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AAPC CPC Exam Overview:

Aspect Details
Exam Name CPC Exam (Certified Professional Coder)
Exam Cost Varies based on AAPC membership and location
Total Time 5 hours and 40 minutes
Available Languages English
Passing Marks 70%
Exam Type Multiple-choice questions
Renewal Requirement 36 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) every 2 years

Certified Professional Coder (CPC) Exam Topics Breakdown

Domain Percentage Description
Medical Terminology 15% Understanding medical terms and their application in coding
Anatomy & Physiology 15% Knowledge of human body systems and their functions
ICD-10-CM Coding 30% Mastery of diagnosis coding using the ICD-10-CM code set
CPT Coding 35% Proficiency in procedural coding using the CPT code set
Healthcare Regulations 5% Knowledge of healthcare compliance, regulations, and guidelines

Frequently Asked Questions

AAPC CPC Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

A witness of a traffic accident called 911. An ambulance with emergency basic life supportarrived at the scene of the accident. The injured party was stabilized and taken to thehospital. What HCPCS Level II coding is reported for the ambulance's service?

A. A0426-QN-SH
B. A0429-QN-SH
C. A0427-QM-HS
D. A0428-QM-HS

Question # 2

According to the Application of Cast and Strapping CPT® guidelines, what is reportedwhen an orthopedic provider performs initial fracture care treatment for a closed scaphoidfracture of the wrist, applies a short arm cast, and the patient will be returning forsubsequent fracture care?

A. 25622
B. 29075
C. 25622, 29075
D. 29075-22

Question # 3

View MR 001394MR 001394Operative ReportProcedure: Excision of 11 cm back lesion with rotation flap repair.Preoperative Diagnosis: Basal cell carcinomaPostoperative Diagnosis: SameAnesthesia: 1% Xylocaine solution with epinephrine warmed and buffered and injectedslowly through a 30-gauge needle for the patient's comfort.Location: BackSize of Excision: 11 cm Estimated Blood Loss: MinimalComplications: NoneSpecimen: Sent to the lab in saline for frozen section margin control.Procedure: The patient was taken to our surgical suite, placed in a comfortable position,prepped and draped, and locally anesthetized in the usual sterile fashion. A #15 scalpelblade was used to excise the basal cell carcinoma plus a margin of normal skin in a circularfashion in the natural relaxed skin tension lines as much as possible The lesion wasremoved full thickness including epidermis, dermis, and partial thickness subcutaneoustissues. The wound was then spot electro desiccated for hemorrhage control. Thespecimen was sent to the lab on saline for frozen section.Rotation flap repair of defect created by foil thickness frozen section excision of basal cellcarcinoma of the back. We were able to devise a 12 sq cm flap and advance it usingrotation flap closure technique. This will prevent infection, dehiscence, and help reconstructthe area to approximate the situation as it was prior to surgical excision diminishing the riskof significant pain and distortion of the anatomy in the area. This was advanced medially toclose the defect with 5 0 Vicryl and 6-0 Prolene stitches.What CPT® coding is reported for this case?

A. 14001
B. 15271
C. 14001, 11606-51, 12034-51
D. 14001, 11606-51

Question # 4

A 45-year-old female presents to the ED with chest pain. The provider has an AlbuminCobalt Binding Test to determine if the chest pain is ischemic in nature.That lab test is reported?

A. 83857
B. 84134
C. 82043
D. 82045

Question # 5

A 5-year-old is brought to the QuickCare in the ED to repair two lacerations: a 3 cmlaceration on her right arm and 2 cm laceration on her nose. Her arm is repaired with asimple one-layer closure with sutures. Her nose is repaired with a simple repair usingtissue adhesive, 2-cyanoacrylate. How are the repairs reported?

A. 12013
B. 12032, 12041-59
C. 12002
D. 12002, 12011-59

Question # 6

View MR 003396MR 003396Operative ReportPreoperative Diagnosis: Acute MI, severe left main arteriosclerotic coronary artery diseasePostoperative Diagnosis: Acute MI, severe left main arteriosclerotic coronary artery diseaseProcedure Performed: Placement of an intra-aortic balloon pump (IABP) right commonfemoral arteryDescription of Procedure: Patient's right groin was prepped and draped in the usual sterilefashion. Right common femoral artery is found, and an incision is made over the arteryexposing it. The artery is opened transversely, and the tip of the balloon catheter wasplaced in the right common femoral artery. The balloon pump had good waveform. Theballoon pump catheter is secured to his skin after local anesthesia of 2 cc of 1% Xylocaineis used to numb the area. The balloon pump is secured with a 0-silk suture. The patient hassterile dressing placed. The patient tolerated the procedure. There were no complications.What CPT® coding is reported for this case?

A. 33975
B. 33967
C. 33970
D. 33973

Question # 7

A patient presents to the labor and delivery department for a planned cesarean section fortriplets. She is at 37 weeks gestation. She is given a continuous epidural for the delivery.What anesthesia coding is reported?

A. 01967, 01968
B. 01958
C. 01967
D. 01961

Question # 8

A Medicare patient is scheduled for a screening colonoscopy.What code is reported for Medicare?

A. G0106
B. G0121
C. 45378
D. G0105

Question # 9

Which one of the following is an example of a case in which a diabetes-related problemexists and the code for diabetes is never sequenced first?

A. If the patient has hyperglycemia that Is not responding to medication
B. If the patient has an underdose of insulin due to an insulin pump malfunction
C. If the patient is being treated for secondary diabetes
D. If the patient is being treated for type 2 diabetes

Question # 10

A 20-year-old female is being seen for the first time by a primary care physician to have ayearly physical. During the examination for the physical, the provider discovers noninflammedlesions on her legs and arms. The physician performs a complete physical andadditional separate documentation for the treatment of the lesions on the bilateral upperand lower extremities. The provider has the patient buy an over-the-counter ointment andwill continue to watch them.What CPT® coding is reported for this visit?

