed at the firewall to allow TCP port 16666 for communication to work.

Question # 24

Which non-Wi-Fi interferer can be identified by Metageek Chanalyzer?

B. jammers
C. smartphones
D. printers 

Question # 25

A technician connects a Cisco Aironet 3700 Series access point to a switch and realizes that the AP is coming up with 3x3 MIMO. Which reason explains this behavior?

A. A redundant power supply is unavailable on the switch.
B. The switch is 802.3af capable.
C. The AP is getting power from a power injector.
D. The switch is PoE+ capable.

Question # 26

A customer is running a guest WLAN with a foreign/export-anchor setup. There is one anchor WLC in the US and two in Europe. Anchor WLC priorities are used to prefer local anchors. During a routine network audit, it is discovered that a large number of guest client sessions in the US are anchored to the WLCs in Europe. Which reason explains this behavior?

A. The foreign WLC failed and recovered.
B. The US anchor WLC failed and recovered.
C. The US anchor WLC is anchored to itself with a priority value of zero.
D. The anchor WLC is in the same mobility group. 

Question # 27

A network engineer is configuring high availability on an access point. What is the maximum number of controllers that can be configured? 

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4 

Question # 28

A network engineer is designing a new wireless network. The network needs to have these characteristics:• support high client concentration• optimize client performance• avoid interferenceWhich approach should be taken?

A. Deploy APs near each other for 5 GHz coverage, and disable the 2 4 GHz radios for some APs 
B. Deploy APs near each other for 2 4 GHz coverage and disable the 5 GHz radios for all APs 
C. Deploy APs near each other for 5 GHz coverage, and enable me 2.4 GHz radios for all APs. 
D. Deploy APs near each other for 2 4 GHz coverage, and disable the 5 GHz radios for some APs 

Question # 29

A wireless engineer is designing a wireless network for a warehouse using access points with internal antennas. Which two elements have a negative effect on the wireless users? (Choose two.)

A. wireless channels
B. access point height
C. client authentication
D. client authorization
E. absorption 

Question # 30

Which statement about AP failover priority for access points when configured with priority 1 or 4 is true?

A. When configured with priority 1, the access point is assigned with the highest priority level and it is marked as critical. This access point fails over before other access points with the lower priority when there is primary controller failure. 
B. When configured with priority 4, the access point is assigned with the highest priority level and it is marked as critical. This access point fails over before other access points with the lower priority when there is primary controller failure. 
C. When configured with priority 4, the access point is assigned with the lowest priority level and it is marked as low. This access point fails over after other access points with the higher priority when there is primary controller failure. 
D. When configured with priority 1, the access point is assigned with the medium priority level and it is marked as medium. This access point fails over after other access points with the higher priority when there is primary controller failure. 

Question # 31

Where must the APs be mounted when used in a high-density wireless network to provide 6 dB to 20 dB of attenuation to a cell?

A. in the aisle
B. under the seat
C. above the stage
D. under the stage 

Question # 32

An engineer has configured guest anchoring for a newly created SSD however, the mobility tunnels are not up, and EPING is failing from the foreign WLC to the anchor WLC. Which traffic flow must be allowed at the firewall to enable the communication?

A. UDP port 16666
B. IP protocol 97
C. UDP port 97
D. TCP port 97

Question # 33

A wireless engineer is hired to design a network for a technology company. The company campus has four buildings and a warehouse with access points that provide full wireless coverage as well as a pair of WLCs located in the core of the network. Which type of wireless architecture is being used?

A. unified deployment
B. autonomous deployment
C. centralized deployment
D. distributed deployment

Question # 34

What is the recommended cell overlap when designing a wireless network for Cisco Hyperlocation?

A. 20%
B. 30%
C. 40%
D. 50% 

Question # 35

An engineer is designing an outdoor mesh network to cover several sports fields. The core of the network is located In a building at the entrance of a sports complex Which type of antenna should be used with the RAP for backhaul connectivity?

A. 5 GHz. 8-dBi omnidirectional antenna
B. 2.4 GHz. B-dBi patch antenna
C. 2 4 GHz. 14-dBi omnidirectional antenna
D. 5 GHz. 14-dBi patch antenna 

Question # 36

A wireless network consultant must assess an existing wireless LAN controller. Which section must the consultant check before replacing the old APs with APs that are IEEE 802.11ac-capable?

A. number of AP licenses
B. controller PSU 
C. throughput capacity
D. software version

Question # 37

Refer to the exhibit.During a post Mesh deployment survey, an engineer notices that frame cessions occur when MAP-1 and MAP-3 talk to RAP-2. Which type of issue does the engineer need to address in the design? 

A. co-channel interference
B. backhaul latency
C. hidden node
D. exposed node

Question # 38

A network engineer is working on a predictive WLAN design. The new wireless network must support access to internet, email, voice, and the inventory database To successfully support these services, which configuration must the engineer use for the signal strength levels and SNR on the planning tool?

A. signal strength of 67 dBm. 20-dB SNR and maximum 1 percent packet loss
B. signal strength of -67 dBm. 20-dB SNR. and maximum 5 percent packet loss
C. signal strength of -67 dBm. 25-dB SNR. and maximum 1 percent packet loss
D. signal strength of -70 dBm. 30-dB SNR. and maximum 10 percent packet loss 

Question # 39

Refer to the exhibit. An enterprise is using wireless as the main network connectivity for clients. To ensure service continuity, a pair of controllers will be installed in a datacenter An engineer is designing SSO on the pair of controllers What needs to be included m the design to avoid having the secondary controller go into maintenance mode? 

A. The keep alive timer is too low which causes synchronization problems.
B. The connection between the redundancy ports is missing.
C. The redundancy port must be the same subnet as the redundancy mgmt.
D. The Global Configuration of SSO is set to Disabled on the controller.