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Frequently Asked Questions

Avaya 37820X Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

Which statement is true about the various levels and the file sharing capabilities of AvayaSpaces users?

A. Only Member level users and above can share files.
B. Only Owner/Admin level users can share files.
C. All levels of users can share files.
D. File sharing is not a capability within Avaya Spaces.

Question # 2

Powered by Avaya R3.x supports several different Hypervisors.Which two applications support the KVM Hypervisor? (Choose two.)

C. IP Office

Question # 3

Refer to the Scenario: Bittersweet Coffee Company (BCC). When responding to an RFP, it is common to propose an initial solution that meets only theminimum requirements of the RFP, and later to propose additional or enhancedproducts/services that you believe will best meet the customer's needs.Assuming that you are providing the initial basic response to the BCC RFP, which productmight not be needed, but could be Included in a subsequent response to provide additional functionality?

A. Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise
B. 1600 series telephone sets
C. Avaya one-X® Mobile
D. Voicemail Pro

Question # 4

For your customer, you have decided to configure an IP Office™ Server Edition.Using Just the primary server, which types of internal collaboration are available for thepower users?

A. Audio collaboration plus point-to-point video calls and web collaboration that requiresweb collaboration licenses and video licenses
B. Audio collaboration plus point-to-point video calls and web collaboration that requiresweb collaboration licenses
C. Audio collaboration plus multipoint video calls and web collaboration that requires webcollaboration licenses
D. Audio collaboration plus multipoint video calls and web collaboration that requires web collaboration licenses and video licenses

Question # 5

You are speaking with a customer who has a large multi-site enterprise, and limited IT staffto support a new communications system. They like the idea of housing the primary callcontrol in a reliable data center, but do not have such an environment. In their businesstoday. Local survivability is critical as reliable communications is a core function of theirbusiness.Based on these factors, which IP Office™ deployment model would meet the customerrequirements?

A. Private Cloud
B. Public Cloud
C. Hybrid Cloud
D. On-Premise

Question # 6

With Avaya Equinox® Meetings online is the maximum number of participants for aPreferred VMR?

A. 50 participants
B. 25 participants
C. 100 participants
D. 500 participants

Question # 7

Currently a customer has an IP500 V2 Preferred Edition deployment with SIP trunks attheir office, but they plan to have 10 employees for tech support to work remotely within thenext month. All 10 employees must be able to access their extension simultaneously. Theyask you If the IP Office™ has built-in functionality for this and whether that Is sufficient froma security perspective.Which solution would satisfy the customer's need for remote employees and security, andwhich additional licensing (if any) is required?

A. An SBCE Is recommended and deployed with the IP Office. The customer also needs10 Standard Licenses for the remote workers.
B. The IP Office has a built-in SBC and firewall and It is sufficient for security. Thecustomer also needs 10 Teleworker licenses,
C. An SBCE is recommended and deployed with the IP Office. The customer also needs10 Standard and Advanced Licenses for the remote workers.
D. The IP Office has a built-in SBC, and it is sufficient for security. The customer alsoneeds 10 Teleworker licenses.

Question # 8

A customer wants the helpful tool that Is available to create marketing surveys In AvayaContact Center Select (ACCS).Which component Is used to create surveys In ACCS?

A. Outbound Campaign Management Tool
B. Proactive Outreach Manager
C. Communication Control Toolkit
D. Orchestration Designer

Question # 9

Refer to the Scenario: H&H Tick.Based on the H&H Ticket scenario, which in Border Controller for Enterprise (SBCE)deployment would you recommend to provide secure, resilient SIP communications forInternal and mobile/remote representatives?

A. A high availability deployment on three Dell servers
B. A high availability deployment on two Dell servers
C. A high availability deployment on two Portwell Cad servers
D. A virtualized high availability Hyper-V deployment

Question # 10

Which agent application uses the Communication Control Toolkit (CCT) function in AvayaContact Center Select (ACCS)?

A. one-X® Agent
B. Avaya Communicator
C. Avaya Agent Desktop
D. Agent Desktop Display

Question # 11

A customer has an existing Business Communications Manager (BCM) with Avaya 1220and 1230 IP Deskphones. The Account Manager wants to reuse the sets and minimize thecost of the quote.Which statement about reusing existing sets from a BCM on an IP Office™ is true?

A. The features supported on BCM are the same as the IP Office.
B. The existing sets will operate the same on the IP Office.
C. IP Office supports ail BCM sets.
D. There will be some operational or feature differences.

Question # 12

The Avaya Vantage"" K155 device has a telephony form factor. What does it mean to havea telephony form factor?

A. It does not Include a camera.
B. It does not have a touch screen.
C. It includes traditional dial pad.
D. It must use a corded handset.

Question # 13

A customer is considering replacing their Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications(DECT) network with WIFI. They ask you which type of network is better.Which benefit would you tell them?

A. WIFI has less up-front costs with BYOD; since there are no endpoints to purchase.
B. WiFi provides voice and data access for users.
C. DECT Is voice only and the chance of hacking Is minimal,
D. DECT supports longer distances than Wi-Fi.