A. 99385
B. 99202
C. 99385-25, 99203
D. 99385, 99203-25

Question # 11

Which statement regarding lesion excision is TRUE?

A. Lesion excision codes include removal of a lesion, with margins, and simple(nonlayered) closure when performed
B. Lesion excision codes are selected by measuring the greatest clinical diameter of alesion excluding the margins required to complete the excision
C. Lesion excision codes include removal of a lesion, with margins, and intermediateclosure when performed
D. Lesion excision codes include removal of a lesion with margins, and complex closurewhen performed

Question # 12

View MR 005398MR 005398Operative ReportPreoperative Diagnosis: Nonfunctioning right kidney with ureteral stricture.Postoperative Diagnosis: Nonfunctioning right kidney with ureteral stricture.Procedure: Right nephrectomy with partial ureterectomy.Findings and Procedure: Under satisfactory general anesthesia, the patient was placed inthe right flank position. Right flank and abdomen were prepared and draped out of thesterile field. Skin incision was made between the 11th and 12th ribs laterally. The incisionwas carried down through the underlying subcutaneous tissues, muscles, and fascia. Theright retroperitoneal space was entered. Using blunt and sharp dissection, the right kidneywas freed circumferentially. The right artery, vein, and ureter were identified. The ureterwas dissected downward where it is completely obstructed in its distal extent. The ureterwas clipped and divided distally. The right renal artery was then isolated and dividedbetween 0 silk suture ligatures. The right renal vein was also ligated with suture ligaturesand 0 silk ties. The right kidney and ureter were then submitted for pathologic evaluation. The operative field was inspected, and there was no residual bleeding noted, and then itwas carefully irrigated with sterile water. Wound closure was then undertaken using 0 Vicrylfor the fascial layers, 0 Vicryl for the muscular layers, 2-0 chromic for subcutaneous tissue,and clips for the skin. A Penrose drain was brought out through the dependent aspect ofthe incision. The patient lost minimal blood and tolerated the procedure well.What CPT® coding is reported for this case?

A. 50234
B. 50220
C. 50230
D. 50240

Question # 13

A 65-year-old gentleman presents for refill of medications and follow-up for his chronicconditions. The patient indicates good medicine compliance. No new symptoms orcomplaints. Appropriate history and exam are obtained. Labs that were ordered from previous visitwere reviewed and discussed with patient. The following are the diagnoses and treatment:Hypokalemia - stable. Refill Potassium 20 MEQHypertension - blood pressure remaining stable. Patient states home readings have beenin line with goals. Refill prescription Lisinopril.Esophageal Reflux - Patient denies any new symptoms. Stable condition. Continue takingover the counter Prevacid oral capsules, 1 every day.Patient is instructed to follow up in 3 months. Labs will be obtained prior to visit.What CPT® code is reported?

A. 99212
B. 99396
C. 99397
D. 99214

Question # 14

A patient suffering from idiopathic dystonia is seen today and receives the followingBotulinum injections: three muscle injections in both upper extremities and seven injectionsin six paraspinal muscles.How are these injections reported according to the CPT® guidelines?

A. 64644, 64647 x 7
B. 64642-50, 64643-50, 64647
C. 64642, 64643, 64647
D. 64642 x 3, 64642 x 3, 64647 x 7

Question # 15

A patient is diagnosed with sepsis and associated acute respiratory failure.What ICD-10-CM code selection is reported?

A. A41.9, R65.20, J96.00
B. A41.9
C. A41.9, R65.21, J96.00
D. A41.9, J96.00

Question # 16

A surgeon removes the right and left fallopian tubes and the left ovary via an abdominalincision. How is this reported?

A. 58720
B. 58700
C. 58720-50
D. 58700-50

Question # 17

Mr. Woolridge has had a suspicious lesion on his left shoulder for approximately eightweeks that is not healing. On the dermatologist's exam of left shoulder blade, there isexcoriation and scabbing and the lesion not healing. Patient agrees and wishes to proceedwith a punch biopsy of the lesion. A punch biopsy is taken of the lesion and sent topathology. A simple repair is performed at the biopsy site.What CPT® and ICD-10-CM codes are reported?

A. 11102, 12001-51, D49.2
B. 11102, L98.9
C. 11104, D49.2
D. 11104,12001-51, L98.9

Question # 18

A 65-year-old man had a right axillary block by the anesthesiologist. When the arm wastotally numb, the arm was prepped and draped, and the surgeon performed tendon repairsof the right first, second, and third fingers. The anesthesiologist monitored the patientthroughout the case.What anesthesia code is reported?

A. 01830
B. 01820
C. 01810
D. 01840

Question # 19

A patient presents with recurrent spontaneous episodes of dizziness of unclear etiology.Caloric vestibular testing is performed irrigating both ears with warm and cold water whileevaluating the patient’s eye movements. There is a total of three irrigations.What CPT® coding is reported?

A. 92537-52
B. 92537-50-52
C. 92538-50
D. 92537-50

Question # 20

A 42-year-old male is diagnosed with a left renal mass. Patient is placed under generalanesthesia and in prone position. A periumbilical incision is made and a trocar inserted. Alaparoscope is inserted and advanced to the operative site. The left kidney is removed,along with part of the left ureter. What CPT® code is reported for this procedure?

A. 50220
B. 50548
C. 50543
D. 50546

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