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Frequently Asked Questions

Cisco 200-901 Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

Which advantage does the agile process offer compared to waterfall software development?

A. to view the full scope of end-to-end work
B. to have each phase end before the next begins
C. to fix any issues at the end of the development cycle
D. to add or update features with incremental delivery

Question # 2

What are two considerations when selecting the "best route" for a network device to reach its destination? (Choose two.)

A. MAC address
B. metrics
C. administrative distance
D. IP address
E. subnet mask

Question # 3

What are two use cause where webhooks are effective? (Choose two.) 

A. Close a session with a web server after a specific amount of time.
B. Filter out information from a response to an API call
C. Change the response format or content type of an API call. 
D. Inform a previously defined chat channel after a deployment fate.
E. Send an email to a customer of an online store after payment is complete

Question # 4

Which configuration management tool has an agentless capability? 

A. Chef
B. Puppet
C. Ansible
D. CFEngine  

Question # 5

Refer to the exhibit.An API call is constructed to retrieve the inventory in XML format by using the API. The response to the call is 401 Unauthorized. Which two headers must be added to the API call? (Choose two.)

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D
E. Option E

Question # 6

A developer creates a script that configured multiple Cisco IOS XE devices in a corporate infrastructure. The internal test environment is unavailable, and no maintenance window is available to test on a low-priority production environment. Which resource is used to test the code before it is applied to the production environment?

A. Code Exchange
B. Cisco DevNet Learning Labs
C. Cisco DevNet Sandbox
D. Cisco Support

Question # 7

What are two benefits of model-driven programmability? 

A. model-driven APIs for abstraction and simplification
B. single choice of transport, protocol, and encoding
C. model-based, structured, and human friendly
D. easier to design, deploy, and manage APIs
E. models decoupled from transport, protocol, and encoding

Question # 8

What is a benefit of using edge computing in an IoT implementation? 

A. low cost in network design
B. low network design complexity
C. high availability for network components
D. high speed in data processing 

Question # 9

Which HTTP response code should be returned when the request is completed, but there is no content to send for the request?

A. 100
B. 204
C. 302
D. 402

Question # 10

Which protocol runs over TCP port 22? 

C. Telnet

Question # 11

In which two ways is an application characterized when interacting with a webhook? (Choose two.)  

A. codec
B. receiver
C. transaction monitor
D. processor
E. listener

Question # 12

What is the main purpose of a code review? 

A. To provide the technical lead visibility into all code
B. To identify and review errors with the team
C. To ensure that all code is checked in simultaneously
D. To detect logical errors

Question # 13

Refer to the exhibit.Which device limits traffic between server 1 and server 2? 

A. Device B
B. Device C
C. Device D
D. Device E

Question # 14

Refer to the exhibit.  Which JSON snippet configures a new interface according to YANG model?  D) 

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D

Question # 15

Which data is specified in the response header? 

A. { "id": "y123987jdkl". HTTP/1.1 200 OK "status: "online", "type": "switch" } 
B. HTTP/1.1 200 OK
C. ''type'', ''switch''
D. Content-Type

Question # 16

Refer to the exhibit.   The documentation outlines how to use credentials for the AMP API Which script successfully performs an API call using basic authentication?

A. Option
B. Option
C. Option
D. Option

Question # 17

Refer to the exhibit. A developer creates a Python script that queries Cisco Webex. When the script is executed, a 401 code is returned. After troubleshooting, the developer discovers that the service is missing privileges. Which change to the header in line 4 of the script results in the code 200?

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D

Question # 18

What are two functions of a routing table on a network device? (Choose two.)  

A. It lists entries more than two hops away.
B. It lists the routes to a particular destination.
C. It lists the routes to drop traffic.
D. It lists hosts that are one hop away.
E. It lists the static and dynamic entries.

