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Frequently Asked Questions

ISTQB ISTQB-Agile-Public Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

Which ONE of the following is an example of a typical "Business-oriented work product"? SELECT ONE OPTION 

A. The released product. 
B. Acceptance testing entry criteria. 
C. A user manual.
 D. Usability testing test results. 

Question # 2

Which of the following statements would you expect to be the MOST direct advantage of the whole-team approach? SELECT ONE OPTION 

A. Reducing the involvement of business representatives because of the increased communication and collaboration between testers and developers. 
B. Having at least once a day an automated build and test process that detects integration errors early and quickly.
 C. Avoiding requirements misunderstandings which may not have been detected until later in the development cycle when they are more expensive to fix. 
D. Capitalizing on the combined skills of business representatives, testers and developers working together to contribute to project success. 

Question # 3

You are working in a team preparing a bank loan application. Your task is the preparation of acceptance tests for the following user story: "IF a customer needs a loan for less than 50,000 Euros and they have made repayments regularly (without any delay) and the customers monthly income is more than 3000 Euros for the last year, THEN the bank will accept the loan request; in other cases the bank will not accept the request. A customer assistant is responsible for preparing data for approval but the approval is done by the bank manager." Which of the following test cases can be treated as acceptance test criteria for the above user story? i) As a customer assistant I can log in to the system and check the history of the customer account for the last year. ii) As a customer assistant I can log in to the system and check the history of the customer debts and repayments. iii) As a customer assistant I can log in to the system and change my password. iv) As a bank manager I can log in to the system and receive the information of all requests waiting for approval. v) As a bank manager I can log in to the system and decide whether to approve a loan for a customer. vl) As a bank manager I can log in to the system within 10 seconds. SELECT ONE OPTION

A. Acceptance test criteria are ii, iv, v and vi 
B. Acceptance test criteria are i, ii, iv and v 
C. Acceptance test criteria are i, iii, iv and v 
D. Acceptance test criteria are i, ii, iii and vi

Question # 4

Why is regression of software a high risk in agile projects? SELECT ONE OPTION 

A. There is code churn due to change in business needs over several sprints. 
B. Test automation can cause regression of software in the test environment. 
C. Regression is built into software as a safeguard against unexpected failures. 
D. Test-driven development means that existing functionality is not considered. 

Question # 5

Consider an online application that allows registered users to pay the annual car tax based on the vehicle's engine power in kW. Given the following user story: “As a customer I need the online application to calculate the annual car tax amount that I need to pay for my car": - If the power of the vehicle is less than 20 kW, then the annual car tax is free - If the power of the vehicle is more or equal than 20 kW but less or equal than 150 kW, then theannual car tax is 250 Euros - If the power of the vehicle is more than 150 kW, then the annual car tax is 750 Euros" What is the MOST suitable use of a black-box test design technique for this user story? SELECT ONE OPTION 

A. State transition testing. Test the transitions between the following states: logging In. inserting the power of the vehicle, making payment, logging out 
B. Use case testing. Test the following use case (Actor=registered user): Pre-condition=registered user logged in Scenario=registered user inserts the power of the vehicle, making payment and logs out Post-condition=car tax paid and registered user logged out 
C. Decision table testing. Test the following conditions: Condltions=reglstered user logged In; inserted power of the vehlcle=20kW; Action=Car tax paid 
D. Equivalence partitioning. Test the annual car tax value for the following partitions: [power of the vehicle<20 kW; 20 kW ?power of the vehicle?! 50 kW; power of the vehicle>150 kW] 

Question # 6

Which of the following describes the main purpose of a task management tool in agile projects? SELECT ONE OPTION 

A. A task management tool allows developers to continuously integrate their code. 
B. A task management tool is used by team members to share ideas and collaborate on assigned tasks. 
C. A task management tool is used to manage and track user stories, tests and other tasks. 
D. A task management tool is used to store source code and automated tests. 

Question # 7

Which of the following is the BEST way for a test team to keep its independence when working in an Agile development environment? SELECT ONE OPTION 

A. Share the Test Strategy with the Agile development team, but not the details of the Test Cases. 
B. Locate the team that develops the test automation framework in a different location to the Agile development team. 
C. Co-locate only some of the testers with the Agile development team, while the rest of the testers are in a different location. 
D. Assign testers to be members of the Agile team, but ensure the testers report to a different manager than the developers. 

Question # 8

You have been asked to explain to your client how to define acceptance criteria that are fully testable. Which of the following is the BEST EXAMPLE for testable acceptance criteria? SELECT ONE OPTION 

A. Action "Reopen' must be available only for a user with a specific authorization level. 
B. The ID field must accept input value of a length between 2 and 10 characters. 
C. The interface to External System shall be specified. 
D. The program's icon should be clear and attractive. 

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