Question # 19

A new application is being developed that must be hardware independent. The application includes an administrative component which is accessed using a Windows desktop GUI. Installation and management of the environment must be fully automated. Which application deployment type meets the requirements?

A. bare metal
B. virtual Python environment
C. container
D. virtual machine

Question # 20

What are two benefits of using VLANs? (Choose two.) 

A. limits the devices that can join the network
B. segments the broadcast domain extends the broadcast domain
C. allows all network devices to be accessible from any host on the network
D. enables the logical grouping of devices that belong to different Layer 2 devices

Question # 21

Which tool is used to block all traffic to the domain by using a single API call?  

A. Cisco ISE
B. Cisco Firepower
C. Cisco AMP
D. Cisco Umbrella

Question # 22

What is a requirement when authenticating a RESTCONF API session with a router that runs Cisco IOS XE Software?

A. No authentication is required.
B. OAuth must be used.
C. Basic authentication must be used.
D. A token must be retrieved and the associated string must be embedded in the X-AuthToken header.

Question # 23

Refer to the exhibit. The Cisco Meraki API manages two organizations. In each organization, two independent networks are defined. How many calls to the /organizations/(orgid)networks endpoint will be run parallel by the GetAllNetwork function of the API client? 

A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
D. 4

Question # 24

Refer to the exhibit.An engineer must configure a load balancer server. The engineer prepares a script to automate workflow by using Bash. The script install the nginx package, moves to the /optAtginx directory, and reads the sites M We (or further processing Based on the script workflow, which process is being automated within the loop by using the information mi sites txt?

A. creating a new Me Based on template .conf in the /etc/ngin/sites_enabled directory for each lie in the sites txt file. and then changing the file execution permission. 
B. creating a Me per each the in sites txt with the information in template conf. creating a link for the previously created file. and then changing the ownership of the created files 
C. using the content of the file to create the template conf file. creating a Iink from the created file to the /etc/nginx/files.enabled. and then changing the file execution permissions.
D. using the information in the file to create a set of empty files in the /etchginx/sites_enabled directory and then assigning the owner of the file.

Question # 25

Refer to the exhibit.Which command needs to be placed on the box where the code is missing to output the value of page_jd in the Python 3.7 script?

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D

Question # 26

Refer to the exhibit. What does the load balancer enable in the network topology?  

A. hosted application to access Internet services
B. external requests to be routed to the application servers
C. workstations to access the Internet
D. application to access the database server

Question # 27

Which tool allows changes to the configuration management toolset to be tested?  

A. Cisco VIRL
C. Ansible
D. pyATS

Question # 28

What are two key capabilities of Cisco Finesse? (Choose two.) 

A. Finesse includes an RPC API that enables the development of custom gadgets.  
B. Agents access Finesse from a browser without needing to install or configure anything on the client machine. 
C. Finesse automatically collects telemetry data  
D. An OpenDNS utility is preconfigured and ready to use on Finesse.  
E. Gadget containers provide a seamless experience in a single user interface.  

Question # 29

What is a benefit of model-driven programmability? 

A. It addresses the static architecture of traditional networks being decentralized and complex. 
B. By modeling data, it ensures that vast quantities of data are usable for monitoring.  
C. It provides a programmatic and standards-based way of writing configurations to any network device. 
D. It simplifies management and operations by decoupling the networking hardware from its control mechanism.

Question # 30

Refer to the exhibit.A network engineer must manage the network devices. The engineer prepares a Python scripts to authenticate to the Cisco to DNA Center API and request a device list. The device request fails and returns errors code 401. Which action solves the problem?

A. Update the API URL. which matched the API endpoint for device list.  
B. Send the request to another network in case there are reachability Issues.  
C. Send the Authentication header In the request with a valid configuration.  
D. Update the credentials that are already supplied and retry the request  

Question # 31

Refer to the exhibit.A developer must integrate a bot with an internal communication app. The developer wants to replace the webexbot package with the teamsbot package by using Ansible and prepares a playbook In the first two tasks, the playbook stops the webexbot and verifies that the teamsbot is installed. What is accomplished in the last task of the workflow when the developer runs the Ansible playbook?

A. stops the webexbot service and uninstals it and retains its configuration files
B. installs the webexbot and retains the configuration files
C. uninstalls the webexbot package and removes its configuration files
D. searches whether the purge package is available in the repository and uninstalls the webexbot package

Question # 32

A developer needs a list of clients connected to a specific device in a Meraki network. After making a REST API call, the developer receives an unfamiliar response code. Which Cisco DevNet resource should be used to identify the meaning of the response code?

A. API documentation
B. Sandbox
C. Learning Labs
D. Code Exchange

Question # 33

What is used in JSON to represent a Python Tuple? 

A. Object
B. Array
C. Dict
D. Collection

Question # 34

In the test-driven development model, what is changed after a test fails? 

A. test
B. schedule
C. project requirements
D. code

Question # 35

Refer to the exhibit.Which infrastructure automation method is shown? 

A. Waterfall
B. CI/CD pipeline
C. Agile
D. Lean

Question # 36

What is a benefit of organizing code into modules?  

A. improves overall performance  
B. reduces the length of code  
C. enables code to be multifunctional
D. enables the reuse of code

Question # 37

What is the function of IP address in networking? 

A. specifies the type of traffic that is allowed to roam on a network
B. represents the unique ID that is assigned to one host on a network
C. specifies resource's location and the mechanism to retrieve it
D. represents a network connection on specific devices

Question # 38

Refer to the exhibit. A network engineer must collect information from the network. The engineer prepares a script to automate workflow by using Cisco Meraki API. The script must run over nested loops to collect organization and network information and uses the collected data for final collection. Which process is being automated by using the Python script?

A. Gather the IDs of the ACME organization, the BLDG21 network, and the dents on the network
B. Provide the BLDG21 network information if it is part of the ACME organization
C. Collect the IDs of the clients on the BLDG21 network
D. List the IDs from the ACME organization

Question # 39

Refer to the exhibit. The script returns an output of 401. To use the supplied URL. an HTTP GET request must Be sent with an Authorization header. The header value is a BaseG4 encoded concatenation of the username and password. Which action must be taken to return an output of 200? 

A. Change the verify=False setting in the request to verify=True to enable HTTP Basic authentication
B. Modify the method from LOGIN to GET and supply the username ;password value as JSON payload 
C. Verify that the username and password values imported from the configuration file ate still valid.
D. Insert an Authorization header with the values username password from the supplied configuration file. 

Question # 40

Refer to the exhibit.A developer needs to upload a local file by using the REST API. The developer gathers information according to the documentation and sends the request by using the cURL command in the exhibit but gets an error code. Which action should be followed to get valid response?

A. change content type as JSON
B. add the authorization header with the access token
C. add a username-password combination to request command
D. change request method as GET

Question # 41

A developer is trying to retrieve data over a REST API. The API server responds with an HTTP client error response code. After investigating the response the developer realizes the realizes the response has a Retry-After header. What is the root cause of this error?

A. The REST service is unreachable at the time of the REST request
B. Too many requests were sent to the REST service in a given amount of time.
C. An appliance limited the rate of requests to the transport layer.
D. An appliance limited the rate of requests to the application layer

Question # 42

Refer to the exhibit.Which python data structure does my_json contain? 

A. List
B. Json
C. Map
D. Dict

Question # 43

How are load balancers used in modern application deployment? 

A. Allow traffic to continue as new compute units are brought up and old compute units are taken down.
B. Allow http and https traffic to continue as old compute units are discontinued before new units are brought up. 
C. Turn off traffic and take down compute units, then update and bring the compute units back up.
D. Bring up new compute units, test the compute units, and switch the traffic from old units to new units.

Question # 44

What is a benefit of organizing into modules? 

A. improves collaboration of the development team
B. makes it easier to deal with large and complex systems
C. enables the code to be broken down into layers
D. enables the inclusion of more programming languages in the code

Question # 45

Refer to the exhibit. The output of a unified diff when comparing two versions of a python script is shown. Which two “single_request _timeout ()” 

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D

Question # 46

How does a synchronous API request differ from an asynchronous API request? 

A. clients receive responses with a task id for further processing
B. clients subscribe to a webhook for operation results
C. clients are able to access the results immediately
D. clients poll for the status of the execution of operations

Question # 47

Which Cisco platform provides organization-wide automation, security, policy enforcement, any agility across wired and wireless networks? 

A. Cisco ACI
B. Cisco DNA Center
C. Cisco Umbrella
D. Cisco SD-WAN

Question # 48

A Python code has been written to query a device. The executed code results in the error shown. Which action resolves the problem?

A. import json
B. requests("GET", base_url + request_url, cookles=cookies)
C. pip install requests
D. import requests

Question # 49

What is a benefit of test-driven development? 

A. early customer involvement
B. increased code quality
C. faster releases that have minimal features
D. strict adherence to product requirements 

Question # 50

While developing a real-Time VoIP application on a Cisco Webex platform, users report that their voice gets chopped or parts of the conversation drop out. Which network constraint is impacting the application?

A. latency
B. jitter
C. capacity
D. delay

Question # 51

What does a load balancer distribute in a network environment?  

A. outgoing connections to the network
B. incoming traffic across multiple servers
C. different TCP connections to the routers
D. traffic in the network by leveraging the switch architecture

Question # 52

What is a difference between a synchronous API and an asynchronous API? 

A. An asynchronous API can make offline calls while synchronous APIs do not have this capability. 
B. Synchronous API calls are returned immediately while asynchronous calls do not guarantee an immediate response. 
C. Synchronous API calls require an authentication header to be sent while asynchronous calls do not require authentication.
D. An asynchronous API can make a larger number of calls in a specified time period than a synchronous API. 

Question # 53

Which API must an engineer use to change a netmask on a Cisco IOS XE device? 

A. Meraki  

Question # 54

What is the purpose of the first three pairs of digits in a MAC address?  

A. defines a routing identifier for the client
B. indicates the IP address of the client in Hex
C. defines packet forwarding priority sent or received by the adapter
D. indicates vendor of the network card or adapter

Question # 55

How do XML and JSON compare regarding functionality? 

A. JSON natively supports arrays and XML does not natively support arrays.
B. XML provides support for mapping data structures into host languages than JSON.
C. XML provides more human readability than JSON.
D. JSON provides support for data types than XML.

Question # 56

Which protocol must be allowed on the firewall so that NTP services work properly?


Question # 57

Refer to the exhibit. The output of the diff-u README.md-repo README.md command is shown. The original file was 165 lines long How many lines are in the edited copy of the file?

A. 162  
B. 165
C. 172
D. 173

Question # 58

Refer to the exhibit.Which OWASP threat does this example demonstrate?

A. broken access control
B. SQL injection
C. man-in-the-middle
D. cross-site scripting

Question # 59

Refer to Exhibit.Which JSON is equivalent to the XML-encoded data. C)

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D

Question # 60

Refer to the exhibit.The JSON data in the exhibit has been parsed and stored in a variable, “data”. What returns the value “”?

A. data['items'][O]['host']['value']
B. data['items']['1']['host']['value']
C. data['items']['host'][1]
D. data['items']['host']['value']

Question # 61

What are the two principles of an infrastructure as code environment? (Choose two)

A. Complete complex systems must be able to be built from reusable infrastructure definitions.
B. Environments must be provisioned consistently using the same inputs.
C. Redeployments cause varying environment definitions.
D. Service overlap is encouraged to cater for unique environment needs.
E. Components are coupled, and definitions must be deployed for the environment to function.

Question # 62

What is a benefit of a model-driven approach for infrastructure automation?

A. enforces the generation of all automation scripts through the modeling environment
B. provides a small learning curve and helps system administrators with limited coding experience
C. ensures that system administrators gain a good understanding of coding and expand their experience and capabilities
D. enables a user to understand a declarative language to translate the model into an actionable script

Question # 63

Which two query types does a client make to a DNS server? (Choose Two)

D. Inverse

Question # 64

What are the two purposes for using a VLAN in a network? (Choose two)

A. It is used to create the routing table.
B. It creates a collection of MAC addresses.
C. It is used for VM network traffic.
D. It segments a network.
E. It creates a broadcast domain.

Question # 65

In which situation would an edge computing solution be used?

A. where low latency is needed
B. where high CPU throughput is needed
C. where fast memory is needed
D. where high disk space is needed

Question # 66

Which response status code is used by a RESTful interface to indicate successful execution of a request?

A. 200
B. 404
C. 405
D. 500

Question # 67

A developer needs to prepare the file README.md in the working tree for the next commit operation using Git. Which command needs to be used to accomplish this?

A. git add README.md staging
B. git -a README.md
C. git add README.md
D. git commit README.md

Question # 68

What is a function of the default gateway in a network?

A. to drop traffic that is destined to the default gateway
B. to drop traffic that is not destined to the default gateway
C. to forward traffic to the same subnet
D. to forward traffic to different subnets

Question # 69

A Company is looking for cloud deployment which will use the on-premise infrastructure, is user self-service, and easy to scale. Which cloud solution should be selected for these requirements?

A. multi
B. public
C. private
D. hybrid

Question # 70

A REST API service requires authentication based on the username and password. The user “john” has the password “384279060” and the Base64 encoding of those credentials is “am9objowMTIzNDU2Nzg=”. Which method completes an authentication request?

A. The header must include:Authorization: Bearer am9obJowMTlzNDU2Nzg=
B. The payload must include:Authorization: Bearer am9objowMTIzNDU2Nzg=
C. The payload must include.Authorization: Basic am9objowMTlzNDU2Nzg=
D. The header must include:Authorization: Basic am9objowMTlzNDU2Nzg=

Question # 71

Refer to the exhibit.Which JSON is equivalent to the XML –encoded data?

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D

Question # 72

The project is migrated to a new codebase, the “old_project” directory must be deleted. The directory has multiple read-only files, and it must be deleted recursively without prompting for confirmation. Which bash command must be used?

A. rm -rf old_project
B. rm -r old_project
C. rmdir -p old_project
D. rmdir old_project

Question # 73

Refer to the exhibit.The python interpreter and the Cisco python SDK are available by default in the Cisco NXOS software. The SDK documentation shows how the cild() API can be used when working with working with JSON and XML. What are two effect of running the script? (Choose two.)

A. configure interlace loopback 5
B. issue shutdown on interface loopback 5
C. show only the interfaces In the up status
D. show only the interfaces in admin shut status
E. show details for the TABLE interface

Question # 74

Which HTTP status Code means that the server cannot or will not process the request because of perceived client error?

A. 100
B. 203
C. 303
D. 400

Question # 75

Refer to the exhibit.What does the python function do?

A. It returns DNAC user and password.
B. It returns HTTP Basic Authentication.
C. It returns an authorization token.
D. It reads a token from a local JSON file and posts the token to the DNAC URL.

Question # 76

Which network device monitors incoming and outgoing traffic and decides whether to allow or block specific traffic based on a defined set of rules?

A. switch
B. load balancer
C. reverse proxy
D. firewall

Question # 77

Which two protocols are used to apply a configuration change on a Cisco IOS XE device? (Choose two)


Question # 78

What is a tenet of test-driven development?

A. write documentation for tests
B. write tests after adding new blocks of code
C. write and run tests before writing new code
D. run tests after writing new code

Question # 79

What is the purpose of a firewall in application deployment? 

A. adds TLS support to an application that does not support it natively
B. forwards traffic to a pool of instances of the application
C. provides translation for an application's hostname to its IP address
D. limits traffic to only ports required by the application

Question # 80

How is a branch called "my-bug-fix" started to develop a fix needed in a product? 

A. git branch -b my-bug-fix
B. git checkout -b my-bug-fix
C. git checkout my-bug-fix
D. git branch my-bug-fix

Question # 81

Refer to the exhibit.  What is the value of the node defined by this YANG structure?

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D

Question # 82

What operation is performed with YANG model-driven programmability in NX-OS? 

A. configure a device with native and OpenConfig-based models
B. send CLI commands to a device and retrieve output in JSON format
C. run Linux commands natively on the device
D. bootstrap a device that has a factory-default configuration

Question # 83

Users cannot access a webserver and after the traffic is captured, the capture too* shows an ICMP packet that reports "communication administratively prohibited" What Is the cause of this webserver access Issue?

A. An access list along the path is blocking the traffic
B. The traffic is not allowed to be translated with NAT and dropped.
C. Users must authenticate on the webserver to access It
D. A router along the path is overloaded and thus dropping traffic

Question # 84

What are two roles of an artifact repository in a CI/CD pipeline? (Choose two.) 

A. is required for CI/CD pipelines executed on a public cloud infrastructure
B. is required for managing open source software
C. stores files needed and generated during the build process
D. allows for comparing and merging changes in the source code
E. provides traceability, search, and management of binary files

Question # 85

Refer to the exhibit What is the result of executing this Ansible playbook? 

A. The playbook copies a new start-up configuration to CISCO_ROUTER_01.
B. The playbook backs up the running configuration of CISCO_ROUTER_01.
C. The playbook backs up the start-up configuration of C1SCO_ROUTER_01.

Question # 86

Which API is used to obtain data voicemail ports? 

A. Finesse gadgets
B. Cisco Unified Communications manager
C. Webex devices
D. Webex devices

Question # 87

How does requesting a synchronous API operation differ from requesting an asynchronous API operation? 

A. clients poll for the status of the execution of operations
B. clients subscribe to a webhook for operation results
C. clients can access the results immediately
D. clients receive responses with a task id for further processing

Question # 88

Which device is used to transport traffic from one broadcast domain to another broadcast domain? 

A. load balancer
B. layer 2 switch
C. router
D. proxy server

Question # 89

what is an advantage of a version control system? 

A. forces the practice of trunk-based development
B. prevents over-writing code or configuration files
C. facilitates resolving conflicts when merging code
D. ensures that unit tests are written

Question # 90

A small company has 5 servers and 50 clients. What are two reasons an engineer should spilt this network into separate client and server subnets? (Choose two) 

A. Internet access to the servers will be denied on the router.
B. A router will limit the traffic types between the clients and servers.
C. Subnets will split domains to limit failures.
D. A router will bridge the traffic between clients and servers.
E. Subnets provide more IP address space for clients and servers.

Question # 91

What is the first development task in test-driven development? 

A. Write code that implements a desired function.
B. Write a failing test case for a desired function.
C. Write a passing test case for existing code.
D. Reverse engineer the code for a desired function.

Question # 92

What are two advantages of YANG-based approaches for infrastructure automation? (Choose two.)

A. directly maps to JavaScript
B. multi-platform vendor abstraction
C. designed to reflect networking concepts
D. compiles to executables that run on network devices
E. command line driven interface

Question # 93

A 401 HTTP response code is returned when calling a REST API. What is the error state identified by this response code? 

A. The server cannot process the request as it has detected an issue in the request syntax or body.
B. The server accepted the request but the client is not authorized for this content.
C. The request has not been accepted because it requires authentication.
D. The server cannot find the requested resource because the path specified is incorrect.

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